Thursday, 2 April 2009

Being - The Tides Remix Single

A great set of remixes here, which preceded a remix album I've not got. This'll do fine though - plenty to be getting on with. A difficult act to google, I'll be honest and say that I only picked this up due to the Weatherall connection and know very little else about him. Think I've got the 'Two Lone Swordsmen And A Being' 12" somewhere but I'm fucked if I've got a clue where.

Being - The Tides Remix Single
A1 - Sular One (Remix By Insync vs. Mysteron)
A2 - Gonk (Remix By Orlando Voorn)
B1 - Sular Three (Remix By Insync vs. Mysteron)
B2 - The Being (Remix By Ectomorph)

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w said...

Being very nice!

thatboytim said...

i was told being is now weedjs, by someone who knew him. i thought y'd find that somewhere.
looks good!

Anonymous said...

used to share a flat with the guy about 96 - was a total fuckin prick, kicked me out in the middle of my finals for no reason. This is about his best work. Since then it was all downhill. Wee Djs are worse than pish.