Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Alec Empire - Limited Edition 2

Was having a flick through some records there and this one jumped out - when I was going to work this morning I clocked a poster for Alec Empire playing a gig the other night at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow. For anyone who doesn't know, this is a shithole of the highest order, formerly home to tribute bands and now seems geared up for showcase gigs for local unsigned 'talent' & death metal! I've heard he's pish now anyway...

Unfortunately I couldn't fit this 'must see' event into my busy bank holiday weekend, so am having to make do with this great EP from 1994. Not what you'd expect from the "Teutonic techno rock terror" (c) The List magazine. Aye, sounds much less frantic than most of his other output. Like a sinister take on the Detroit sound with a wee bit of acid thrown in for good measure, the B-sides sound absolutely fuck-all like I initially imagined. The A-side is so quiet / beatless that I initially thought it was a one-sided 12" - I shit you not.

Alec Empire - Limited Edition 2
A - Untitled
B1 - Untitled
B2 - Untitled

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Have got his early albums, this sounds a bit like stuff on Low On Ice and Generation Star Wars. Those and the Hypermodern Jazz one are all winners I think, and various remixes he did around that time. Yep, he's gone an odd road, feeling the need to be a sort of Iggy leading the revolution or something. He still does solo DJ gigs where I think he does more interesting stuff. Sort of wonder how long it will take for the old DHR lot to get paid their dues, some amazing stuff came out of that. Anyway, thanks again!