Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Feedback - I'm For Real

... aka LFO.

This sneaked it's way out on the FNAC label in 1993, and none other than the legend that is Frankie Bones reckons it's the best thing they ever did. It certainly is a belter and I've not listened it for way too long before ripping it just now. I think my favourite mix of the title track is B1, but only by a bawhair as they're all fab. Track B2, Heaven, is not to be overlooked either - I've heard it played out as well as the title track. This would all mix very nicely with the classic LFO vs FUSE 12" if you ask me.

Another of my 'one post a day' malarkey, which should hopefully only be the case for a few more days...

Feedback - I'm For Real
A1 - I'm For Real (1)
A2 - I'm For Real (Back To Basic)
B1 - I'm For Real (3)
B2 - Heaven

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shift_4ward said...

one post a day is just fine...keeps us fiending for more. cheers.
awesome selection!!!

Anonymous said...

hood hood hood

Anonymous said...

iv'e got this tune...one of the most deep and uplifting tunes iv'e ever heard!!

great post as is all of it!!

forgot to say thanks for the killing joke ep...so...thanks


Ronald Chutney said...

Another excellent choice, love this blog mate

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I remember a track on DJ Keoki - ALL Mixed Up that had the same sounds, but I'm pretty sure was a different track. Great EP!

Dunproofin' said...

thanks so much for this - I never knew about this LFO related EP and I thought I was pretty keyed up on their output.

Moggieboy said...

Thanks for all the comments, folks - really appreciated as always. Don't think I've got that other Feedback EP but you never know...

Anonymous said...

Yepp this is a MAGICAL EP
was so good that i even bought 2 of em on the same day without even knowing hahahah
was a good thing aswell as i played this one to bits.
But frankie bones is wrong....this is not a Mark Bell production
This is a Simon Hartley production
And this man NEEEEEDS all the respect one can give, unfortunately he hasn't released anything for ages, at least not that i know of.
An the other EP on FNAC "Element EP" is also a real gem.
A real Techno record with SOUL writen all over it.