Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Horrors - Live at Glastonbury 2009

What a fucking band. What a fucking show. This is the other live set which appeared in my inbox while I was away.

Two versions to choose from - I've got my mate Tufty's audience bootleg recording which is one of the best I've heard (check out his Glasto bootleg blog), and a rip of the BBC stream from the website. I've been listening to the audience recording though, more authentic sounding and it's got the soundcheck at the start as well.

When I posted this track up earlier I commented on how I didn't realise that's what they sounded like now - Primary Colours is my album of the year so far and I'll finally get to see them at ATP in December. Cannae fuckin wait...

The Horrors - Live at Glastonbury 2009 (Tufty audience recording)
The Horrors - Live at Glastonbury 2009 (BBC rip)
00 Soundcheck
01 Mirror's Image
03 Three Decades
04 Do You Remember
05 I Can’t Control Myself
06 Scarlet Fields
07 I Only Think Of You
08 Who Can Say
09 Sea Within A Sea

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Ronald Chutney said...

Saw The Horrors a few years back at T in the Park, they were totally ace, they were getting all sorts of shit thrown at them and dodging it well, singer came on with a big stick with a pineapple on the end????? That Spider Webb boy played the keys then, he was a total character pulling off some serious moves, I really like their first album as well