Friday, 10 July 2009

Spider And The Flies - Up / Down / American Mixtape

... aka Tom and Rhys from The Horrors, these are three FAB mixes which originally featured on the wonderful Vice Music Blog.

They've done an album as Spider And The Flies which I'm just in the process of buying, and then did the Up & Down mixes for Vice. 'Up' is a mix of various electronic music, krautrock, drum'n'bass, techno and other nonsense, and 'Down' is quite frankly terrifying. Two of the oddest mixes I've ever heard, and they both come highly recommended.

Just yesterday, they posted up Tom's American Mixtape which features a selection of some of the records they bought when recently on tour in the States. It's a great selection of "Detroit techno, Chicago house and the weird, wild world of Bollywood funk". Check out the full story here.

I really misjudged this lot on the basis of the music press hype (and tabloid romance shenanigans) surrounding their first album and they're now up there with the best as far as I'm concerned.

Make sure you don't listen to 'Down' alone in a darkened room, or maybe that's exactly how you SHOULD listen to it. You have been warned...

Spider and the Flies - Up Mix

Spider and the Flies - Down Mix

American Mixtape

Buy Spider And The Flies stuff here


Ronald Chutney said...

Already heard these mixes on the Vice site, totally agree with your comments, I'm expecting great things from these lads in the years to come, the Spider and the Flies album is brilliant in an Add N to X manner