Monday, 24 August 2009

Mark Broom / Baby Ford - Pure Plastic 03

This is a bit odd, two Mark Broom tracks and one Baby Ford track. You'd think they'd have got a side each, but Baby Ford's squeezed into the middle on track B1.

Two legends of minimal electronic music, but it wasn't always that way. Baby Ford started out as pure acid house, then went all minimal in about 1992, via labels like Ifach and Trelik. I've got some Ifach stuff somewhere but I'm fucked if I know where...

Here's a very 'enthusiastic' review from Discogs, courtesy of 'Pineider':

"Midsummer's night. Tomorrow morning holidays will start, a moment of peace is finally at the doors.
 Good vibes are growin'inside. 
Immediately after the sunset, when comin' back home from the last day of work fireflies are switchin' on millions of blinking spots along the fields and a fresh breeze is coming from the sea. Better lighting up a cig and waiting for the dawn to come, you won't sleep this time. On air, Blind Pew's 808 softly massages your DNA and even if you're lonely, don't worry: this time melancholy won't kill you. 
Ifach studios ratify the everlasting Passport to Heaven."

So there you go, sounds like the perfect cure for a Monday doesn't it? I'm off for a lie-down...

Mark Broom / Baby Ford - Pure Plastic 03
A - Mark Broom - Pyrion
B1 - Baby Ford - Blind Pew
B2 - Mark Broom - Chopper

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Anonymous said...

seriously, rule. this is one of the few pure plastic ep's i don't have!!! if you're after any pure plastic/ifach stuff, just say the word. i can send you some stuff.

Moggieboy said...

Nice one - cheers.