Monday, 10 August 2009

Smooth Stan Smith - 2 Smooth

Who the fuck is Smooth Stan Smith, you might ask.

Well, track A1 tries to explain it with a female "ooh, he's so smooth" sample over a nice wee Chicago housey builder, before a "smooth, isn't he" male voice corroborates the story (actually maybe "smooth, isn't it" but could easily be mistaken for the former). He ain't lookin' too smooth here, not yer best picture for sure, Mr Smith. Bet he reckons he's a right fanny magnet, must do to give himself that moniker...

A great wee EP though, produced by Cajual/Relief favourite Paul Johnson - the only DJ I've ever seen spin from a wheelchair. I was going to call him the 'Timmy' of house music, but that might be a step (or spin?) too far...

Not exactly Mr Prolific, he only appears to have done one other record, again with Paul Johnson but this time he called himself Smooth Rage, maybe to show off his 'bad boy' image. Shame, as this EP gets better with every listen, especially track B2.

Maybe the record would sound a bit smoother if it wasn't a Dance Mania pressing - notoriously shite which is a pisser as it's responsible for hunners of classics over the years. Surely track B3's not meant to sound like THAT, but you never know with these old Chicago tracks...

Smooth Stan Smith - 2 Smooth
A1 - 2 Smooth
A2 - On My Own
B1 - U Flat
B2 - With You
B3 - Swing Side

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