Friday, 11 September 2009

DJ Q - Landing Soon On A Planet Near You

A great wee EP from 1997, courtesy of Glasgow's own DJ Q.

… or "Paul who used to do the backroom at Industria" back in the snowball-tastic Pussypower days. The first time I ever heard Bug In The Bassbin it was him who played it. Early 1993. I can't believe that I remember that.

So… this 12" has two tracks of class house and a nice wee downbeat number in the middle. The A-side's got a great bass riff that is nicked off this, according to Discogs. I've never heard the track so can't comment. It's a great tune though.

B sides are equally great - B2 is hard and hypnotic as hell, sucks you right in for 9 minutes plus then fires you out again at the other side, a shadow of your former self.

This is all being done in a hurry just now, I've got a very small time window and should really be doing other stuff but fuck it.

Wonder whatever happened to him...

DJ Q - Landing Soon On A Planet Near You
A - Feelin' Moody
B1 - Remembering Yesterdays
B2 - 20000 Hz Under The Bass

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Stephen said...

The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again. That's what I get each time I try to download from this site these days