Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Global Communication - The Groove (Remixes)

A double-header today from Global Communication, two separate 12"s for The Groove single, from 1997. This was the follow-up to The Way/The Deep so I snapped it up eagerly. Not what I was expecting, but still a great package. A bit out of my comfort zone here - different from the usual mainstays of this blog so we'll see how it goes down.

Disc One
The A mix doesn't really do it for me - a bit too light for my liking but this is more than made up for thanks to the B1 mix, much more deep and it's got great rough hi-hat noises that run through it along with a fab bass hook that goes right through you. Modwheel is yet another Tom Middleton alias just in case you were wondering.

When I originally saw the title of the B2 mix, I was fearing some sort of rap-on-top jobby, but was pleasantly surprised to find a downbeat, Mo Wax style mix which is very 'lounge bar' / coffee table style. Mind you, I've made it sound shit with that description...

Global Communication - The Groove (Disc One)
A - The Groove (Original Mix)
B1 - The Groove (Modwheel Mix)
B2 - The Groove (Extended Skit)

Buy it here

Disc Two
The A mix is has a great hip-hop riff with a vocal sample over it, no real surprise then, as the remix comes courtesy of Palm Skin Productions. Not the kinda thing I'd normally go for but nice for a wee change. The sounds start to get fucked up about halfway through the mix, everything gets stretched out and delayed to fuck. Magic.

The B mix sees Dego from 4 Hero turn in a very Mo Wax-style mix, complete with shuffling beats, shimmering keyboard riffs and a cut-up bass riff to match. I'm not as well-versed in this kinda stuff as the house/techno and didn't really venture much beyond the staples of Shadow / Krush / Lavelle & these fellas. Got a nice instrumental hip-hop compilation from the mid 90s if anyone's interested, but there's other blogs do this sort of thing much better than I ever could so it'll be back to the traditional stuff tomorrow.

Nice chill-out sounds for a Monday, right enough...

Global Communication - The Groove (Disc Two)
A - The Groove (Palm Skin Productions Remix)
B - The Groove (Dego's 2000 Black Reinterpretation)

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Ctelblog said...

Hadn't heard disk 2 before. Must have been too skint to buy it. Thanks

Moggieboy said...

Cheers for the inky, esf. On the ipod for tomorrow, methinks...

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