Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Green Velvet - Velvet Tracks

The first Green Velvet release, from back in 1993.

The first time I heard this was at a mate's house just before we went to the first ever Pure at Barrowlands. Funny how you remember these things, eh? I couldn't believe it was Cajmere - I was used to the Underground Goodie-style house music that he'd been banging out for a year or two. It all made sense though - there's much more commonality between the two aliases than I'd initially thought.

I didn't manage to get the original release where Preacher Man was the B-side to Conniption. This followed quickly after, moving Preacher Man to the A-side and sticking these two tracks on the flip. I've got Conniption on another 12" but it jumps to fuck. Actually, there's a jump on B1 on this 12' - too many plays when fucked I guess.

B1's got a bit of a 'no brainer' riff - it's got a pitch bend up'n'down hook that goes on and off over a fairly bog-standard Relief beat, and gets fucked about with a bit in typical GV style. I love it. Each part of the track gets its own wee solo at various points, if you know what I mean. It's the kind of track that would drive your non-Chicago-house-loving other half mental.

C1 sounds dead like a Cajmere track that I've uploaded already, it's got a 'laser-gun' style riff that gets progressively more insane as the track progresses. Another couple of jumps here - sorry folks. Preacher Man's OK though, I reckon must have fallen as I was taking it off the deck Preacher Man side up and scuffed on something on the way down, the vinyl equivalent of falling over pissed and managing to keep your drink upright...

Green Velvet - Velvet Tracks
A - The Preacher Man
B1 - Off The Hook
B2 - They Came From Outer Space

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Alan_S said...

Thanks again for giving me a shiver, not heard that in years, magic.

Ymee said...

sick tracks! thanks

jcaps said...

Do you have underground goodies vol. vi?

Moggieboy said...

Yep - got Underground Goodies 1-6 all floating about somewhere.