Saturday, 5 September 2009

Julian Cope - Safesurfer / If You Loved Me At All

This is a 7" single that you could only buy on the 1991 Peggy Suicide tour.

I made it to three of the gigs on the tour, and the first night at Glasgow King Tuts remains one of the best gigs I've ever witnessed. Safesurfer first appeared in a very early incarnation on the Droolian album, before getting the proper treatment for the classic Peggy Suicide album. The version on this single is more like the one that he was playing live on the tour. I bought 2 copies, and got one signed by the man himself after the Edinburgh show. I was really nervous (never meet your idols - they'll always disappoint), but Mr Cope couldn't have been nicer. I was close to tears at this point - overcome with emotion, ended up a gibbering wreck!

The version of If You Loved Me At All is also akin to the live version, so the single's a great wee souvenir of the tour.

If you've not read his two autobiographies, Head On and Repossessed, you should check them out as they are great reads - some of the full-on acid casualty stories are hilarious...

Julian Cope - Safesurfer / If You Loved Me At All
A - Safesurfer
B - If You Loved Me At All

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Moggieboy said...

Fuck - might have to purchase that one...