Monday, 28 September 2009

Various - Jukebox

Stumbled across this Jockey Slut CD today and had forgotten all about it.

This was one of the few cover-mounted CDs that was actually any good. Obviously the inclusion of exclusives from Two Lone Swordsmen, Primal Scream and David Holmes helps with this.

Holmes and TLS are both in 'breaks' mode here, and Primal Scream are in full-on dub mode (this is a remix done at around the same time as the Echo Dek album).

Add in a couple of Daft Punk remixes, Lionrock and Underworld and you've got yourself a great wee freebie.

Shame the mag went tits-up, I always enjoyed it...

Various - Jukebox
Part 1 / Part 2
1 - David Holmes - Mosh It
2 - Propellerheads - Lethal Cut
3 - Lionrock - Electro Under Pressure
4 - Primal Scream - Stuka Seven
5 - Two Lone Swordsmen - Slutloop
6 - The Chemical Brothers - Life Is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix)
7 - Gabrielle - Forget About The World (Daft Punk Remix)
8 - Underworld - Dirty
9 - Howie B. - Nordleed

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Novemberer said...

Ta for this, the mag racks in WH Smith have been in a sad state since J.Slut went under...

Ben said...

yep, nice one. I also have this CD knocking around somewhere, it's a favourite of mine.

Anonymous said...

Bummer! Can't enjoy this comp, files are corrupt. Could you repost please! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Please disregard the previous comment, its all good! Thanks for stumbling across & posting. Jockey Slut ruled, which issue is this from?

Simon said...

Like so many things Jockey Slut went tits up when it moved south.