Sunday, 4 October 2009

Bauhaus - Telegram Sam

Another Bauhaus 7". Another cover. This time from 1980.

A fine cover of the Marc Bolan classic, the original of which was my "mum & dad shagging song". Um, let me explain - know how everyone knows what was number one on the day they were born, and it's usually something pish? A mate once said that no no, what you should do is go back exactly 9 months before you were born and see what was number one then. I did, and this Bolan track was sitting pretty at the top of the charts.

Found out yesterday that Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy is playing a show in London next Sunday night, promising to play some new stuff (hmmm), and some Bauhaus classics. Grand - I'll be down there next weekend for the Spiritualized show the following night so will check that out - a nice wee Brucie bonus.

Not looking forward to tomorrow. As well as it being a Monday, I'll be suffering due to tonight's Pixies gig followed by Health at Optimo afterwards. The intention is to not get too fucked, leave straight after the band and definitely go to work tomorrow. Only snag is I've got to work a 12-hr stint and there's no getting out of it.

So - no posting tomorrow. See you on Tuesday...

Bauhaus - Telegram Sam
A - Telegram Sam
B - Crowds

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