Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Corridor - Disc A

Another set of exclusive goodies from The Corridor, once again courtesy of Chris from the band (cheers again).

A particularly fucking evil sounding collection, just in time for Halloween. The first track is "really early lo-fi Corridor from our first ever post Autobutcher get together. Luckily I grabbed a few samples before the tape disappeared." Just as well you did, pal.

This time round, all tracks Chris compositions, except the aforementioned 'One In The Chamber', which features the original lineup of Ashley Marlowe - drum machine, Nat Mellors - samplers, Grant Newman - vocals, Chris Barter - synths and samplers. It's remixed by Chris as well.

Guest vocals include Eric the cat on track 4(!), and a really fucking sinister spoken vocal by Sonia Heywood on the final track.

Sweet dreams, motherfuckers...

The Corridor - Disc A
1 - One In The Chamber
2 - The Body Deprived
3 - Towers Of Silence
4 - Why Chromosome?
5 - Neo
6 - The Ritual Of Non

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9f said...

Brilliant. Atmospheric, intelligent music. Chris's compositions are outstanding.

Ron said...

Saving this for the dark walk home from work tomorrow, quite fitting, the first disc posted the other day has been going down a treat on the i-pod

Moggieboy said...

Well... got three Conemelt albums on on nice double vinyl - I guess if I stick the first one up we can see how that goes down. I've been resisting, for the same reasons that I wouldn't put up any Two Lone Swordsmen stuff (apart from one hard-to-find 12"). But - I'll see if its OK and will do the honours if so...