Friday, 16 October 2009

JG Wilkes - Optimo Podcast 2 - Jerk It

Roll out the bunting - there's a new Optimo Podcast in town!

This time round, it has a very different feel to it, as you can see from the blurb below. They've gone all modern, and actually have an iTunes subscription link on the download page, so it'll all happen automatically next time.

"This podcast is called "(All this talk of Disco...) The Jerking Back and Forth Mix". The title (part-borrowed from a from a Devo song) is an indication of the type of involuntary body responses provoked whilst enjoying these songs as well as the sound itself. The new stuff and the old stuff, the local stuff and the stuff from very far afield is united here through a kind of "loose is tight" jerking rhythm and DIY spirit we love. Although all tracks are at their original tempo and of course not "mixed" as such, there is however some kind of a flow (be it a "jerking" one) to the podcast. Again there is no tracklist for reasons outlined in the notes for "Optimo Podcast 01" but again, if anyone really wants to know what a particular track is, we will be happy to tell them. Collected over the past 30 years or so, none of the music is (that) hard to find. The podcast was recorded using turntables, then the levels balanced here and there in Protools. The mix contains 20 tracks, lasts just under an hour and the download is a 192kbps mp3 (80.9mb). Enjoy."

I had a very enjoyable return to Optimo the other week to see the magnificent Health playing live, but couldn't stay the full time due to having work the next day. Really should make the effort more often as it's one of the few clubs where I don't feel like the oldest cunt in town and it's got the best DJs in Glasgow. But we all know that, don't we...

JG Wilkes - Optimo Podcast 2 - Jerk It <-- direct link so right-click

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Anonymous said...

big up for turning me on to the optimo podcasts!