Sunday, 25 October 2009

Primal Scream - Purple Chain

Seeing as how we're on a bit of a 'live recordings' tip this weekend, here's a fab Primal Scream bootleg I bought up the Barras market shortly after this gig. It's recorded at the Barras, April 94.

It was ripped off a Radio One broadcast (I think), so doesn't have the full show. The CD I've got doesn't include Come Together - I got that thanks to a resourceful punter over on the Webadelica forum who managed to get it from someone at the BBC on the fly.

This gig was at the start of the Give Out... tour, which was smack city by all accounts. They fucked off around the world after this with Depeche Mode (a marriage made in junkie heaven) before returning to the Barras for two nights in December which were mental (supported by The Sabres Of Paradise!) - a helluva show, you can hear how fucked Bobby is in the vocals - Higher Than The Sun especially.

If anyone in Glasgow has nothing better to do tonight and has a spare £15, get yourselves down to the Arches to see the mighty Phoenix - it's sure to be a winner...

Primal Scream - Purple Chain
1 - Jailbird

2 - Rocks

3 - Movin' On Up

4 - Don't Fight It, Feel It

5 - Come Together

6 - I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have

7 - Everybody Needs Somebody

8 - (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind

9 - Give Out But Don't Give Up

10 - Higher Than The Sun

11 - Loaded

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Moggieboy said...

Cheers - welcome aboard. If you come across any dead links gimme a shout and I'll re-up them.

fred said...

thanks for posting this, i saw them on this tour and they were fucked on the brown! Have any live bootlegs circa '91/'92 ever turned up? I have an audience recording from Leicester in '91 but a soundboard would be great

Moggieboy said...

The only 91/92 era one I've got is that Leicester one - the annoying thing is my mate was gonna bootleg the Glasgow Plaza one circa Higher Than The Sun but forgot batteries for recording Walkman. Duh.

fred said...

i seem to remember a free tape that came with Select magazine circa '91/'92 that had a soundboard track from Japan about this time, so there must be something out there somewhere...

Moggieboy said...

No - it's not that great quality - I'll dig it out for you and stick it up - watch this comment box...

Nick said...

I just discovered your site - thanks for your efforts. I'm looking for the 1990 Barcelona FM recording. Any chance you could put that one up? thank you!