Friday, 18 December 2009

Glenn Underground Featuring Cei-Bei - Take Me Back

12" remixes released on Cajual in 1995.

This time in GU-land we are blessed with the vocal talents of Cei-Bei on a track that's spread over four pretty darn hot remixes. The A1 mix has that trademark GU production - the synth line over the crisp yet jumpy percussion that I love so much. The instrumental track on B2 has the spoken title but nae singing.

I much prefer the mixes on the flip - nice wee guitar on B1 makes me feel all summery, just when it's trying to snow outside. It's got that really nice trebley phased sound that kinda comes in and out of tune. I fuckin love it.

THE BOO WILLIAMS MIX FUCKIN' ROCKS - like a lost relative of Preacher Man-era Green Velvet with it's distorted shouty vocals, with Relief-style percussion and some of those "break down a wee bit then come back in on the off-beat" tricks that I love. Worth the download for this mix alone, cheekily sneaked on at the end.

Aye, glad I dug this one out...

Glenn Underground Featuring Cei-Bei - Take Me Back
A1 - Take Me Back (Underground Root Mix)
A2 - Take Me Back (Moogstrimental Mix)
B1 - Take Me Back (Glenn Underground's Chicago Lives Mix)
B2 - Take Me Back (Boo Williams's Take Me Back Or Else Mix)

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Frank said...

Great drop Moggieboy! Thanks a lot. Love all GU works & would love to see more!!!
Peace Frank

Moggieboy said...

As soon as I find it, I'll post it It's all a bit of a state round here...