Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Porter Ricks - Port Of Transition / Port Of Call

Third release on Chain Reaction, from 1996.

It's been a while since I put up any of this sort of stuff, and this one is a cracker. The A-side starts off with the familiar muffled hiss and bass kick, then kinda electronic static noises come in and before you know it they're washing all over you. This is an epic piece of minimal dub techno, a fine addition to the CR stable. On the flip, things start off a bit more quietly before the noise kicks in. This one's got an extra bit of bass-related activity.

If you like the 'Ricks then head on over to Friendsound where you can download their album which includes Port Of Call, along with another couple of 'Port'-related tracks. There's always been a nautical theme to their music apparently, including their moniker which comes from a character in the TV show 'Flipper'.

Right - off to start stage one of getting my shit together for ATP, bus leaves at 6am Friday and out for pints tomorrow...

Porter Ricks - Port Of Transition / Port Of Call
A - Port Of Transition
B - Port Of Call

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