Friday, 18 December 2009

Zodiacyouth - Fast Forward The Future

... aka Zodiac Mindwarp and Youth, aka Mark Manning and Martin Glover, from 1991.

Comin-atcha like a big KLF kopycat, this is pure 'stadium house' in its element. I suppose if anyone can get away with ripping off the KLF it's this pair, right enough.

If you ever want to read a totally insane depraved book, go check out Bad Wisdom by Bill Drummond and Mark Manning - check out this Amazon review, the guy's got it pretty much spot-on. It's the accounts of when BD & MM (and the ever-present Gimpo) set out to take a picture of Elvis to the North Pole, "to release the divine Presley-esque vibes" onto a troubled world. Nuff said - get the book on your Xmas list, Amazon will deliver before the big day.

I've had a complete mental block on what the vocal sample on this was used on more recently - it's something really fucking obvious and I can't put my finger on it. Help me out, please...

Zodiacyouth - Fast Forward The Future
A - Fast Forward The Future (Witch-Hunt Mix)
B1 - Fast Forward The Future (Zodiac Rising Mix)
B2 - Fast Forward The Future (Chill Out Mix)

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D said...

The sample is,The Jets - Crush on You. Thanks for reminding about Bad Wisdom gonnae dig it out and give it another read.

Moggieboy said...

Cheers for that - just checked it out on YouTube, hmmm....