Wednesday, 31 March 2021

1 April Radio Show

Tomorrow's show on Clyde Built Radio is a 2hr special (woo hoo!) featuring a 'horizontal' first hour with interludes from the new Eccentronic Research Council album on Castles In Space alongside some old and new tracks to (ahem) sit down to. The second hour is a 'vertical' mix from the RiG vaults, featuring some stone cold club classics posted on here back in the day.


I've been organising the boxes of old flyers and tickets that I've accumulated over the years into a scrapbook, and have started documenting the process on Instagram - has been quite the undertaking, and has reminded me of some wild nights out in the early 90s, and a few WTF moments from the 00s. The second hour of the radio show is the soundtrack to these 93/94 Insta-posts. Is that even a word?  Feel completely out of the loop with all that stuff.  Fucking lockdown - has come to this...

Will post a Soundcloud link here after the show with a full tracklisting - tune in from 6-8pm.

Fuck me - while I was typing that I just realised that 1st April will be the 12th anniversary of the fake Russ Abbot remix.  How time flies, etc...

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Feb 2021 Radio Show

Well, it looks like last month's debut show went down well enough for the lovely folks at Clyde Built Radio to offer me a monthly slot.

The next show airs on Thursday 25th Feb at 6pm UK time and will feature a *WORLD EXCLUSIVE* by Kristina Bruuk, last spotted singing with Dracula's Daughter on a previous back-in-the-day RiG post of the Kalevala label.

The legend of Kristina Bruuk is scattered across the internet, but is probably best summed up here.

Thanks to my man in Helsinki I've managed to secure a sneak preview of her cover of Pleasant Valley Sunday to play out this week, and who knows - the legendary unreleased album Between Heaven And Helsinki might even make an appearance at some point.  Let's not get carried away with ourselves though...

There's even a Twitter account purporting to be Kristina, but who knows what the fuuk is going on these days...

The rest of the show is a mixture of some ace new tracks and some old RiG favourites.  I somehow managed to miss the fact that Saku by Bicep is playlisted on 6 Music, so there's one for the casual observer as well.  Oops.  Hopefully a KLF-related exclusive will make up for it...

Soundcloud Link for the show.

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

RiG Radio Show

Greetings! *blows the dust off* - jeezo, it's been a few years since this was updated. 

Christ, what a fucking mess it looks.  Have no idea how to change it, so fuck it.

On the off-chance that anyone reads this or has an RSS feed or whatever, I'm doing a Ripped In Glasgow show on Clydebuilt Radio tomorrow (21st Jan) from 6-7pm GMT.  Drive time!  

Expect a few old favourites from round these parts, along with some pish poorly-recorded chat.

Here it is on Soundcloud.

Will it be a regular thing?  No idea - I got a message from them on the back of a mention in the Jockey Slut Weatherall tribute book (all of which blew my tiny mind).  Will see.  

Bit of a different world since the last post below - 2020 was a cunt of a year for everyone, but the grim news about Andrew Weatherall took a long time to process.  Still can't quite get my head around it if I'm being honest.   I'm sure anyone reading this will have been in the same position for the last 12 months...