Wednesday, 25 February 2009

51 Days - Paper Moon / Tracktion / Squeeze

Paper Moon is a great deep-house set-builder that is faster than you think it is. I didn't realise it was so long (nearly 12 mins) until I ripped it just there, which is kinda weird. Must just have taken me so long so get the beats matched that it seemed like a normal length tune...

I didn't buy the record for that though... When I first heard Traktion on a Laurent Garnier Essential Mix I just HAD to find out what it was. No internet in those days so it was a sneaky peek at Mixmag to get the tracks then off to Rub-A-Dub.

The third track's a nice wee builder as well (which I've only just realised!) so I've included it in the ZIP file as well.

A - Paper Moon
B1 - Tracktion
B2 - Squeeze

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dc said...

another ace tune. go on, you must have tata box inhibitors - plasmids placid mix too :)

-- dc

Paul said...

Classic tune.Crackin site mate,appreciated.

stephen said...

Your site's just the bollocks - your hard work ripping all this delicious vinyl is much appreciated, but your piss-funny descriptions really make it something special.

Forever Awesome said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHLALA!!!!!!! so liquid...!! Classic

tomy said...

51days - papermoon is an "old" track, that was a proper "underground hit". As i recall it was HUGE in N.York clubs, and all over Europe..They DON'T make tracks like that, and once again i want that electronical music scene DIES, and it must go back where it started..When i go in clubs today, i can cry as young kids just don't know what we "oldies but goldies" people know..For me, scene died after 1996..i mean, then we never knew about "super star dj's"..i remember microwave prince, humate, mate galic,oliver lieb, sven vath, jamez_dobre and so on..
As in every music, when money came, inoccent was permanently LOST..before artists and dj's was "doing it" ONLY 'cause of US..not the will cry..
TNX for this post.(i have original 12" from touche), but for people that never heard it..SOOO DEEP SOOO LIQUID..