Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Optimo - I Love Techno - 13 November 2010

Our heroes live in Ghent a couple of weeks ago.

Banging in Belgium? Oh yes. Complete with shouty over-excited MC this takes no prisoners - you can forget the Nina Simone / This Mortal Coil side of Optimo here, this is back to the old PURE days in style.

Taken from the gig itself you can hear the manual touching-up and down of the 12"s, which makes a change from some of the over-produced so-called 'live mixes' you hear floating about these days.

Bastard! Got a tweet from JD Twitch last night to say "ha ha! I knew you couldn't stop" when I did the post below. Aye very good. Definitely not back for good, but we can't have a Weatherall without an Optimo, can we? A two-off, if you will.

Right - off to see Atari Teenage Riot, should clear out the midweek cobwebs...

Optimo - I Love Techno - 13 November 2010

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Andrew Weatherall - 6 Mix - Screamadelica Special

Recent Weatherall show in collaboration with Primal Scream.

Well, what can I say? One of the most inspired musical pairings of all time, this has pretty much set out the stall for the last 20 years of my life. When I first heard back in January about the Screamadelica gigs this weekend, I bought a ticket on autopilot (as always), but haven't really given a shit about it either way.

Until now.

It's Primal Scream week on 6 Music, and this started things off on Sunday, along with an Alan McGee 'First Time' show. Things come to a climax with the broadcast of Friday night's show on 6. I won't be listening to it as it's Saturday I'm off to see the show (same as all the TRUEFANS as it was announced first - fuck I hate myself sometimes), but will no doubt download it when I get back.

Being a sucker for a deluxe vinyl product, I nearly had to go for a wank when I saw this, and then THIS. Just as well I got a bit of cash for my birthday last week. Which one to buy though - the red one looks better but the white one's more limited (and signed)...

So, the Weatherall show then. It's great to hear him in 'reminiscing' mode, plenty of anecdotes as you'd expect. I'm coincidentally reading Jah Wobble's autobiography just now as well, so it all ties in very nicely, thank you very much.

Back for good? Nah, but who knows what's round the corner...

*EDIT* no sooner back on air than I get a message from the kind folks at offering me use of these fine images. Too late for the upload but I'm sure you can do your own thing with 'em. Cheers!

Andrew Weatherall - 6 Mix - Screamadelica Special
1 - Jhalib — Mysteries of the East
2 - Los NiƱos Del Parque — Liaisons Dangereuses
3 - A Certain Ratio — And Then Again
4 - Jah Wobble — Not Another
5 - Can — Mother Earth
6 - Johnny Jenkins — Walk on Gilded Splinters
7 - Chairmen of the Board — Morning Glory
8 - Annie Anxiety — As I Lie in Your Arms
9 - Prince Far I & The Arabs — Homeward Bound
10 - Bill Laswell — Lost Roads
11 - Public Image Ltd. — Radio 4
12 - Nico — Evening of Light
13 - Brian Eno — From The Same Hill
14 - Gene Clark — Strength of Strings
15 - Donnie Fritts — We Had it All
16 - Dennis Wilson — Thoughts of You
17 - Curtis Mayfield — Think
18 - Pharoah Sanders — Astral Travelling
19 - The Delfonics — Didn't I Blow Your Mind
20 - Isaac Hayes — Walk On By
21 - Suicide - Dream Baby Dream

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