Friday, 30 January 2009

Remy & Sven - Pianopower

This was the first release in the Global Cuts series, an offshoot of R&S if I remember correctly. It samples ESG's 'Moody' which is a great head start for any track. I've also managed to rip it at the correct speed (see the comments on the Death In Vegas track below - I am a fud).

Only the one tune today as I've got loads of stuff to sort out before venturing over to the mystic east later on. I wouldn't be holding my breath for a post tomorrow either, this could be a long night...

Remy & Sven - Pianopower

On 4shared this time - a different uploader that doesn't have stuff you have to skip past.

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tokyo Knife Attack - Bytes Of The Jaguar

New Music Alert!!

This is a fab new act from Glasgow who are great lo-fi melodic electro, kinda a wee bit like Crystal Castles without the shouty woman. They have a few tracks up on their myspazz, including this one. I found out about them when my friend booked them to play at his Club For Heroes, which is on in Edinburgh tomorrow at the Art School (Friday 30th).

The track is an 8-bit version of Knights Of The Jaguar - they better play it at the show. Come along if you're in the area and buy me a pint - I'll be the guy in the pink Sparks t-shirt.

Tokyo Knife Attack - Bytes Of The Jaguar <<-- right-click direct download

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Death In Vegas - Neptune City (Two Lone Swordsmen Remixes)

Well it's been a wee while since any Weatherall posts so here's a wee gem I'd actually forgotten about, a white-label promo 12" with two fucked up mixes of Neptune City, from the Contino Sessions album. Dunno if I've got a mis-press, but the sticker on the front says that the A-side is 5:23 and the B-side is 5:07. On mine the mixes are both essentially the same, only the A is 7:18 and the B is 6:55.

Oh well, whatever it is, it/they is/are darn good mix(es). Download the pair and see if I'm missing any huge difference between 'em.

Death In Vegas - Neptune City [Concrete Funk 1]
Death In Vegas - Neptune City [Concrete Funk 2]

Zipped on ZShare

Buy it here - might be the proper one?!

Manuel And Clive - Molecules

Here's a bit of hard acid for you, courtesy of Manuel and Clive. It's weird, just looked them up on Discogs and it turns out they only released two records and I've got both of them. Didn't realise the other one was them as it's an anonymous black & red clear vinyl thing that plays from the inside out. The magic of the internet!

Anyway back to this track, it's another one of those where the 'tune' is track B1 rather than the A-side (hence the wrong label on the graphic). It starts off like a fairly average acid track then there's a beautiful breakdown and pounding 2nd half. I seem to be using the word 'pounding' rather a lot in this blog, if only there was a techno thesauraus to hand...

Manuel And Clive - Molecules
<<-- right-click direct download

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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Immersion - Remixes Volume 2

So let me get this straight - Colin Newman from Wire with Israeli legend Malka Spigel, remixed by Fred Gianelli from Psychic TV, Claude Young, the drummer out Napalm Death and another guy? Magnificent!

A nice 'not-quite-dancey-not-quite-chillout' kinda pack for a slow midweek evening. Very good indeed. The sleeve's got an email address on it. 1995? Ahead of the pack this lot were...

A1 - Telepathic Water (Fred Giannelli Remix)
A2 - Hydraulic (Iris Remix)
B1 - Slow Drift (Claude Young Mix)
B2 - Walkabout (Mick Harris Mix)

Zipped on Sendspace

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The Grid - A Beat Called Love / Floatation (remixes)

Bit of an oldie here (1990), The Grid were the first ever dance act I saw live, at The Arches in Glasgow roundabout the release of the classic 456 album. It blew me away - I didn't realise this kinda shit could be done live. This was their first proper release, with a Heller & Farley remix of the A-side and an excellent Olimax & DJ Shapps (not Weatherall!) remix of Floatation on the B-side. It bears a passing resemblance to one of the tracks they did with Kool Aid-era Big Audio Dynamite as well. Oh, did I mention the "Walking In The Air" sample...? I've missed off the 7" version of A Beat Called Love because who gives a fuck...

A classic case of a great act becoming instantly shit upon a novelty hit single, a few years later. It pains me to even think of that banjo thing...

The Grid - A Beat Called Love (A Beat Called Club)
The Grid - Floatation (Progressive Mix)

Link removed due to DMCA complaint. Ooops.

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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sound Enforcer - 2nd Series "Icon EP"

So, a Dave Angel double-pack on Island records subsidiary, Blunted? Surely must be pish I hear you think? Well, not at all. Four tracks over four sides, the only wanky thing about it is the lack of titles, so we've got wingdings-tastic 'circle', 'triangle', 'cross' and 'square'. Each track gets progressively better than the previous one, in my opinion. Go check it out...

A - Circle
B - Triangle
C - Cross
D - Square

Zipped on ZShare

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Conemelt - Crash, Bang / Wallop

Another two quality tracks of lo-fi madness from the Conemelt stable. This one was on Sabres of Paradise and was one of those A=33/B=45 fellas just to annoy you (which I always liked).

Like I've said previously, I couldn't get enough of these guys from about 1993-1996 (and beyond!). Both these tracks build up to be right noisy buggers, and the A-side would be great to play to anyone who didn't understand the concept of 'stereo'.

Conemelt - Crash, Bang
Conemelt - Wallop

Zipped on ZShare

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Monday, 26 January 2009

Jack-Tronic - The Hustler (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)

I've always had a lot of time for Luke Slater (and Stacey Slater too, but that's another story), particularly under his Planetary Assault Systems guise. He was on at the Sub Club on Friday night but I didn't make it along. This is a remix he did for Jack-Tronic, who I don't know anything about at all - it might be another alias for Luke. These fuckin techno guys don't make it easy for you, do they?

This is a good example of mindless pounding techno music, the kind of thing I couldn't get enough of about 15 years ago. The kind of stuff that non-believers would think you had to be 'oot yer nut' to listen to.

Jack-Tronic - The Hustler (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)

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Astrospider - Ritmista!

Bit of an oddity this one, a very percussive tribally track which came out on Wonka in 1993. There were quite a few mad percussive tracks kicking about at that time, I'll stick up the original of 20hz by Capricorn at some point as well.

When I first had the idea of doing the blog this tune was one that popped into my head to put up in a "wonder what the fuck that sounds like, I've not listened to it this millenium" kinda vibe. Glad I did now, it's sounding good.

Astrospider - Ritmista! New linky.

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Friday, 23 January 2009

Sparks - Tryouts For The Human Race

No posts for a couple of days as I'm away for the weekend, so here's your third and final tune for Friday...

My favourite Sparks tune, which I've never seen them play live. Boo! They're always good value though, funny as fuck and a great show to boot. Last time I saw them was at the Connect festival and dancing behind us was none other than Sylvester McCoy! Was desperate to go to the 'No1 In Heaven' show at their recent run of playing-all-their-albums at the Roundhouse but just didn't get it together in time.

There is a superb TOTP performance of it on YouTube - check it out. Can you believe that this is from 1979? Moroder-tastic indeed!

Sparks - Tryouts For The Human Race

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Ramin - Vol III - Moonchild

Not a cover of the Fields Of The Nephilim track but you can't have everything. This is a FAB trance track from 1993 on the Save The Vinyl label, that one where the label took up much more than it's regular alloted bit in the middle and the track ended about halfway across the record (I've adjusted the picture size accordingly).

Unlike a lot of early trance records I'd say this one's aged pretty well. Despite the fact that the drums POUND LIKE FUCK it's a gentle wee number, good for home/iPod listening.

Ramin - Vol III - Moonchild

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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Metal Masters - Spectrum (Caspar Pound Mix)

This is an old Sven Vath tune from 1993 remixed by Caspar Pound. Very 'metallic' right enough, loads of phased guitar sounds, bassline not a million miles away from 'A Forest', an all round nice trancey builder from the Harthouse label. This mix is the TUNE, no need to bother with the other two.

Good bit o'flange as well - always a winner!

Metal Masters - Spectrum (Caspar Pound Mix)

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The Sabres Of Paradise vs LFO & Nightmares On Wax - Duke Of Earlsfield / Bubble & Slide

A crackin' wee 10" here, with remixes of a couple of tracks from the Haunted Dancehall album. Came accompanied with a 7" and a 12" with different remixes by different folk as well (later!) so a nice pack all in.

My personal favourite is the Nightmares On Wax tune, used to mix with that one quite a bit. Nice to see someone else remixing them for a change.

Anyone bored of all the Weatherall stuff yet? Tough shit if you are...

The Sabres Of Paradise - Duke Of Earlsfield (LFO Mix)
The Sabres Of Paradise - Bubble And Slide (Nightmares On Wax Mix)

Zipped on ZShare

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Rotation - Moondust

One of the first Australian records I got, on the rather good Juice label run by Damian Donato (a classic of his to come up soon, stay tuned).

An excellent couple of tracks, which sound like they should maybe have come from Detroit rather than Adelaide. Good sinister feel to them, with some 'Clangers'-style noises over the 2nd track,

New link - Zipped on Sendspace
Rotation - Moondust 1
Rotation - Moondust 2

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Maurizio - M-4

This has the dubious honour of being the first record that I ever played on my SL1210 decks. I got it on the same day back in 1995. What can I say? It's got that Basic Channel sound but not actually on the Basic Channel label. This was on the even more obscure 'M' label. Two untitled tracks just to make things difficult. An awkward cunt for the ID3 tags if you ask me.

I've heard he's no well these days, so get well soon Moritz.

Maurizio - Untitled (6:34)
Maurizio - Untitled (9:36)

(new links)

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Oricom - The Intersonic EP

This is a weird ole EP from Belgium, 1993. Starts off with a really hummable nice squelchy track which goes a but nuts at the end, then gets an aptly titled organ track. The B-side is a killer techno track which stops and starts and then kinda merges into the 4th track (which actually goes on a bit too long in my opinion). Don't think either of the guys involved ever did anything else.

Well worth checking out. Every time I played Wipeout I always had to go Auricom due to this EP.

A1 - The Intersonic
A2 - Organ Powers
B1 - A Quicksand Adventure
B2 - Drop-Out <<< Only one mp3 track for B-side as they merge together

Download on ZShare

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Optimo - Sunday 18th January 2009

If it wasn't for Optimo and Pure, there would be no Ripped In Glasgow. Discovered last week that a website broadcasts whatever's on at the Sub Club in Glasgow, amongst various other worldwide clubs. Thought I'd try to rip the full stream from Sunday night to see if it worked.

No problemo!

This will NOT be a regular event as I don't wanna piss off the wonderful Twitch & Wilkes by ripping off what goes down inside their club, but tune in each Sunday night to hear it for yourself. Alternatively, get off your arse and get the fuck down to the club. My days of doing it certainly aren't over but I'm not the (semi) regular I was in the early daze.

This is a 4hr mp3 file, split into RAR files which you have to unpack. Well worth it, as it features a rare JG Wilkes-only set (Twitch otherwise engaged in the USA).

Optimo - Sunday 18th January 2009 - Part 1 - Part 2 ** LINKS NOW FIXED **

Monday, 19 January 2009

Ripped In Glasgow - Vol 1

In light of the fact that all the direct mp3 links are gubbed due to loads of hits (thank you all!), I decided to whack all the uploads so far into a torrent file. For the next wee while I'll probably jump between ZShare and Sendspace while I try to reset the hotlink accounts.

Please seed, and remember your torrent client should let you only select the tracks you need.

Ripped In Glasgow Vol 1 *EDIT* - now on Mininova now the Pirate Bay's fucked.

Underground Resistance - World 2 World

Listening to that Carl Craig tune down below put me right in the mood for this, my favourite ever Detroit record. Four of the best UR tracks on one 12" - the first one, "Amazon", used to be a frequent response to the "One More Tune" chant at the likes of Pure. I think I've actually heard every track in a club.

This record has taken a pounding over the years so there might be the odd wee crackle here and there.

A1 - Amazon
A2 - Jupiter Jazz
B1 - Cosmic Traveler
B2 - Greater Than Yourself

Zipped on ZShare

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BFC - Chicken Noodle Soup

"I WANT MY CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP"... So goes the voice at the end of this track. That's you sorted if Carl Craig ever pops round for his dinner. He'd not get it in this house though, I'm more of a spicy tomato & lentil man myself.

This was always the stand-out track on this EP, the rest of it was a bit too downbeat for me. I like my Detroit techno to be dancey; leave the ambient noodling to the likes of The Orb, man.

BFC - Chicken Noodle Soup

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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Galaxie 500 - Here She Comes Now

This post reflects the nick I am in right now, had a bit of a night of it round at a friend's last night and am in need of a nice soothing cover of the BEST BAND EVER, to fuck the pain away. Can't do those nights any more and get away with it the next day.

Saw this trio a few times in the early 90s, and they never disappointed. Was supposed to go and see 2/3 of them, Damon and Naomi, the other night but the rain was pissing down hard and they weren't coming on till 10:30. I'm beginning to feel my age now.

Galaxie 500 - Here She Comes Now

I seem to have become a victim of my own success and all my hotlink accounts are fucked with bandwidth so it's zshare till I get it sorted.

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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Green Velvet - Destination Unknown EP

Another quality EP from Cajmere/Green Velvet - four top tunes that have all had their place over the course of an evening. Answering Machine inspired loads of remixes, but I still dig the original. A bit darker than the Cajmere one below, as the Green Velvet stuff generally was. Came out in 1997.

This one goes out to Becca from the Webadelica forum.

Green Velvet - Destination Unknown EP <-- new link
A1 - Land Of The Lost
A2 - Stormy Weather
B1 - Destination Unknown
B2 - Answering Machine

Buy it here

Friday, 16 January 2009

Bjork cut by the Sabres Of Paradise - One Day - Adrenalin (Far Removed)

Far removed indeed, Mr Weatherall, as this bears precisely FUCK ALL resemblance to the Bjork original. A 140bpm bang-tastic dancefloor filler from 1993, this was rare-as-rockiing-horse-shit when it first came out on a 1-sided 12", accompanied by another two Sabres mixes on a 10". They were released on a compilation album, but this one never saw the light of day. I fuckin' love it.

It's Friday - knock yourselves out:

Bjork cut by the Sabres Of Paradise - One Day - Adrenalin (Far Removed)

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The Martian - Star Dancer

You might have noticed I've had the painters in here at R-i-G Towers. This tune goes out to my main man DG who is responsible for the facelift. Not only is he a STAR, but he's a no bad wee DANCER when the mood takes him *cough*...

This, like the Cajmere one below, was one of the first ever *TUNE*s that I heard when I started clubbing, one of those ones where I just had to know what it was. "What the fuck's that flanged track?" was the question on all our lips.

Once I got my paws on it I took it round to a mate's house who (a) had decks and (b) had another copy of this (I didn't get my decks till my first proper pay packet in 1995). He'd figured that if you played two copies together the phasing would go nuts. Sure enough it does. If you have this record you should mix it to this mp3 and see for yourself. Even if not, try to play it on an mp3 mixing thing like VirtualDJ. Mental!

The Martian - Star Dancer
(new linky)

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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Faderflippers - Resplendant EP

aka Conemelt. aka Corridor. aka a FAB lo-fi trio from Tonbridge Wells. I can't 'big-up' these guys enough - used to love their fucked-up sounds, sense of humour, and seeking out their records under different aliases on different labels. Magic! One time I remember phoning up the number on the label whilst pissed, the phone was answered by the main guy, Ashley, from the band! I think it was his house number. Anyway, told him I was a fan and that they should come up and play Club 69 in Paisley. They never did, but I met them at a gig at the Art School a couple of years later and he remembered me. Got an invite into the tour bus (very swanky - must have been the Weatherall money I reckon). They couldn't have been nicer. Wonder what ever happened to them...?

Anyway, this is a great representation of their different sounds. All three tracks are tip top.

A - Resplendant
B1 - Le Flug
B2 - Top Shelf

Another Sendspace jobby, will save the direct linking for individual tracks...

Buy it here

Death Before Disco / Scubadevils - Ministry / Celestial Symphony

This was the first David Holmes record I bought, immediately after hearing Andrew Weatherall playing it at Pure's 3rd birthday party. How do I remember such things? Well, lets just say I was 'in the zone' when 'Ministry' came on. This was the first time I'd heard a Weatherall set in a proper club (Primal Scream gigs not counting), so I didn't have a fuckin clue WHAT it was. A week later I was round at someone's flat and they put it on. Bravo! Wrote it down and got it the next day.

It was always the A-side for me, but I've stuck up the AA-side as well for all you Holmes completists out there.

Death Before Disco - Ministry (Exploding Plastic Inevitable Mix)

Scubadevils - Celestial Symphony (Angel Delight Mix)

Zipped together on Sendspace to avoid whoring my bandwidth.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Aurora Borealis - The Milky Way

"Oh, Laurent Garnier's got a new label - I'll collect all of those" ... managed the first three, of which this is the third. A bona-fide TUNE! All the way from 1994, this got played to death for a good while, just like the Cajmere track down below. One or two scratches to prove it. Adds a wee bit o'character though, eh.

There were three mixes on the original 12" but the A1 original was the best.

Aurora Borealis - The Milky Way

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Cajmere - Let Me Be

I can't believe I've not put up any Cajmere yet - he's nearly up there with Weatherall in the amount of records I've got by him under the different guises. This was the one that started it all off for me, which was the lead track on Underground Goodies Vol 4. I ended up backtracking through all the other Underground Goodies eps and various other bits and pieces. Then came Green Velvet. WTF - spoilt or what!?

Watch this space for plenty of other Cajmere goodies to appear, and some more housey stuff in amongst the techno...

Cajmere - Let Me Be

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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lemon Interupt - Eclipse / Big Mouth

This was an early incarnation of *SSSHHH* Underworld, and I fucking LOVE the track Eclipse. All 13 mins of it. Was never as keen on the harmonica-led Big Mouth, but have included it so you can see where The Grid got the idea for the godawful Swamp Thing from (they were so good before that, but that's a different story). I usually pitch Eclipse up to about +5/+6 to fit in with other stuff but this is encoded with the traditional 'green light' on so you can do what you want with it.

Lemon Interupt - Eclipse
Lemon Interupt - Big Mouth

New link - Zipped on Megaupload

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Floating Bloke - In-Flight Entertainment

Bit of an oddity this, an EP on the New Ground label. I think this label was run by the Conemelt/Corridor brigade. I got into them via a certain Mr Weatherall and the releases on Sabres. Lo-fi madness all the way. Plenty of Conemelt/Corridor to follow when I get them back to the flat but this should give you a feel for the New Ground label in the meantime. Check out the accompanying sheet of A4 that came with it. I love this shit, man...

Interesting vinyl-related fact - on the b-side it looks as if the record's finishing (ie needle moves into the centre), but there's an amusing/headfuck 2min magic mushroom induced 'speech' at the end of the track which ends in a lock-groove. I've included it at the end of the 2nd track as it is on the record.

New links:
Mandible Man

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Monday, 12 January 2009

Analogical - 303 Ocean

The most appropriately titled track on the blog so far, a great experimental techno track. Another one from DJAX, only this time it was on nice clear yellow vinyl which is always a Brucie Bonus. Another anal fact is that this is one of the few EPs where the TUNE is the 2nd track on the A-side.

Analogical - 303 Ocean

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Symphony Of Love - Spirit Of Love

Well that's the blog been on the go for just over a week and I've just had my first email from the Copyright gang. Kinda annoying as I've been careful only to stick up stuff that I am 99% sure is unavailable to buy. That Weatherall/Holmes mix-pack of Uptown has now bitten the dust. If anyone didn't get it I'm sure the kind folks over at the Webadelica forum might be able to help, but I'm not condoning such behaviour.

So, today's OTHERWISE UNAVAILABLE upload is a beautiful wee tune that grabs you by the balls (or snatch!) about halfway through it. I won't spoil the surprise if you're not familiar with it, but needless to say I went pretty insane the first time it got sneaked on at Pure. It came out on Damon Wild's EXperimental label back in 1993, haven't heard much about it since.

Symphony Of Love - Spirit Of Love <<-- new link ahoy!

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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Gilgamesh - Trescore

This is a lost classic - kinda Detroit trance, if that makes any sense. Listen to it and you'll see what I mean. It just builds and builds. One of those ones that when I first heard it out I had to go up and ask what it was, then somehow remember the details till the Monday morning trip to Rub-A-Dub. Pre-Shazam days, indeed!

Gilgamesh - Trescore

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Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please (Remixes)

Belfast-aside, I never had much time for Orbital. Had them filed in with the Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy as dance music for people who don't like dance music, NME readers and such-like. Does that make me a dance-music snob? Guilty as charged, your honour.

When I heard the news of a Paul Hartnoll solo album I wasn't exactly chomping at the bit to hear it but when I heard THIS tune I soon changed my mind. My long-suffering girlfriend is a massive Cure fan as well, so the 7", 12" and CD singles were duly bought. All featured different mixes. The CD single ones can be bought so I'm not uploading them, and the 7" got left on a bus after a drunken DJ-ing gig so here are the three 12" mixes in all their glory. My pick of the bunch is The Whip's mix - they are one hell of a live band as well. Go see 'em if you get the chance.

Please (Remember 1992?) (Paul Hartnoll Mix)
Please (The Whip Remix)
Please (Boss Boss Remix)

Get them as a ZIP on Sendspace.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

A Word From Our Sponsor


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The Jesus & Mary Chain - Sidewalking (Extended Version)

Any 12" mixes that guitar bands tended to do in the 80s were usually pure shite. However, this wee gem from the Reid brothers is an epic 8 mins of fucked up noisy madness. Got me up on the dancefloor in the pre-Weatherall days. Surely it's crying out for a Kevin Shields 2009 remix?

More dance music tomorrow, kids.

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Sidewalking (Extended Version)

Friday, 9 January 2009

Koenig Cylinders - Carousel

This slab of pounding-pounding-techno-music was a bona fide poppers-o'clock ANTHEM at Pure in around 1993. On the Industrial Strength label, it's one of the less intense tracks produced by Lenny Dee. Go figure! It was one of those 12"s where the tune was on the B-side, funny how many of them there were, eh...

Get it on. Turn it up. Inhale.

Koenig Cylinders - Carousel

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Random XS - Give Your Body


From the classic DJAX-Up-Beats label, this hails from 1992 and was a favourite at Pure in Edinburgh around that time. DJAX supposedly stood for DJs Against eXtasy. A Dutch label? Hmmm, hardly a vote-winner is it? Still managed to be a ridiculously consistent label which churned them out like nobody's business. At the standard £7.50 import price I couldn't afford too many of 'em, but this one was well worth it.

Another long one (12:41) - you're getting VFM today!

Random XS - Give Your Body

Buy it here

Projective Vision - Apocalypse

Fuck me I'd forgotten what a great tune this is. Released on the consistently good Holistic label in 1994, this pretty much sums up exactly what I was into at the time. A Rub-A-Dub @ Club 69 favourite from back in the day, and the guys from the label used to come up for head-to-head sets in the club, which is the basement of a curry house in Paisley. Mental. This record is actually dedicated to the Rub-A-Dub gang as well. Aww, bless.

Projective Vision - Apocalypse
(all 16 1/2 apocalyptic mins of it!)

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Echo Beach - Jimmy Cauty (KLF) infected by THE SCOURGE OF THE EARTH

Subtitle = 'Pointless Rave Version'

This slipped out in 2002, and I stumbled across it in Missing at the top of Great Western Road (halcyon days). Couldn't believe it, as I thought I was pretty on top of all things KLF-related. Hmmm - the subtitle kinda sums it up, although there's a Mark E Smith-style shouty vocal which pops up now and again which is OK by me.

Echo Beach - Jimmy Cauty (KLF) infected by THE SCOURGE OF THE EARTH

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Four Boy One Girl Action - The Hawaiian Death Stomp

Bit of an all-star cast here: David Holmes, Kris Needs, Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns. Shove that up yer Travelling Wilburys for a supergroup and a half... I think the 'one girl' was Mr Weatherall's then girlfriend Nina but I could be wrong.

I remember being mega-excited when this first came out then being mildly disappointed by the end product. Dunno though, sounds pretty good to me right now. Dug this one out of the tip of the iceberg last night: balanced on a pair of step ladders, torch in one hand, trying to avoid getting skelfed tae fuck. Managed to get enough to keep going for a good while, but will need to rethink strategy for the next voyage into the unknown.

Came out on the Exploding Plastic Inevitable label in 1993. Couldn't find a pic of the label and tried to take a photo but looks shit, so here's a suitable graphic for it:

New links:
The Hawaiian Death Stomp
Hawaiian Death Dub

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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Espiritu - Conquistador (Weatherall Mixes)

Only a few days into the blog and already another pair of Weatherall mixes - is this the shape of things to come?


There were 3 Sabres of Paradise mixes of this tune (Heavenly records, 1993). I think No.1 was on the CD single and the other two on this 12". As always, the man can do no wrong.

Conquistador (Sabres of Paradise No.2 Mix)

Conquistador (Sabres of Paradise No.3 Mix)

Buy it here

Vauvenage - Flange Stereo

In an effort to show the different types of music you can expect from this blog, here's an oddity that I remember picking up in Rub-A-Dub many moons ago. I've always enjoyed a good 'flange' - it was the only guitar effects pedal I ever went near back in the olden days.

There was typically no info on the record (beautiful red vinyl and fuck-all else). The magic of the internet, 16 years on, reveals that Frederick & Pako (no, me neither) did the A-side, whereas Remy & Sven (them off Global Cuts I assume) did the B-side.

Anyway - the A-side is a rather punishing affair, clocking in at over 11 mins. Actually sounds good on headphones, something I hadn't experienced before a few minutes ago. The B-side is a more slowed down, soulful wee number. Aye, no bad.

Only 300 copies made, I see that someone's got one up on eBay for a mere £43.02 including postage. Hang on a wee minute - "Goa Psy-trance"? Get tae fuck! Not how I'd describe it, perish the thought. Yikes!

A: Flange Stereo
B: Natural Women

Buy it here

Monday, 5 January 2009

Red Planet - Ghostdancer Double Pack

This stems from back in 1995 or so, when it was perfectly reasonable to pay £14.99 on a regular basis for a double-pack 12" single. I used to enjoy seeing how carefully I could slit down the shrink wrap so that it kept its shape and didn't shrivel up. What a sad cunt...

So - Red Planet. One-hit-wonders with Stardancer/Cosmic Movement? Surely not - I'd dare to say that as a collection, this is more than a match for that track, although it got a lot more 'playin out' at the likes of Pussypower and Pure. (Scroll a wee bit down here for more on Pure, including a wee mixtape)

7 tracks, which have taken fuckin ages to mp3 - hope some other bastard's not beaten me to it already.

A: Ghostdancer
B1: Medicine Man
B2: Marisian Probes Over Montana
C1: Starchild
C2: The Vanishing Race
D1: The Talking Rocks of Mars
D2: Windwalker

Rather than individual tracks this one's up as a ZIP on Sendspace.

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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Exquisite Corpse - Kupuri / Chalice

Last one of the day. Although 95% of my records are on top of my friend Tufty's bathroom, this is one that slipped through the net. A wee trip down memory lane here as I reckon this hasn't been listened to in nigh on 10 years.

This hails from my Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia phase - this lot were some offshoot (also on the KK label). Either that or they just used the same font and I was sucked in... Trippy tribal nonsense indeed, but it's sounding pretty darn good today. Chalice is the upbeat one and Kupuri is more comedown.



*both links now working*

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Bruce Springsteen - Dream Baby Dream (Suicide Covers series)

I've managed to survive 36 years on this planet without ever feeling the need to buy a Bruce Springsteen record. This changed recently when I found out about the Alan Vega 70th(!) birthday series on Blast First Petite. I'm a sucker for 10"s (insert your own joke here) and couldn't resist getting as many as I can...

Here's your starter for 10:

A: Bruce Springsteen - Dream Baby Dream
B1: Suicide - Dream Baby Dream (previously unreleased version)
B2: Beat The Devil - Mr Ray

The rest to follow in due course...

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Sabres of Paradise - United (Remixes)

"So, have you heard that Andy Weatherall's got his own label now?" - I remember a mate saying to me back in the day. Here's one to collect, I thought. The first release is a Throbbing Gristle remix?? WTF... Only snag is I couldn't get my grubby paws on it for a good few years.

Still stands the test of time I reckon, well the A-side does anyway. Aye, it's a fuckin belter! B-side is a bit crackle-tastic at first but hey - settles in nicely.

Here you go - ripped at 320 - right-clicky to download:

United Mix 1
United Mix 2

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