Sunday, 28 June 2009

Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough (Schizo Mix)

A surprisingly good 12" mix from 1981, which was Vince Clarke's swansong with the band. Apparently he was inspired to write it after hearing 'To Cut A Long Story Short' by Spandau Ballet. Yikes!

The B-side's their first instrumental track, which eventually got the Martin Gore vocal treatment for the Speak & Spell album.

This will be the last post for a while as we're off to Copenhagen tomorrow to see this lot on Tuesday. Doubt they'll play this tune but we can always hope. Get back on Friday.

Let's not even go there with The Saturdays' cover or that version that was used in an advert for The Sun 'news'paper...

A - Just Can't Get Enough (Schizo Mix)
B - Any Second Now (Altered)

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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra

Any time you hear stuff about the beginnings of electronic music it tends to focus on the likes of Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, but this lot are often looked over. They formed in Japan in 1978 and quickly released this album of "techno electronica" with a side dose of exotica.

My introduction to them came via a 1992 compilation called Hi-tech/No Crime which featured re-workings by the likes of 808 State, Orbital, LFO etc. This got me working backwards to grab the original versions, some tracks being featured here.

There's an undercurrent of video games sounds as well, as you'll especially notice on the two short Computer Game tracks. This is the original Japanese version of the album - a cleaned up, over produced version came out for the Yanks, with a different sleeve but I never bothered with it.

I went to see founder member Ryuichi Sakamoto a few years ago at the Edinburgh Playhouse and he was magnificent - a true pioneer. Go check it oot...

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra
A1 - Computer Game "Theme From The Circus"
A2 - Firecracker
A3 - Simoon
A4 - Cosmic Surfin'
A5 - Computer Game "Theme From The Invader"
B1 - Tong Poo
B2 - La Femme Chinoise
B3 - Bridge Over Troubled Music
B4 - Mad Pierrot
B5 - Acrobat

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Friday, 26 June 2009

MC Miker "G" & Deejay Sven - Holiday Rap

Hands up who's got seven weeks off work?? That'll be me then. Yee-hah!

Here's a bit of light relief from all the pish Michael Jackson jokes that have been flying round today. Fuck - the mobile phone companies must love it when there's a good celebrity death, I've not had so many texts since Jeremy Beadle's gammy hand waved goodbye for the final time.

So, Ripped In Glasgow will be a bit all-over-the-place for the next wee while - usually do the posts when I get home from work but that won't be the case here. Obviously I'll keep 'em coming whenever I'm around but this is shaping up to be the busiest summer ever.

Off for a disco nap before heading off to the mystic east for the mighty Club For Heroes tonight, with special guests Honey Sweetcheeks (Black Jesus Records) and House Of Traps (Firecracker Records). I'll be guesting on August 14th if anyone fancies a bit of mid 90's action on the dancefloor...

MC Miker "G" & Deejay Sven - Holiday Rap

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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Big Hair & Earl Gateshead - Hindoos and Hairdoos

No prizes for guessing the reason for me buying this record. A fairly recent release (in R-i-G terms), this dates from 2001, when Weatherall was in 'breaks' mode. Not many mixes around this time credited to him alone if I remember, they always seemed to be 2LS ones. This has a great bass hook and a few big synth noises that swoop in over a break.

The original mix? Sounds a bit 'carnival' - you'll know what I mean when you hear it.

Only the one post again today as I'm out for some alfresco drinkies in the sun. Chin chin...

Big Hair & Earl Gateshead - Hindoos and Hairdoos
A - Original Mix
B - Andrew Weatherall Mix

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Empirion - Narcotic Influence (Remixes)

A couple of mixes here courtesy of Dave Clarke and Secret Knowledge.

Dave Clarke comes on a bit 'Purpose Maker'-era Jeff Mills with some big synth riff over it, which is OK if you're into that sort of thing.

The Secret Knowledge mix sees Needs start off in slowed down breakbeat mood with some vocal samples, before kicking in after about a minute or so with what is actually one of his better mixes. Uses the samples from the original track to make a fairly pounding techno stomper.

The sleeve 'art' leaves a lot be desired - why do they bother when it must be much cheaper to do a nice label in a plain white slip-case?? With the exception of the God Within 12" I posted earlier, most dance 12 sleeves are pure pish...

Empirion - Narcotic Influence (Remixes)
A - Narcotic Influence (Dave Clarke Mix)
B - Narcotic Influence (Secret Knowledge Mix)

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Vainqueur - Reduce

Definitely not Maurizio, as I'd previously thought, but a chap by the name of René Löwe. His stuff's been out on various Moritz labels though, you'll probably have a fair idea of what it'll sound like.

I prefer the B-side to the A but they're both worth a punt if you're into the Basic Channel / Chain Reaction kinda thang.

I was hoping that his name would turn up in Google translate as 'wanker' but it's 'winner'...

Vainqueur - Reduce
A - Reduce 2
B - Reduce 1

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Donna Summer / DJ Sneak - I Feel Love (GU Mix) / Ezeckiel 25 17

Ah, the magic of the internet...

I used to fuckin love playing this 12" until one day I lent it to a guy I vaguely knew and never saw it (or him) again. It was in Paisley though, so it probably serves me right. A couple of comments on the various GU tracks I've fired up have referred to this I Feel Love mix which got me itching to hear it again. Speedy service or what - only enquired about it on Discogs on Friday and just got home from work to find it sitting here on my doorstep (recorded delivery means a long walk there and back so took the chance, cheers postie).

The A-side was originally supposed to be on a Donna Summer remix project but her 'people' didn't dig the GU mix so Cajual sneaked it out on a white label. It's a FAB remix that uses Moroder's 'Chase' track with Donna Summer's vocal. The Pulp Fiction sample on the flip sounds a bit dated now as you'd expect but it's still a no bad wee tune.

A - Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Glenn Underground Remix)
B - DJ Sneak - Ezeckiel 25 17

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Monday, 22 June 2009

Andrew Weatherall - 6 Mix - 20 June

Here we go again, with another two hour radio show from Mr Weatherall, featuring a couple more sneak previews form his new album, along with an interesting selection of other stuff. On first listen it's sounding better than his last show as well.

The website's calling this a 'residency' now, so chin chin to that...

Andrew Weatherall - 6 Mix - 20 June <-- New Link
Andrew Weatherall - Selective Walking
Gary Cole And The GT Hobos - Baa Laughter
The What For - Destroy The Boy
Frankie and the Heartstrings - What Goes Around Comes Around
Brompt Industries Capital - European Male
The Walker Brothers - Night Flight
Giant Paws - Flood
Frankie and the Heartstrings - Hunger
Hip Bone Slin and The Knee Tremblers - The Sheik Said Shake
Sir Richard Bishop - Sidi Monsieur
The Minutemen - The Glory Of Men
Pisces - Mary
Devandra Banhart - Forget About Him
Frankie and the Heartstrings - Fragile
Davilla 66 - Tu
Chain And The Gang - Trash Talk
Squirrel Skin Slippers - Frankly My Dear
Michael Dracula - Rational Hatred
Juan Trip - Big City
Kid Canaveral - Second Time Around
Johnny Night - Rock n Roll Guitars
Downliners Sect - May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose

Andrew's Saturday Night Disco Mix
Kissing The Pink - Big Man Restless
The Juan MacLean - The Future Will Come
Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (Gatto Fritto remix)
Doves - Compulsion (Andrew Weatherall remix - EXCLUSIVE)
Andrew Weatherall - Walk Of Shame (EXCLUSIVE)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Throbbing Gristle - Live at Coachella 2009

I was so hoping that I could title this post "Throbbing Gristle - Live at Glasgow Tramway", but there's no sign of a recording yet. Apparently the band taped it but they're not for sharing just yet.

The setlist here looks the same as the second set on Wednesday so if you were there you can close your eyes and attempt to relive the magic.

What a fucking show - it could have gone either way but in the end it was a helluva trip from beginning to end. Seriously mindblowing.

You can check out Chris Carter's photos from the Glasgow gig here - he took a few from the stage during the show.

I've done the unforgivable here and converted a precious FLAC recording from DimeADozen to 320 mp3 so will no doubt get struck down by lightning tonight but who gives a fuck - it's great quality.

This post goes out to Nolan Micron from the mighty Castles In Space blog - an inspiration to this site that has just closed its portcullis for the last time. I guess we've all got a shelf life, but you'll be sadly missed...

Throbbing Gristle - Live at Coachella 2009
01 - Intro
02 - Persuasion
03 - Five Knuckle Shuffle
04 - Live Ray
05 - Hamburger Lady
06 - Almost A Kiss
07 - Springbankistan
08 - Endless Not
09 - What A Day
10 - Discipline

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Friday, 19 June 2009

Basic Channel - Q 1.1

This is the most accessible Basic Channel 12" I've got, which kinda makes sense as I'm assuming the 'Q' stands for Quadrant. There's a great review on Discogs which describes this release in more detail than I ever could.

Regular viewers may remember that I put up a competition a couple of weeks ago to win my spare copy of the M-6 12". The task tied in with me being a lazy bastard and requesting Spotify playlists to listen to at work. Well, my inbox hasn't exactly been overflowing with entries. Fuck all, to be precise. So, the winner is the anonymous person who said they'd enter if they could get Spotify in the USA. Send me your address and I'll fire it in the post for you. I'll still take your playlists at the usual address if anyone wants to share one...

Basic Channel - Q 1.1
A1 - Q1.1/I
A2 - Q1.1/II
B1 - Q1.1/III
B2 - Q1.1/IIII

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Glenn Underground - Atmosfear

This album came out on Peacefrog in 1996, but I think it's more of a collection of different tracks from different periods. Track A2 dates back to 1992, when he was plain old Glenn Crocker, and it's co-produced by Steve Poindexter.

My personal favourite track on this album was always C2 but the whole thing's a winner, bits of house, deep-house, Detroit sounds and even a wee bit of jazz chucked in for good measure.

Some odd spellings on the track titles, and the UK spelling of 'colour' - kinda odd dont'cha think...?

Glenn Underground - Atmosfear
A1 - Israelee Night Falls
A2 - Entercourse Of The New Age
B1 - Rising Son
B2 - May Datroit
C1 - Colouration
C2 - Dance Slam
D1 - Sound Struck
D2 - Midnight Groove

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MSP - Weatherall / Horrors Remixes

I know that I'm not in the habit of posting new releases, but I feel that over the years I've paid my dues to the Man1c Str33t Pr3ach3rs by way of records, CDs and gig tickets, so fuck it.

So, with that ropey disclaimer in mind, here we go with remixes by two Ripped In Glasgow favourites - Andrew Weatherall and The Horrors, literally hot off the press from the iTunes music store. There's an Optimo mix in the pipeline as well, but I've only got a snippet of it so far.

The mixes? Judge for yourself - I'm listening to the Weatherall mix for the first time as I type this and it's plodding along very nicely so far. Oh, that's me conveniently onto The Horrors one now and it's a bit nuts - no semblance of a tune until after 2 mins in, just lots of clicky noises and cut up samples ahoy.

No sign at all of the Welsh trio (or the ghost of Richey) on any part of these tracks so go figure...

MSP - Weatherall / Horrors Remixes
1 - Peeled Apples (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
2 - Doors Closing Slowly (The Horrors Remix)

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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Therapy? - Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Remixes)

Seeing as how it's a while since any Weatherall tracks appeared on the blog, here's four Sabres mixes of the god-awful Therapy (and you can get your question mark to fuck as well).

This is a promo 12" which is the only record I have featuring the same tracks on the A-side as the B-side but with different bpms. The A-side has two mixes at 155bpm and the B-side has the same mixes, but at a slower 132bpm. The B-side's are a wee bit longer, so I reckon they just did a straight pitch down. This is the kind of thing that used to make my head hurt in maths at school - I'm sure there's a definite way to work this one out. A great concept though - right now I'm in the mood for the A-side mixes but tomorrow it I might prefer the more sedate B-siders. Magic!

The A-side mixes (Weatherall in 'hard as fuck' mode) remind me of this track by Koenig Cylinders, an early upload on here.

I thought this would be the only record I've got on A&M (really dodgy signings), but a quick check's reminded me that Captain Sensible was on there as well. That's that sorted then...

Therapy? - Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Remixes)
A1 - Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Mix) (155 bpm)
A2 - Nowhere (Therapeutic Distortion Mix) (155 bpm)
B1 - Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Mix) (132 bpm)
B2 - Nowhere (Therapeutic Distortion Mix) (132 bpm)

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2K - Fuck The Millenium (plus Tommy's Bonus Brass)

I realise I've not posted any KLF yet, and they're one of my favourite acts ever, but the internet is full of pretty much everything they've done, except this - the holy grail of KLF which I'd quite happily wank off a few tramps for.

Recently, occasional R-i-G contributor Tommy from Australia fired me a few mp3s, two of which were from the Williams Fairey Brass Band's Acid Brass album. I remembered about this 12", yet another version of What Time Is Love, inspired by said album.

The A-side is over 13 mins of WTIL with a bit of brass, Zodiac Mindwarp on additional vocals, and a breakdown into the hymn "Eternal Father, Strong to Save". The usual madness, in other words...

A couple of mixes from the Acid Brass album on the flip, and I've added on a couple of dance classics courtesy of our antipodean ex-pat.

Wonder if their Millenium Crisis Line's still open - go check it out on 0890 900 2000 (calls cost 50p/min)...

2K - Fuck The Millenium
A - Fuck The Millenium
B1 - Acid Brass/What Time Is Love (Version K)
B2 - Acid Brass/What Time Is Love (Version P-Royal Oak Mix)
Tommy's Bonus Brass:
Strings Of Life
Pacific 202

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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Technova - Tantra Remixes

Remix 12" for this previous upload, this sees Innersphere take control for a couple of fab mixes which are a more sensible 8-9 mins in length this time...

I'd like to think that these Sabres guys all shared a big block of flats together down dark'n'dingy London way, and they could just pass DAT tapes down from one window to the other for a remix, then send it down to Lord Audrey Witherspoon for the release.

Just the one post today as I'm off to see the mighty Throbbing Gristle and it's an early kick-off. Hope there's a few freaks there and it's not just baldy guys...

Technova - Tantra Remixes
A - Tantra (West Of Frankfurt Mix)
B - Tantra (East Of Detroit Dub)

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cajmere featuring Derrick Carter - Dreaming EP

Pulled this Cajmere 12" out as well as that last one and it's much better so here you go. Only came out a year after Keep Movin' and he's come on leaps and bounds with his production. Two uploads by the same act on the same day - whatever next?? Had forgotten how many of the buggers I had...

Breathy, dreamy, trippy as hell with bonkers vocals, the A-side mixes used to go down very nicely back in the snowball days. Fab percussion right across this EP as well.

B1 was a favourite at the notorious Pussypower nights in Glasgow, with it's charming "I ain't fucked all week" refrain. Around this time, I hadn't managed to procure yer actual Percolator 12" and thought (like the track on the post below) that I was onto it here with track B2 but it wasn't to be. Got it eventually though, once I find it I'll fire it up...

Cajmere featuring Derrick Carter - Dreaming EP
A1 - Dream States
A2 - Dream States Dub
B1 - Wet Dream
B2 - Last Cup Of Coffee

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Cajmere featuring Nané - Keep Movin'

Does anyone really need six different versions of an 18 year old Cajmere track? Hmmm...

The main track is a kinda piano-vocal housey breakbeat number with fairly average remixes, but the B-side mixes are the dugz bawz.

On the flip, B2 pioneers the 'percolator' sound, basically the track that I'm guessing became 'Time For The Percolator' once he added vocals and sped it up a bit. I'm pretty sure Cajmere's on the straight and narrow now, and has even *gasp* found God, so there'll be no more 'Straight Up Drugs' remixes then...

B3 has a great old-skool 808 State-style in-yer-face riff that's repeated ad nausea with a 'come on, right now' vocal. Magnificent.

My advice? Unless you're a Cajmere completist ditch the A1, A2 & B1 mixes and keep the rest...

Cajmere featuring Nané - Keep Movin'
A1 - Keep Movin' (Radio Version)
A2 - Keep Movin' (Dub Mix)
A3 - Keep Movin' (Club Mix)
B1 - Keep Movin' (Instrumental)
B2 - Keep Movin' (Straight Up Drugs Mix)
B3 - Keep Movin' (Underground Goodie Mix)

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Monday, 15 June 2009

Traktor - Traktor

Don't know too much about this record, but it's a bit fucking dark. Lots of muffled percussive noises, hard abrasive beats and some hi-pitched squealing noises. Discogs' recommendations for this release are Basic Channel and Jeff Mills so that should give you an idea of what it's all about.

It's the kind of record that if you played it to someone who wasn't into electronic music they'd think you'd gone mental. Definitely a 'time and a place' record. Dunno if that's a Monday teatime but there you go...

Traktor - Traktor
A1 - Master Traktor
A2 - Various Traktor
B1 - Traktor Mood
B2 - Traktor Artists

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Ln'S - Good For Me No Good For Me

This is an early release from Ludovic Navarre & 'Shazz', who shortly became St Germain and Aurora Borealis respectively. Hmmm, I dunno - it's not as good a play on producer names as Deanne Day - too few letters, no?

It's quite a housey track with a female vocal sample of the title. Some nice effects as well - early potential for these two high flyers. Got a bit bored of the whole jazzy thing that St Germain ended up doing, but those Boulevard 12"s are no bad. This was a one-sided 12" jobby so just the one track...

Ln'S - Good For Me No Good For Me

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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bongwater - The Power Of Pussy

This is the most accessible of the four Bongwater albums in my opinion, and it's fuckin nuts. Lots of surreal dialogues over kinda mad psychedelic strumming and percussive noises courtesy of underground legend Kramer. Singer Ann Magnuson is a great lyricist and I'll warn you now, some of these tracks contain 'strong language'.

My relationship with Bongwater began in about 1991 when I got a tape of this album, listened to it like fuck then tracked down a couple of the other ones. Hadn't heard anything quite like it. Very droney, very druggy, go check it oot if you've not heard of 'em.

If you can't be bothered with the album as a whole, go check out 'Nick Cave Dolls' - it's got a long drawn out intro followed by a David Lynch-esque track with whispered vocals and tape loop noises - a good starting point for the band...

Bongwater - The Power Of Pussy
1 - The Power Of Pussy
2 - Great Radio
3 - What If?
4 - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
5 - Chicken Pussy
6 - White Rental Car Blues
7 - Nick Cave Dolls
8 - Bedazzled
9 - Obscene And Pornographic Art
10 - Connie
11 - What Kind Of Man Reads Playboy?
12 - I Need A New Tape
13 - Women Tied Up In Knots
14 - Junior
15 - Mystery Hole
16 - Time Is Coming
17 - Folk Song

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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Various - Disco Galaxia 3

Anyone fancy a bit of disco??

This album only came out fairly recently which doesn't fit in with the remit of this blog, but who gives a fuck - its a bootleg so I don't feel guilty about sticking it up. Seven tracks from the halcyon late 70s/early 80s disco/Italo-disco period which I wasn't that up on before getting this. I can imagine a few of these gracing the dancefloor at Optimo at certain points during the course of an evening.

If you were to pick up the original releases of this lot you wouldn't get change out of £500, so big thanks to whoever's behind this release.

My pick o'the bunch as of this moment is 'Skydiver' which has been going through my head all day.

Some of the tracks seem to finish really suddenly - I can assure you it's not my rip, but the fault of the original bootlegger...

Various - Disco Galaxia 3
A1 - Nexus - Stand Up (Instrumental)
A2 - Koto - Chinese Wargames (Extended Dub)
B1 - Traeskø - Cubacumba (Voc Mix)
B2 - Methusalem - Robotism
C - Desmond Childs - Our Love Is Insane (John Luongo Disco Mix)
D1 - Johnny Harris - Odyssey Pt. 1
D2 - Neon - Skydiver (Ext Edit)

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Inner City - Ahnonghay

The title's a bit of a mouthful, but here's three great mixes of Ahnonghay for ya. Dave Clarke was in the middle of his 'Red' period when he did it, and it sounds like it - take the spoken sample of the title off it and it's Red 2.5. I enjoyed Red 1 & 2 though, so this was a winner round at R-i-G towers back in the day.

It was always about the Carl Craig mix though, just for a change. It's magnificent - my interest in Craig dipped a bit after this with the Landcruising album, maybe I jut never gave it the attention it deserved but he was never an album artist in my opinion.

Still can't pronounce the title despite all the mixes featuring it. They seem to piss about with it as well, just to annoy you...

Inner City - Ahnonghay
A - Ahnonghay (Dave Clarke Mix)
B1 - Ahnonghay (Carl Craig Remix)
B2 - Ahnonghay (Original Reese Mix)

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Atom Heart - Globescanner EP

A great EP of acid tracks from Atom Heart here.

A1's a bit trancey, but don't be put off by the 'T' word - it's from 1993, waaay before it became a by-word for lowest-common-denominator day-glo '16 bars of drum roll before I burst' kinda shit.

The rest wouldn't sound out of place on an early Hardfloor EP - lots of HARD acid with some flange (yee-hah!), whooshing noises, hissing hi-hat, squelchy noises, you know the drill...

Atom Heart - Globescanner EP
A1 - Globescanner
A2 - 101
B1 - Rhizom
B2 - Pulsatrix

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Feedback - I'm For Real

... aka LFO.

This sneaked it's way out on the FNAC label in 1993, and none other than the legend that is Frankie Bones reckons it's the best thing they ever did. It certainly is a belter and I've not listened it for way too long before ripping it just now. I think my favourite mix of the title track is B1, but only by a bawhair as they're all fab. Track B2, Heaven, is not to be overlooked either - I've heard it played out as well as the title track. This would all mix very nicely with the classic LFO vs FUSE 12" if you ask me.

Another of my 'one post a day' malarkey, which should hopefully only be the case for a few more days...

Feedback - I'm For Real
A1 - I'm For Real (1)
A2 - I'm For Real (Back To Basic)
B1 - I'm For Real (3)
B2 - Heaven

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Monday, 8 June 2009

Orbital - Lush 3-1, 3-2, 3-3

OK, I'm beginning to realise the error of my 'not really an Orbital fan' comment from earlier on. In hindsight, I was indeed a fan for the green and brown albums period. By the time album #3 came round I'd lost interest and didn't really notice them after that.

This 12" is the partner to this one, and features an 11min epic mix courtesy of P&P Hartnoll which is technically two mixes (3-1 & 3-2). There's no gap though, so it's all the one mp3. Underworld do an 'instantly recognisable as Underworld' mix on the flip, which is another long 'un (over 13 mins) featuring some guitars!

Fraid it's just the one post today as I'm still bogged down with extra work. Can't wait to get it to fuck and get my life back...

A1 - Lush 3-1
A2 - Lush 3-2
B - Lush 3-3 (Underworld)

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Friday, 5 June 2009

Chez Damier - You Aint Dancin'

I just took a wee notion to listen to this off the Pure Classics Vol.2 album and thought I'd share it with you. It's very DJ Pierre in sound, I'm sure I've got a track on a DJ Pierre album that's almost identical but I could be wrong.

Just having a wee dance on a Friday afternoon as I get ready to go and see The Damned. Hmmm, a Chicago house starter before a 'legendary psychedelic punk' main course (their words, not mine). Fuck it - childhood heroes don't land on your doorstep every day. Must make sure that I arrive in time to miss The Alarm supporting them - yikes!

The sleeves of both the Pure albums featured the names of the members in numerical order. As it started in 1990 and I didn't go until 1993 I missed the boat for front cover glory. If only there had been a Volume 3 I'd have been there. Gah!

Chez Damier - You Aint Dancin'

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Inky Blacknuss - Drumulator / Desolator

This was the second single by a Inky Blacknuss, who were Club 69 favourite Alex Knight, Andrew Parker and (I didn't realise this till just there) Ian Tregoning. I used to love it when Alex Knight played Club 69, it was the same kind of vibe as when the Holistic boys played - felt almost like a resident.

The A-side takes a while before the melody comes in, but it's a suitably dark piece of Sabrettes-style techno with ACE percussion (that'll be the drumulator then). The B-side is a sinister sounding beatless track for about half the record (with occasional drum busts) then it comes in with all sorts of backwards drum noises. It's a pretty fuckin desolate sounding track - good naming, Mr Knight! Would fit in nicely with this Corridor record if you're into that kinda thing...

A - Drumulator
B - Desolator

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Maurizio - M-6

This is another slice of killer dub techno from Maurizio, definitely a headphone jobby. If I was pushed, I'd go for the B-side (dark text with light border). No titles of course, but that's all part of the magic.

Competition Time:
I've been doing a bit of a tidy-up so I can swap a load of the records I've ripped with the next batch from their hiding place, and realised that I've somehow managed to acquire two copies of this 12". If anyone wants it I'm quite happy to post it off for you. Here's how to get it: email me a Spotify playlist and the one I dig the most gets it. Send your playlist to moggieboy (at) gmail (dot) com. If no-one enters then I'll charity shop it in the Victoria Road Oxfam Shop...

Maurizio - M-6
A - Untitled (light text with dark border)
B - Untitled (dark text with light border)

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Kenny Larkin - Catatonic Mixes

I feel like I've been a bit Catatonic when it's come to this blog recently, but I've got hunners of extra work I need to do at home of an evening, which is interfering with valuable blogging/socialising time. It'll be over by this time next week (hopefully), so normal service should be resumed by then.

This was a bit of a departure for the R&S sound that I was used to from this period, as illustrated beautifully on the Optimo mixed CD mentioned below. Talking of which, I felt like I was back in Pure the other week at the launch party for that album. Classic after classic. It's been YEARS since I've been in a club where I knew (and have got somewhere) most of the records that got played. Cheers, Twitch!

Not even the classic R&S presentation - where's the black & silver / blue & silver Ferrari sleeve/label? The Designers' Republic as well, hmmm...

A couple of great Larkin tracks on the A-side here, Detroit-as-fuck with a helluva distorted kick drum on A1, with a beautiful melidic track afterwards. Magic!

Two great remixes on the flip, courtesy of Stacey Pullen and Carl Craig. Carl Craig's mix is up there with his best work in my opinion. No shit. Stacey Pullen adds a voice saying "the only choice" or something, another great mix. Aye, all in all a great EP - one where you can quite happily listen to all the tracks without feeling like you're getting four mixes of the same thing...

Kenny Larkin - Catatonic Mixes
A1 - First State
A2 - Second State
B1 - Third State (Carl Craig Remix)
B2 - Fourth State (Stacey Pullen Mix)

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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Signal To Noise Ratio - Detroit Is Burning

A great EP from 1991 from Alan Oldham. One of these cunts who is multi-talented like fuck - DJ, various great records, AND responsible for all the magnificent DJAX artwork.

The A1 track reminds me of a classic Detroit track that had slipped my mind for just now - I've got it somewhere. Really annoying, it's now going round my head and I can't shake it. Anyone...?

Signal To Noise Ratio - Detroit Is Burning
A1 - Collision (A Rage In Brooklyn Mix)
A2 - Rave Signal (A Rage In Eindhoven Mix)
B1 - Detroit Is Burning
B2 - Hypnomatic

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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Frenchbloke - Frenchbloke Goes Pop!

Around 2001, I couldn't get enough of the bootleg/mashups which were doing the rounds. A few classics in amongst what quickly became a very stagnant scene (I don't ever want to hear anything using Missy Elliot or Eminem again). The 'finger on the pulse' blog at the time was the now defunct boomselection, which released a triple mp3 CD featuring 30 hours of bootlegs (about 29 hours too many for any sane human being). Classic tracks included the legendary 'Stroke Of Genius' by Freelance Hellraiser and Richard X's various bits'n'bobs. The Scottish contingent was represented by Frenchbloke and McSleazy.

Frenchbloke's come out of retirement to do a new mix featuring electro-pop with a large bit of cheese thrown in, that sometimes veers into 'camp-as-a-row-of-pink-tents' territory (tracklisting here), as an exclusive for Acid Ted, to raise money for charidee. I listened to it twice today, and it's certainly worth a few quid of your cash. A wee donation to a good cause, and the download link is yours. Go check out the tracklisting - the mixing's great, and he even shows you how he did it...

Frenchbloke - Frenchbloke Goes Pop!

Cajmere - Only 4 U

A great Cajmere 12" from 1996 featuring five mixes on the regular release (I didn't get the additional four mixes that followed). For once, all of them are pretty darn good - no need to miss any off the rip as I had to with the hit'n'miss Dajae EPs from earlier on.

You'll probably go straight for the Green Velvet mix as I did when I first got it, but each of the others has a time and a place for an airing.

As you can see, another hideous sleeve from Cajmere - why didn't he just stick to the good old Cajual regulation white plain sleeve with 'stripey dancing lady' logo on the label? I was going to get a tattoo of that at one point, in hindsight, aye, haven't ruled it out...

Cajmere - Only 4 U
A1 - Original Mix
A2 - Lovers' Mix
A3 - Green velvet Mix
B1 - Blast From The Past Mix
B2 - Only Music Mix

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