Saturday, 31 July 2010

Factory Floor - Planning Application EP

4-track EP from 2008 on One of One Records.

This is rare-as-fuck and I'm hoping that therefore I can get away with uploading it in its entirety(??) but can easily pull if not. Off to see 'em at the Electric Frog Street Carnival tomorrow and cannae fucking wait. Also appearing are Planetary Assault Systems (live) and Liquid Liquid (live), alongside the Optimo fellas so it should be a good day out.

I've said it before and will no doubt say it again - this is THE band of 2010 for me, absolutely fuckin love 'em, and if you get the chance to experience the live show then you must go see it.

I might have tagged the tracks wrong, as there's no indication on the label as to which side's which and the Discogs order doesn't match up with the vinyl. Not the end of the world though.

Have a listen to the Radio Magnetic Electric Frog Podcast if you're swithering about whether it'll be a good idea to go along tomorrow or not. £32 might seem a bit steep but when you do the maths it's definitely worth it.

Must attempt to take it easy tonight for maximum enjoyment tomorrow though...

*EDIT* Check out the brand new Optimo FF-inspired 'g*th mix' over here...

Factory Floor - Planning Application EP
A1 - Taxidermist
A2 - Post Is Here
A3 - Francis, Francis
B1 - Felt Suit
B2 - I Was Always Wrong

Check oot the FF myspazz here

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Bis - Fact 2002 EP

4-track EP of Factory-related covers, released on Optimo's OSCARR label in 2002. Press release here if anyone feels the need.

This was requested in a post down below and the original poster managed to get it, but here you go anyway. Don't say I'm not good to you. I've always had a lot of time for Bis and their various offshoots - Data Panik, Dirty Hospital and the like. Initially famous for being the first unsigned band to appear on TOTP (yawn) they went onto much greater things in my opinion, such as the magnificent Eurodisco. They split up in 2003 before reforming in 2007 - I recently caught them at Primavera, as did half of Glasgow going by the crowd who were there.

I'm off to the Wickerman festival tomorrow and one of the bands on is the Amphetameanies, featuring moonlighting Bis axe-hero John, who you should really check out doing Model 500's Chase on his home analogue synth setup. Some folk are way too talented. Bastard.

Right - that rain had better stay off or they won't be able to light the fucker on Saturday night...

Bis - Fact 2002 EP
A1 - Love Will Tear Us Apart
A2 - Hurt
B1 - Shack Up
B2 - Looking From A Hilltop

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tingle In The Netherlands - Prostitute's Handbag EP

6-track EP from Manchester based synth duo, released 2010 on Nerve Echo.

I got put onto this pair recently via a friend, and can't get enough of them just now. From the accompanying blurb, TITN is a collaboration between poet Helên Thomas and musician Owen J. To simply class it as 80s-esque synths / production would do it an injustice, but that's no doubt what lazy journalists will use, so it'll do me (Paul Morley, your job's safe). The thing that swings it for me though, is the vocals. A mixture of effects-laden male speech on some tracks, and hilarious female singing on others. It's been a long time since the vocals in an electronic track made me laugh, but a few on here do just that.

You can hear the full EP on their Reverbnation page, or buy it using the link below. There are other tracks on that Reverbnation site, including the wonderful "Shagging The Milkman", which contains the couplet, "His resistance cannot fight me, When he sees me in me nightie". Magnificent stuff.

It's been a while since I've been this impressed with an electronic act, hopefully they'll play gigs at some point but I'll make do with the tracks online just now. I'm always getting sent stuff by electronic acts to put on the blog and most of it is fairly shite, accompanied by increasingly desperate emails. This wee discovery is down to my mate, and fuck knows how he discovered them (maybe online looking for a 'forest of cocks' I suppose).

I've upped two tracks for you to download (the same link does both tracks), but the rest of it's all there to stream...

Tingle In The Netherlands - Prostitute's Handbag EP
1 - Prostitute's Handbag
2 - I lost My Heart To A Starship Cleaner
3 - A Forest Of Cocks
4 - Mammals
5 - Prostitute's Handbag Atomizer Remix
6 - A Forest Of Cocks Instrumental

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Check out the myspazz site

Friday, 16 July 2010

Peter Murphy w/ Nine Inch Nails - Joy Division Covers

Soundboard rips of an excellent Q101 Chicago Radio Session from 2006.

A timely posting of this for a few reasons: it is pretty much a year to the day that we went to see our final(?) NIN show down at Manchester; we're off to see Peter Murphy at the Classic Grand in a couple of weeks; and Peter Hook is insisting on playing Unknown Pleasures in full with a bunch of young boys at every festival going, after insisting that it would only happen once on the 30th anniversary. "It's what Ian would have wanted". Aye right, ya prick. After a brief moment of thinking that Mr Hook was actually OK, I recently had the misfortune of going to see him with Freebass at King Tuts. Yep - he's a total fud. What was I thinking?

Shame it's not Russ Abbot's Atmosphere but you can't have everything...

Peter Murphy w/ Nine Inch Nails - Joy Division Covers
1 - Dead Souls
2 - Twenty-four Hours
3 - Warsaw
4 - Atmosphere

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Gavin Friday & Dave Ball / Thomas Brinkmann / Alan Vega - Ghostrider / Diamonds, Furcoats, Champagne / Puss On Tha Time Warp

Latest instalment of the 10" Suicide covers series. Definitely a favourite so far.

Here we go again...

Soft Cell used to do Ghost Rider regularly, so Dave Ball wouldn't have had too much of a job to learn his part again. Mr Virgin Prune delivers a great vocal so a good start to this one. A bit of a Suicide standard, covered by many a cunt over the years so difficult to make a version stand out. Hats off, Gav & Dave.

As a long-time Primal Scream fan, I can honestly say that Thomas Brinkmann's version of DFC beats theirs by a country mile. That's the only 10" I've not posted as I've had a couple of Primals posts pulled and didn't wanna take that chance again. This has a great dirty electronic pulse throughout it which sounds fuckin magic.

An oddly-titled Vega ditty on B1, which I thought was "Fog On The Tyne" the first time I clocked it. That would be something, eh? While on the subject of Suicide, you MUST go and watch the clip of MIA with Martin Rev on the Letterman Show from the other night - it is genuinely AMAZING.

Shit - I've got Fog On The Tyne going through my head now...

Gavin Friday & Dave Ball / Thomas Brinkmann / Alan Vega - Ghostrider / Diamonds, Furcoats, Champagne / Puss On Tha Time Warp
A - Gavin Friday & Dave Ball - Ghost Rider
B1 - Thomas Brinkmann - Diamonds, Furcoats, Champagne
B2 - Alan Vega - Puss On Tha Time

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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thee Headcoatees - Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey)

Beautiful orange vinyl 7" from 1992 on Damaged Goods Records.

A bunch of Billy Childish-formed gurls who were 'pals with' and backed by Thee Headcoats. A wee "ooh, I'll have a load/loan of that then" off a couple of pals tonight. Chin chin! Sitting here while m'lady attempts some sleep before worky morning and thought I'd post this wee gem.

"Woooah Davey Crockett, what you got in your pocket?"

What more do you need...?

Thee Headcoatees - Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey)\
A - Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey)
B - Young Blood

Buy Damaged Goods stuff (but not this one) here

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bios - Neutral

Double 7" package on Emissions Lo-Fi from 1996.

This is yet another release that I can't lay my hands on, but RiG viewer Mal kindly sent me from New York (cheers again Mal). As with the tracks on the previous Bios post this is raw, punishing, distorted, hard, minimal, scratchy, you get the picture...

I used to love fannying about with this double pack on my decks, but it tended to be more of a solitary sport. It was always greeted with cries of "get that shite aff" when I went into Bios-meltdown at certain points during the evening.

Four posts in the one day? Well saying I'm on holiday and it's pissing down outside...

Bios - Neutral
A - Neutral
B - Live
C - +/-
D - Shift

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Andrew Weatherall - Dummy Mix #39

Another week, another Weatherall mix!

From the ever-unmissable Dummy Mag site, here's another 'ALFOS' inspired mix from Mr W, featuring what he's now calling 'Psyche-Disco'. Fuck - need to get down to London town one of these Thursdays.

The accompanying interview is quite an eye-opener, not least because he reveals that he's remixed a track by Grinderman, as well as LA's Warpaint. Oh, and there's a new solo album in the can.

Lots of stuff I don't know on here, but the second post for me in a week which features Effie Briest, and a lovely cover of OMD's Electricity from Hannah Peel, who I see is supporting Tunng at Stereo next week.

Plenty to be getting on with here...

Andrew Weatherall - Dummy Mix #39
1 - Oskar Sala - Improvisation No.2
2 - Arthur Lyman - Exodus
3 - The Harry Roche Constellation - Spiral
4 - Beaver And Krause - Another Part Of Time
5 - Francois Roubaix - Militerreuse
6 - Francois Roubaix - La Fete Des Deux Avions
7 - Mad Professor - Rampage In L.A.
8 - Count Ossie And Leslie Butler - Soul Drums
9 - Effie Briest - New Quicksand
10 - Team Ghost - Echo
11 - White Noise 3 [David Vorhaus] - Time Travel
12 - Moebius And Plank - Tollkuhn
13 - Hannah Peel - Electricity
14 - Wild Nothing - Bored Games

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Renegade Legion - Friends Or Foes?

A personal classic from 1993.

Thanks to the post below we'll get a wee bit old-skool-RiG this afternoon, ie techno as fuck.

This 12" is lurking somewhere in my mate's flat along with several hundred others of mine, but I just HAD to hear it right now, so I downloaded a 320kbps version from Discogs for the princely sum of £2.99. Maybe no bad thing, as my copy would be crackled-up to fuck. So here you go, on the house..

This is one of those 12"s that I could quite happily play every track off over the course of an evening. If I was forced at gunpoint to pick one, it would have to be B1 - The Weeping Waste. I defy anyone not to be punching the air at the 6min mark on that tune.

According to Discogs, RL is one guy, Guillaume Leroux, and he released another 12" three years later which I've not heard. Surely it can't be up to the majesty of this release?

Anyway, knock yourselves out, it doesn't get much better than this...

Renegade Legion - Friends Or Foes?
A - Friends Or Foes?
B1 - The Weeping Waste
B2 - The Renegade March (Featuring Sgt Kabukiman Himself)

Buy it here

Optimo - Podcast 6 - Acid Eyeful

Latest instalment from Glasgow's finest, with JD Twitch at the helm this time.

Phew - they're chucking them out fast now, what with the bizarre Godcast last week, and now this beauty.


From the accompanying blurb, "... celebrating the little silver box that is the Roland TB 303, the machine that along with some innovators from Chicago gave the world Acid House."

This is shaping up to be my favourite Optimo Podcast so far, couldn't be more up my street if it came and parked its ass outside R-i-G Towers. No tracklisting as such, but I've put in what info has been supplied. Any individual track requests can be made via Echatio or their Facebook page.

Phew! I think it's gonna be an acidic afternoon. Pass the microdots (I wish)...

Optimo - Podcast 6 - Acid Eyeful
Contains tracks by:
Charles B
Azari and III
Floating Points
James T Cotton
James "Jack Rabbit" Martin
Roman Flugel
... and many more

Buy In Order To Edit, a nice companion to this mix, here

Monday, 12 July 2010

Higamos Hogamos - Sorcery

A taster track from the new mini-album, released this week.

I just took delivery of this beauty, and recommend strongly that regular viewers do the same. It's a 6-track CD that you can get direct from the band for the princely sum of a fiver including UK postage. Every track's a winner.

I've been itching to get my paws on some new HH stuff for a while, and the website says that there's ANOTHER of these coming out very soon, so we are getting truly spoiled here. I've randomly plumped for "5-Htp", named after those pills that you're supposed to gub the day after a blowout - they've never really cured me but then again, I dunno what I'd have been like without 'em. Oh well...

Now, all we need are some live dates and we're sorted...

Higamos Hogamos - Sorcery
1 - Sorcery
2 - O Deo
3 - Deuced
4 - 5-Htp
5 - Jahari Window
6 - Sorcery (Version)

Buy it here for a fiver all in

Friday, 9 July 2010

Klaus Schulze & Günter Schickert - Home Session 1975.09.26 Hamburg

Unreleased gem from a 1975 home session.

Rescued from an old cassette from the vaults apparently - this is ideal fodder for a Sunday, but I've just listened to it in full this Friday afternoon so go figure. Lots of beautiful bubbling synth noises for approx 44 minutes (until the tape ran out).

I didn't know who Mr Schickert was, and wasn't helped by the mis-spelling on the cover image below, but he's got a myspace which gives you quite a comprehensive biography. Unfortunately my Cope bible is currently lent out to someone else (who better be looking after it), will need to give that another read whenever I get it back.

What is it with these Kraut dudes - they were all prolific as fuck, could certainly teach today's whippersnappers a thing or two, with their 3-years-between-albums carry on.

Right, the weekend is here so I'm off to buy some wine. Chin chin...

Klaus Schulze & Günter Schickert - Home Session 1975.09.26 Hamburg
1 - Home Session (6 parts)

Buy Klaus stuff here

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Caribou - Grappa's Cellar, Hong Kong - 1 July 2010

Recent show from current press darling who hits these shores in November, courtesy of an anonymous uploader over on Dime.

I first heard this dude years ago when he was known as Manitoba, and then completely forgot about him until I heard Caribou recently and made the link. The most recent album, Swim, got played a fair bit round R-i-G towers when it came out, so I thought I'd check out what he sounded like live before getting a ticket to the gig at the ABC with Four Tet. He seems to be disregarding most of his back catalogue and concentrating on the recent album. Fair enough - that's what most folk will know him for, I suppose.

Quality-wise, this is pretty good, if a wee bit bass-heavy. Nothing that a wee bit of fannying about with your equalisers won't sort out though. The band's sounding excellent live as well - much more up my street than I thought they might be.

Righto, may as well get those tickets then. A mere £15.50 plus tax and you get Four Tet, James Holden, Nathan Fake and Rocketnumbernine chucked in as well...

Caribou - Grappa's Cellar, Hong Kong - 1 July 2010
1 - Leave House
2 - Kaili
3 - Melody Day
4 - Found Out
5 - Bowls
6 - Odessa
7 - Bees
8 - After Hours
9 - Hannibal
1 - Jamelia
11 - Sun
12 - Barnowl

Buy Caribou stuff here

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Andrew Weatherall - Pulse Radio Podcast

Brand spanking new podcast hot off the press, courtesy of the fab people over at Pulse Radio.

Just got this sent from Rotters via email, and they included this nugget with it:

"Mr W also asked me to let you know that tomorrow he's doing a surprise Double Gone Chapel night at Cocomo in Old St, London. It's free to get in and he's playing from 8-12. Hope some of you can make it - sorry for the short notice."

So there you go , Londoners - an early finish freebie on a school night (Wed 7th July) - you don't get many of them up here. Get the fuck down if you're in the area - no excuses. There's an interview here to accompany the mix as well.

This mix isn't quite as Balearic as the one posted down below, but is still summer-tastic, recommended with bells on...

Andrew Weatherall - Pulse Radio Podcast
1 - Phantom/Ghost - The Shadow (II)
2 - Nick Chacona - Be Like Olive
3 - Steve Bug - Trust In Me (John Daly Remix)
4 - Space Ranger - Herbal Cake (The Reverence Rubdown)
5 - Ali Love - Love Harder (Pros Thomas Discomiks)
6 - Ipso Facto - Ipso Facto (Original Mix)
7 - Gatto Fritto - Illumination
8 - The Crystal Ark - The City Never Sleeps
9 - Nick Chacona - Turning & Tossing
10 - Brinton McKay - Spindle
11 - Conforce - Stop Hold

Buy Weatherall stuff here

Peaches / Effi Briest / Alan Vega - Jonny / Universe / No Tomorrow

10" released on Blast First Petite from a wee while ago.

Another fine release in the Suicide covers series, which I've been posting since starting the blog as they're limited to fuck and I don't think that posting this will put anyone off buying it.

Peaches nails Jonny on the A side, and Effi Briest takes on Universe from the 1992 'cheesy pop' album Why Be Blue on B1. Mr Vega, as always, contributes an unreleased gem on B2. I can't get enough of these, there's another one sitting here ready to go up as well, and I can't wait for the promised Spiritualized, Julian Cope and Mogwai ones to appear.

Oh aye, the sleeve? A nice big stiff cock with jizz covering the hairy balls - cheers for that. I was one of those people who couldn't resist drawing cock'n'balls insignias on various textbooks at school, and I still have to (usually) resist the temptation of drawing them with a finger on the inside of bus windows. The A-side label has a circle of cocks as well, so it's value for money on the cock front as well as for the three tunes...

Peaches / Effi Briest / Alan Vega - Jonny / Universe / No Tomorrow
A - Peaches - Jonny
B1 - Effi Briest - Universe
B2 - Alan Vega - No Tomorrow

Buy it here

Monday, 5 July 2010

Factory Floor - Solid Sound Video

DVD-rip from Factory Floor, released with this 10" package a few months ago.

I've been desperate to post more FF stuff but don't wanna stop anyone from buying their stuff. This shouldn't do any harm though - a one-hour long 'art installation' type thing with them making lots of strange noises over it. I can't remember the last time I was this blown away by a band - this lot (along with BEAK> and Neu!) are the best thing I've seen this year, and they're playing Glasgow again soon at the Electric Frog Carnival (good old Optimo).

I'm in a very good mood while posting this (unusual for a Monday morning) due to the fact that I've just heard that 6Music is saved! Fucking amazing news. All that pestering must have done the trick. Now if only I could wave another magic wand and the fairies would come round and clear up the post-weekend debris in my flat...

Factory Floor - Solid Sound Video
Pt1 / Pt2 / Pt3 / Pt4 / Pt5 / Pt6 / Pt7 / Pt8

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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bios - Klix

7" promo on Special Emissions from 1996.

This was one part of a nice wee goody bag which recently winged its way over from New York City, courtesy of regular R-i-G viewer Mal. He thought it would be a nice way to say thanks for all the posts from last year. Cheers Mal! (if, erm, anyone else feels the need *cough* then an email to the usual place will put the wheels in motion) - I'm really touched by this generosity, waaaay beyond the call of duty.

Anyway - this features two tracks of noisy lo-fi 4/4 pounding beats and I've got a double-pack 7" from the same fellas (Scott Fraser & Peter Walker, fact fans) to put up as well at some point. I always assumed that Bios was the work of Andrew Weatherall back in the pre-Discogs days but there you go, the magic of the internet to the rescue once again.

Just the thing to clear away any memories of work as you settle into a nice 6-and-a-bit-week holiday. Right - time to get pissed...

Bios - Klix
A - Untitled
B - Untitled

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