Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ripped In Glasgow - 2009-2009

Better to burn out than to fade away, eh?

Ripped In Glasgow was initially planned as a year long project, and this seems to be the perfect place to put a full stop on it. It's been an amazing ride from the word go and I've fuckin LOVED digging out all the old records again.

There might be the occasional future post, such as a Conemelt video that's in the pipeline, and the occasional live set or radio rip so it's maybe worth keeping me in your RSS feed or whatever. I can't keep up with this (almost) daily posting though - I've got other plans for 2010.

When I started up I was hoping for maybe 100 hits or so a day, didn't think there would be much demand for 15yr old dance records but there you go - I've been averaging 1500 for the last few months which has been insane.

a HUGE thanks to the acts who have supplied me with material - PWOG, Corridor, Conemelt, Optimo, Ivan Smagghe - who'd have thought THAT would happen? Also, anyone who has ever sent me a link to other stuff, honourable mentions to the Sabres Peel Session and the PWOG tape amongst various DJ sets - you people are too good. In fact, here's one which popped in yesterday just to say 'cheerio', a Two Lone Swordsmen set from the Tiny/Further Reminders period recorded off the radio from the Voodoo, Liverpool (thanks Mark - he's even hosting it for you).

Apologies to Andrew Weatherall for ripping off a huge chunk of your back catalogue and attributing your name to a fictitious Russ Abbot remix but that's rock'n'roll I guess (and bizarrely one of my biggest 'hits').

Finally, thanks to anyone who has ever left a comment - believe me, it makes blogging much more fun when there's a bit of interaction with you lot.

So - not dead, only sleeping and will wake occasionally for a different type of blogging - who knows what's round the corner...

Happy New Year when it comes...

PS - I'll keep the links live for as long as it takes - if there are any dead ones just leave a comment and I'll re-up as necessary.

PPS - both the torrents over on the left are now WORKING again just in case anyone's after them.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Ivan Smagghe - Ivan's Lost Classics for Ripped In Glasgow

The final festive treat for you regular viewers...

I couldn't fuckin believe it a month or so ago when I got a number of emails out of the blue from Mr Smagghe, the last of which finished with this nugget: "I could do a playlist of rare personal classics for people to download... would that be cool?"

Hmmm, let me think about that one will you?

This all happened just as I was getting my shit together to go to work so off I skipped with a smile on my face (a rare occurrence), only to arrive home and get the link and this chat from the man himself.

Ivan, I don't quite know what to say apart from the fact that I am completely bowled over by this - thanks a fucking million...

I do not know what is wrong with Glasgow... Or rather, I know what is right about it: music fanaticism coupled with hard knuckled hedonism. One needs places like Glasgow, and places like here. Where knowledge never is stuck up, obsession only fair. Had heard about "Ripped in Glasgow" from the usual suspects (Jonnie Wilkes I think), it always slipped my mind to actually check it. I finally did and I saw quite a few things very close from home (Lord Sabre, German acid, a worthy mention of Wladimir M, a lost hero of mine etc...). The least I could do was putting a few things up there, for all those who care to grab.

Classics may be classics, they still change all the time. Here are ten that kind of stick to the back of my box, lost or not, all quite personal, avoiding the obvious ones. I hope they'll do justice to this gritty haven.

In no particular order...

Annette-Dream 17 (Derrick May remix)-Deconstruction
"North-The Sound of Dance Underground" was the first house record I bought. This is from the remix 12" that came out a bit later. My fave Derrick May remix (yes, Dee-Lite's Wild Times came close)...

Zeus-Cowboys on the Beach (extended)- original version: Aladin
Zeus B. Held also produced all the Gina X stuff. Great great album. This is an extended version that you will not find anywhere because...

Delkom-Superjack Infusion One (instrumental)-Wau/Mr Modo
If Zeus was pretty cool, my german producer uber god is Conny Plank. He did not do this, but you feel how much Gaby Delgado was under the influence...

Logic System-Crash (Kaos edit)-original Version: EMI
Two major influences in the beginning: The Lone Swordsman and nu-beat. Here's this Boccacio hit (proving how pushed the limits were). Edit by Kaos...

Robert Hood-Minus (Combo edit)
I sometimes find "classics" playlist a bit too respectful. This is not. And it's from 2009. It turns Hood's frantic hypnotic techno grinder into a 105 bpm almost krautrock monster. One of my track of this year...

Melody Boy 2000-Sound Stealer-Monotone Musique
Electroclash before it even was. From that period, if there was only one... Maybe this...

Asja Auf Capri-Contre Temps-Difficult Fun
One brilliant album about 6 years ago. Then vanished. Lost indeed...

Aaron Carl-Homoerotic (Detroit Mix Show ext)
Here, I had to put something Weatherall related, Rather than my fave AW remix (MBV's Soon-not very original), this is a track that definitely reminds me of him...

Dark Day-No, Nothing, Never-Lus/unlust
And my hat off to Stirmonster. I did not know this incredible 1980 track (and brilliant album) until fairly recently. Sums up what I like about electronics and rock n'roll...

Sex Attac-Eteronout-White Label
You know those records... The white label you've had for years but no nothing about? Sometimes nice to leave it like that...

And there you have it. Many thanks to Ivan for putting this together and firing it in my direction.

I'm off to do the Christmas nonsense with m'lady's family - provided I don't get stranded up in Aberdeenshire there'll be more posts about the 28th.

Happy holidays...

Ivan Smagghe - Ivan's Lost Classics for Ripped In Glasgow
1 - Aaron Carl - Homoerotic - Detroit Mix Show Extended
1 - Annette - Dream 17 (Derrick May Remix)
3 - Asja Auf Capri - Contre Temps
4 - Dark Day - No, Nothing, Ever
5 - Logic System - Crash (Kaos Edit)
6 - Delkom - Superjack Infustion One (Instrumental)
7 - Melody Boy 2000 - Sound Stealer (Original Mix)
8 - Robert Hood - Minus (Combo ReEdit)
9 - Sex Attac - Eteronout (Original Mix)
10 - Zeus - Cowboys On The Beach (Extended)

Check out Ivan's myspazz

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Giorgio Moroder - Chase

One of the best tracks of all time, in its full original 13 min glory.

What can I say? No party round at R-i-G towers would be complete without me sticking this on at some point and dancing around the flat like a fanny before falling into something/someone. You can tell it's been played right enough, it's a wee bit crackle-tastic at the start but you soon forget about it and get swept away in Giorgio's atmospheric electronic majesty.

I made myself watch the movie again before heading off to Thailand earlier this year just in case I got any ideas. I'm sure Thai prisons aren't any more pleasant than their Turkish counterparts.

The first time I heard Chase in a club was when Juan Atkins played it at Club 69 in Paisley, which was also the same night as I first heard 'The Bomb' by The Bucketheads. How the fuck do I remember such nonsense when I couldn't tell you what I did yesterday...?

Giorgio Moroder - Chase
A - Chase
B - Love's Theme

Buy it here

The Corridor - Dark Arythmatic

Yet another bunch of unreleased Corridor goodies, thanks again to main man Chris Barter. I kept a couple back for the festive season - no sleigh bells or Billy Idol here...

This time round, I would describe things as 'sinister listening music' - some ambience, lots of mental sounds, some creepy distorted spoken word, and some NOISE.

I still can't believe that some of the acts I've posted have got in touch with me, and have provided such gems like these unreleased nuggets for me to post. Above and beyond the call of duty.

Doffs cap...

The Corridor - Dark Arythmatic
1 - Injected Body Amplifier
2 - T-MEC 9
3 - Phobos
4 - The Man Who Uses Telephones
5 - Sputter Napalm
6 - Kingolaz
7 - Borg

Check The Corridor out on myspazz here

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Various - UR Battlepak Vol. 1

Here's a wee Ripped In Glasgow mp3 mixing competition, for the UR hardcore, heh heh.

"DJ Buzz "Bangin" Goree, UR's veteran hitman assembles and loops his favorite UR tracks! One minutes slices of the mysterious madness! These battlepaks are designed for daring DJ's on a mission! Not for the faint of heart!"

I must admit I hadn't heard of this bizarre UR record until I picked it up for the princely sum of £1.99 in the Rub-A-Dub sale the other day. You get two copies of the same record - each one featuring 16 loops that last exactly one minute. WTF?!?!?

There's a volume 2 as well, and no I've not got it. So, here's the challenge for when you get bored over Xmas - shove 'em into your mp3 DJ-ing software of choice and fire up the results. Easy! The prize? My copy of the double-pack of course...

Various - UR Battlepak Vol. 1
A1 - Underground Resistance - Nannytown
A2 - Suburban Knight - Maroon
A3 - Pervtech - Webcam Freakshow
A4 - Mad Mike - Moor Horseman On Bolarus 5
A5 - Underground Resistance - Electronic Warfare
A6 - The Aquanauts - Spawn
A7 - Underground Resistance - Message To The Majors
A8 - Underground Resistance - Riot
B1 - Mad Mike - The Actuator
B2 - Remote - Protecting My Hive
B3 - Underground Resistance - Twista (The Dance)
B4 - Underground Resistance - Soul Power
B5 - Mr. Bubble - Bubble Beats
B6 - Underground Resistance - Fiber Optic Commando
B7 - DJ Rolando - Mi Raza
B8 - Mad Mike - Soul Circuits

Don't buy it here, get it out RAD instead

Monday, 21 December 2009

Various - Machine Funk Specialists (Parts 1 & 2)

An excellent pair of 12"s on Rotters from 2002.

It's been a while since there was any Weatherall round these parts. Well fear not - this pair should sort you out for a fix, along with a nice wee video - part three of your festive treats (let's brush over yesterday's wine-induced Billy Idol post).

Part 1 is all Weatherall and Tenniswood, under different guises, on SUPERB form. Part 2 also has them on the brilliantly titled A2, and they are working together on B3. It's not all the Swordsmen though, you get two Decal tracks and a tune by Craig Walsh.

An excellent package, Part 1 is all about the breaks and Part 2 is split between breaks and 4/4. Seriously - they are on top form throughout this package. I was annoyed to learn that both records are available on one CD, which features extra tracks. Grrr.

Regular viewers might remember that I went to see Mr Weatherall at Glasgow Stereo a couple of months ago. Well, I managed to find a site which was streaming a 16 minute video clip of that evening, interspersed with great clips of a revealing interview which was recorded at the Jury's Inn(!) in Glasgow. You can see me dancing about like a fanny on more than one occasion in the club, but it's a nice wee souvenir of what has been a vintage year Weatherall-wise. I managed to grab the code and download the clip from the site (I can't remember which site it was), and have been sitting on it for a while. Here you go then, uploaded to Sendspace as it's a biggie. It's m4v format so will play fine in iTunes. **EDIT** you can view the original article and video here, courtesy of the people over at EQ-mag.

This should keep the Weatherall wolf from the door for a wee while...

Various - Machine Funk Specialists (Part 1)
A1 - Rude Solo - M.F.S.
A2 - Klart - Bootybill
B1 - Rude Solo - Slate Resk
B2 - Aramchek - Driver
B3 - Frisch Und Munter - Road Tested

Buy it here

Various - Machine Funk Specialists (Part 2)
A1 - Decal - Giver
A2 - Hold, The - You Can Take My Glowstick...But Don't Touch The White Glove
B1 - Decal - Reaper
B2 - Craig Walsh - Redust
B3 - Radioactive Man - The Mezz (The Chairmans Remix)

Buy it here

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Billy Idol - Happy Holidays

If this doesn't get you in the mood then nothing will...

Thanks to my friend DG (official 'Ripped' site designer) posting a picture of the outrageous cover to this, I felt compelled to check it out and a quick search on Filecrop sorted me out.

All yer festive favourites are here, sung in Billy's unique style, complete with backing from a band who change their style for every track. There are a few spoken word moments where he perfects the voice of a sexual predator with an unhealthy interest in children. Something for everyone then.

I downloaded it for a laugh and am listening to it just now, but it's become a bit more-ish and I now feel compelled to give it a run through till the end and offer it to you as a masochistic treat for your festive eardrums.

I've not bothered with the usual tagging and other pish so you can have the same download linky that I found. Merry Xmas, pop pickers...

*kisses credibility goodbye*

Nice day for a white Christmas...

Billy Idol - Happy Holidays
1. Frosty The Snowman
2. Silver Bells
3. Happy Holiday
4. Merry Christmas Baby
5. White Christmas
6. Here Comes Santa Claus
7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
8. Santa Claus Is Back In Town
9. Let It Snow
10. Winter Wonderland
11. Run Rudolph Run
12. Blue Christmas
13. Jingle Bell Rock
14. Christmas Love
15. O Christmas Tree
16. Silent Night
17. Auld Lang Syne

Various - Monstrueux & Magnifiques

2003 compilation on Invasion Planète Recordings.

Regular viewers will know that I'm quite a fan of dark, sinister electronic music and that I was a bit of an old goth back in the day. This compilation covers both these bases! Don't think I'm doing anyone an injustice by firing this up as it was a vinyl-only limited pressing of 624 individually hand-numbered copies (mine's number 267).

Check out the crazy track titles, especially A5. Mental. It comes with a nice wee insert thing that I've scanned in and you can see here.

Track-wise it's very hard to describe - wee bits of electro, some fucked-up noises, weird-as-hell vocals, lo-fi nonsense, sinister sounds - all these boxes get ticked.

This is definitely worth a punt, one of the oddest records I've got...

Various - Monstrueux & Magnifiques
A1 - I.A.V. - Base 1 (1983)
A2 - Silent Signals - Hate You xxx
A3 - Anti Trust - Chagrin
A4 - Perverse Teens - Teen Lust
A5 - Count Tickula - Creepy Smile Of Self-Satisfaction
B1 - Krom-Y - Garçons Dans Le Brouillard
B2 - Perverse Teens - Numéro Zéro
B3 - I.A.V. - Le Maître Du Monde (1985)
B4 - Le Syndicat Electronique - Entrevue Misanthropique
B5 - Anti Trust - Brennendes Land

Buy it here

Friday, 18 December 2009

Zodiacyouth - Fast Forward The Future

... aka Zodiac Mindwarp and Youth, aka Mark Manning and Martin Glover, from 1991.

Comin-atcha like a big KLF kopycat, this is pure 'stadium house' in its element. I suppose if anyone can get away with ripping off the KLF it's this pair, right enough.

If you ever want to read a totally insane depraved book, go check out Bad Wisdom by Bill Drummond and Mark Manning - check out this Amazon review, the guy's got it pretty much spot-on. It's the accounts of when BD & MM (and the ever-present Gimpo) set out to take a picture of Elvis to the North Pole, "to release the divine Presley-esque vibes" onto a troubled world. Nuff said - get the book on your Xmas list, Amazon will deliver before the big day.

I've had a complete mental block on what the vocal sample on this was used on more recently - it's something really fucking obvious and I can't put my finger on it. Help me out, please...

Zodiacyouth - Fast Forward The Future
A - Fast Forward The Future (Witch-Hunt Mix)
B1 - Fast Forward The Future (Zodiac Rising Mix)
B2 - Fast Forward The Future (Chill Out Mix)

Buy it here

Glenn Underground Featuring Cei-Bei - Take Me Back

12" remixes released on Cajual in 1995.

This time in GU-land we are blessed with the vocal talents of Cei-Bei on a track that's spread over four pretty darn hot remixes. The A1 mix has that trademark GU production - the synth line over the crisp yet jumpy percussion that I love so much. The instrumental track on B2 has the spoken title but nae singing.

I much prefer the mixes on the flip - nice wee guitar on B1 makes me feel all summery, just when it's trying to snow outside. It's got that really nice trebley phased sound that kinda comes in and out of tune. I fuckin love it.

THE BOO WILLIAMS MIX FUCKIN' ROCKS - like a lost relative of Preacher Man-era Green Velvet with it's distorted shouty vocals, with Relief-style percussion and some of those "break down a wee bit then come back in on the off-beat" tricks that I love. Worth the download for this mix alone, cheekily sneaked on at the end.

Aye, glad I dug this one out...

Glenn Underground Featuring Cei-Bei - Take Me Back
A1 - Take Me Back (Underground Root Mix)
A2 - Take Me Back (Moogstrimental Mix)
B1 - Take Me Back (Glenn Underground's Chicago Lives Mix)
B2 - Take Me Back (Boo Williams's Take Me Back Or Else Mix)

Buy it here

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Conemelt - Confuse And Destroy

Second Conemelt album, this time on Emissions, also from 1995, part two of your Ripped In Glasgow Xmas treats.

Two double albums in a year? How prolific is THAT??

Before I posted this up, I got in touch with Ashley and Nat from the band just to make sure it was OK to post it, and they were more than accommodating. Here's the conversation highlights, which I think make an interesting read. I'll go blue, Nat can go red and Ashley can go green:

I've just ripped and tagged up the Confuse & Destroy album but thought I'd run it past you before putting it up for the troops. What do you think? If you're cool with it I'll put it up soon, and do you have any comments or anecdotes about any of the tracks?

I hadn't listened to it for a while and had forgotten how good it was, especially the likes of Cuckoo Clock Rock, Espionage and BIG and Clever Track.

Anyway, lemme know what you think.

- moggieboy

Sounds good to me. I haven't listened to it for a while either.

Anecdotally, these tracks were all recorded at the old New Ground Records office that Ashley was renting behind Infectious Records - Tonbridge's dance music shop (from '92-'95) which was run by Spencer Vitnen - he is the man behind the voice that we processed on the Floating Bloke 12" - the 'bonus' track after Mandible Man....talking about mushrooms "tuned in fucking lovely"...a larger than life fellow, and very supportive.

Far better than 'Fuckers' in my opinion and maybe our best. Influences filtering through were more widespread from getting into electric Miles and digging on more contemporary artists like Basic Channel. Flashermac is a reference to Eddie Flashin Fowlkes for example. There's improvisation within the structure - Grant was employing random elements. Very much a case of getting the right take. A highly satisfying voyage of discovery, busy all the time with music... wonderful times...

Interesting - I can definitely hear the EFF on Flashermac.

It's true what Ash says about electric Miles and the Detroit stuff being major listening. Also at that time we were big into the first Shellac 7"s (referenced on the Floating Bloke 12") and the ongoing influence of industrial, T.G. etc. - you can hear that in 'Pushbutton Twist' which is from an older industrial tape that Grant made pre-Conemelt, when all was industrial in Southborough. But I remember Bitches Brew and Jack Johnson and other electric Miles being played a lot in the New Ground office as well as Eddie Fowlkes, Infiniti - Game One, UR, Parliament and lots of other Detroit stuff that Ashley was gobbling up and we were dead into. We tried to combine all those elements into our own thing...

Sounds like a winning combination.

I've just (last night) finished reading the Wreckers Of Civilisation TG/COUM book - insane stuff, TG are my gig of the year for 2009 though, a magnificent show at Glasgow Tramway.

Miles Davis though, wouldn't have guessed that one...

All of Confuse and Destroy was recorded live to 2-track tape. We used TDK SA-90 and then mastered directly from that.

A TDK SA-90?? Wow - that's lo-fi right enough, mind you at least you took the 'chrome' option.

Yeah, big TG fans. I've got my Sordide Sentimental 'We Hate You Little Guys' 7" close to hand as I type!

Aye? That should fund the reunion tour then...

What a nice bunch of guys. Compliments of the season to ya...

Conemelt - Confuse And Destroy
A1 - Misty Traincrash
A2 - Flashermac
B1 - Cuckoo Clock Rock
B2 - Joys Of Surface Noise
C1 - Big Up The Conemelt / Overbite Nightmare
C2 - Espionage
D1 - BIG And Clever Track
D2 - Motorskating
D3 - Pushbutton Twist

Buy it here

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Love And Rockets - Resurrection Hex (Remixes By Deep Dish)

Remix 12" released 1998 on 'Red Ant Entertainment' records.

Love And Rockets? That would be Daniel Ash and David J from Bauhaus, along with David J's wee bruv Kevin. All remixed by Deep Dish (who I was going through a wee phase of at this point).

I was always amazed at the success Love And Rockets had in the USA, as they had fuck all here. I remember they even attempted a scary/comedy/novelty record in the UK called The Bubblemen Are Coming which I duly bought - it was pish though, as you'll realise if you clicked the link there.

What are the mixes like? Well, the A side's an epic dubby, smoky, hissy 12 minute journey with lots of sampled vocal whispers and a big ole bass hook that goes right through you. Despite the name of the mix, there's no samples of "Kick In The Eye" on B1, but instead another fab dub-house mix that goes easy on the vocals this time. B2 is one of those bonus beats/breaks things that I've just stuck on for completion - not much worth bothering about there.

This one goes out to Nolan Micron from the mighty Castles In Space blog, now with added Spinsters Rock. Welcome back to the planet, old son...

Love And Rockets - Resurrection Hex (Remixes By Deep Dish)
A - Resurrection Hex (Deep Dish Luv 'N' Dub Mix)
B1 - Resurrection Hex (Deep Dish Kick In The Eye Dub)
B2 - Resurrection Hex (Deep Dish Hex Beats)

Buy it here

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Karin Dreijer Andersson - 6 Mix 12 December 2009

... aka "that bird out The Knife and Fever Ray".

This one's a two-parter: a 2006 Knife Archive Mix from 2006 by her brother Olof Dreijer, then a bang-up-to date Winter Solstice Mix by Karin.

There's a bit of the Mac computer voice explaining what's what, I guess to keep the mystique of the pair of them. Perish the thought that we'd actually get to hear either of them talking. The setlist is looking suitably diverse and should keep my iPod going for a couple of days work travelling.

I've put separate links up for each mix so you can take one, the other or both - whatever floats yer boat. Just the thing to stick on when you've got the post-weekend blues...

The Knife Archive Mix (First broadcast on BBC 6 Music in February 2006)
1 - Intro
2 - Pier Bucci — Jess
3 - The Knife — Silent Shout
4 - The Sun God — Ancient Echoes
5 - Hieroglyphic Being — Linux
6 - DJ Koze — Estrella
7 - Âme — Rej
8 - John Tejada & Arian Leviste — From Empty Words
9 - Jean Michel Jarre Featuring Laurie Andersson — Diva
10 - Jean Michel Jarre — Zoolook
11 - The Sabres of Paradise — Wilmot
12 - Theme From the Film 'Cherbourg'
13 - The Horrorist — The Real Word
14 - Plastikman — Ping-Pong
15 - James T. Cotton — A Long Way Down
16 - James T. Cotton — Distant Trip

Fever Ray Winter Solstice Mix
1 - Intro
2 - Laurie Anderson — White Lilly
3 - Electrelane — The Valleys
4 - Sonic Youth — Shadow Of A Doubt
5 - Plastikman — Disconnect
6 - Silverbullit — Winter Coat
7 - Fennesz — Transit
8 - Charlotte Gainsbourg — Irm
9 - Stina Nordenstam — Parliment Square (The Knife Remix)
10 - Lydia Lunch — Some Boys
11 - Afrirampo — Natsu Ga Kita
12 - Martin Rev — Mari
13 - Skriet — Fåglarna
14 - Tomahawk — Omaha Dance
15 - Laurie Anderson — Radar
16 - Goblin — Suspiria
17 - Converge — Worms Will Feed, Rats Will Feast

Buy Fever Ray stuff here

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Velvet Underground - Singles 1966-69

An early Xmas present to myself, and now to you too...

Must admit, got a bit of a hard-on when I saw this 7x7" box set in the shop the other day. Especially when the sales guy said that the pressings were amazing and that they were designed to be played LOUD. The attention to detail in the label design and the sleeves is outstanding - I've just sat and scanned the whole lot in and included it in the download.

I know it's only just out but it's not the kind of thing that's won't sell just because some prick's put it up on the internet. I've justified this to myself in my head. If anyone from Sundazed music's reading this and wants me to pull it then fair do's.

Get the lowdown on all the recordings here on the Discogs page - this is something else! My all-time favourite band and I've finally got the All Tomorrows Parties single, which is one of only two records that I've got on my Discogs wantlist and it's never come up the whole time I've been on it (this is the other one - offered a guy £120 for it and he said no, he was after £199 and it didn't even have the insert - cunt).

These are the original mono recordings, and all are different to their album equivalents. Being the sad cunt that I am, I ripped both White Light/White Heats and both sides of Single 7, despite each side being the same. Didn't want you to feel that you were missing out on anything.

Stay tuned for some more festive treats over the coming weeks...

The Velvet Underground - Singles 1966-69

Single One
A - All Tomorrow's Parties
B - I'll Be Your Mirror

Single Two
A - Sunday Morning
B - Femme Fatale

Single Three
A - White Light/White Heat
B - Here She Comes Now

Single Four
A - White Light/White Heat
B - I Heard Her Call My Name (Alternate Mono Mix)

Single Five
A - Temptation Inside Your Heart
B - Stephanie Says

Single Six
A - What Goes On
B - Jesus

Single Seven
A - VU Radio Spot
B - VU Radio Spot

Buy it here

Friday, 11 December 2009

Depeche Mode - See You

1982 12" from Basildon's finest.

Synth-pop era DM, back when 12"s were a pure rip off, as per the track times on this 12" - two tracks each coming in at under 5mins? Get tae fuck. Just as well I bought it way after the event and paid under the odds, then.

It's not so much about the A-side which I'm sure you'll be familiar with (albeit with its 'regular' timing), this one's all about the flip where the backing track sounds like it's being played too fast until the vocal comes in. It's a lost gem of a DM track - just the ticket to get you in the mood if you're off to see them on the current tour.

When I saw them earlier in the year it was in a stadium with a great sound system in a beautiful city in the summer. How it'll fair at the aircraft hangar that is the SECC in pissing wet misty Glasgow in darkest December's anyone's guess. I'll still be there tomorrow night though, might even venture down the front...

Depeche Mode - See You
A - See You (Extended Version)
B - Now, This Is Fun (Extended Version)

Buy it here

Greater Than One - I Don't Need God

12" on WaxTrax from 1989.

The missing link between the KLF and the Revolting Cocks? Well, that's what I reckon so make of that what you will... This would fit onto all sorts of early 90s dancefloors, and is perfectly mixable today. A great big dirty 4/4 kickdrum along with various vocal snippets, a Sex Pistols sample, and a noise that sounds a bit like the intro to this Pure anthem.

This lot morphed into Pure favourites GTO, Church Of Extacy, Tricky Disco, and *yikes* Technohead, amongst many others. Go check it out if you've got any interest in the KLF or Waxtrax stuff - it's a winner...

Greater Than One - I Don't Need God
A - I Don't Need God
B - Ignorance Is The Agent Of Fear

Buy it here

Thursday, 10 December 2009

R-Tyme - Use Me

Derrick May goes house, circa 1993 on Trance Fusion records.

"Oh, that's the same moniker he used for R-Theme", I thought when I saw this in the shop not long after I got into dance music, figuring it would be a prime slab of Detroit techno like that great tune I had on the Retro Techno album (an early purchase - wish I could find THAT). Fuck me, Derrick May and Darryl Wynn on a pure house trip. The A1 mix by Mark Kinchen is an early Cajmere-style tune, with vocal snippets tossed over a great old-skool track. A2 is on a similar kinda trip with a wee bit of piano, but the Carl Craig mixes are where the real fun is to be had.

CARL CRAIG IS FUCKING ON FIRE HERE. These are a couple of the earliest Craig mixes I have and each one is fucking special. You've gotta check this out if you're a fan. All the trademark sounds are present, in early form - they're a great snapshot of where he was at back then.

There's a weird squeaky sound coming off the groove at the end of the B2 track, but I've done a fade so it's not too noticeable.

Wow - had forgotten about this one, glad I dug it out...

R-Tyme - Use Me
A1 - Use Me (M.K. Mix)
A2 - Use Me (D Wynn's 12 Inch Mix)
B1 - Use Me (Carl Craigs Piano Mix)
B2 - Use Me (Carl Craigs R Tyme Groove)

Buy it here

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Jeff Mills - Changes Of Life

World Techno Day you say?

OK here's a techno-as-hell track from Mr Mills, as hammered to fuck by him at Pure any time I saw him, although he only played it for about 20 seconds before sticking something else on. He did keep coming back to this one though, and a tape I used to have of his set had the riff from this one right through it. The cunt must have averaged about 30 records every 10 minutes, I shit you not.

It's taken from one of the best techno compilations I've got - will stick it all up sometime if anyone is up for it. There's a great Maurizio track on it (TT/FF) that can be played at any speed (hence the name).

I think this is my favourite Mills track - that distorted piano and the clunky pitch up/pitch down of the riff gets me every time.

Right, now for that online Xmas shopping I've been too lazy to do...

Jeff Mills - Changes Of Life

Buy that album here, or just wait until I fire it up

I:Cube - Disco Cubizm

Dancefloor classic from 1996 on Versatile Records.

Well, it was all about the Daft Punk remix, wasn't it? That big siren breakdown in the middle brings back memories of stumbling around dark dancefloors in Paisley and Glasgow. Saying that, can't say I ever listened to the other tracks that much (at all?) - the original mix of Disco Cubizm is speeded up a bit from the Daft Punk version, and has a bit of funky guitar and what sounds like a kazoo fired right up in the mix. B2's all bit jazzy, breakbeaty and certainly isn't what I'd listen to out of choice but it's here for your perusal. It's got a wee acid line that sneaks in after a while though, so it's not all bad.

Just noticed it's world techno day, so I'd better get this one done and fire up some techno (well, it's been a while)...

I:Cube - Disco Cubizm
A1 - Disco Cubizm
A2 - Listen 2 The Bass
B - Disco Cubizm (Daft Punk Mix)

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The Klaxons / Alan Vega / No Bra - Sweetheart (Suicide Covers Series)


Sixth release in the Suicide covers series, which started around a year ago.

Not one for uploading current/recent releases but these are very limited and always sell out so I should be OK with this one. I've put them all up apart from the Primal Scream one as I thought it would get pulled, but will put it up at some point as the coast seems to be clear on this lot.

This bridges nicely between the ATP malarkey at the weekend (full review here if anyone's interested) and the traditional Ripped In Glasgow fayre. Never thought I'd see the day when I bought a Klaxons record but there you go - this year's new year's resolution #1 was to buy all the Suicide 10"s, and #2 was to to this blog so I'm doing no bad...

This one follows the usual format of well-known band doing Suicide cover on the A-side, an Alan Vega rarity on B1 then a lesser known act doing a Suicide tune on B2. All very good, and an odd pick there from No Bra - that only appeared on reissues of the second album. Folk seem to be shying away from the first album, understandable I guess as it's such a classic. According to the website, the current releases in production are from Peaches, Mogwai and Glasvegas - they're all 'First Album' tracks so I guess that's that theory oot the windae...

The Klazons / Alan Vega / No Bra - Sweetheart (Suicide Covers Series)
A - The Klaxons - Sweetheart
B2 - Alan Vega - Speedway
B2 - No Bra - Super Subway Comedian

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Thursday, 3 December 2009

PRML SCRM - Live In Japan

Japan-only live CD, released in 2003.

Hopefully this won't get pulled as it's hardly available in the west. Here we see our heroes recorded at the Zepp, Tokyo over three nights 16/11/02 - 18/11/02. My birthday is the middle night but I didn't make it to the gig, although I did buy the CD in Japan if that counts.

I was quite disappointed that the obligatory (legally required) Japanese lyric booklet didn't have any humorous 'lost in translation' moments (plenty of mistakes, mind) like I've seen in a few others down the years, such as this MC5 gem: "And presently, brothers and sisters, it is time for the kicking out of the fruit preserves"...

The reason for this post is that I'll be seeing them tomorrow night for the first time this year at the ATP festival. Cannae fuckin wait. We'll no doubt get treated to some of the tracks below, I'm holding out for Kevin Shields to come on and work his magic on Shoot Speed / Kill Light seeing as how it's his fuckin festival and all that.

Over the course of the weekend I'll finally get to see The Horrors, and plenty more besides. My Bloody Valentine are playing every night (including a rehearsal tonight) and you've to name your night and get a wristband that guarantees entry to your night, but they'll open the doors to all and sundry after five mins or so so we might manage more than one. Maybe my ears will say otherwise though, they're still recovering from an MBV double-header last summer.

Set-wise, this is pretty much what they played for a few years - they used to be cunts for not changing it about too much, but this sees a great wee cover of the Johnny Thunders classic Born To Lose at the end.

So, ATP is finally here then. I'll not be home till late Monday night, gotta work Tuesday so posting is looking doubtful before Wednesday. So long, pop pickers...

PRML SCRM - Live In Japan
1 - Accelerator
2 - Miss Lucifer
3 - Rise
4 - Shoot Speed/Kill Light
5 - Pills
6 - Autobahn 66
7 - City
8 - Rocks
9 - Kowalski
10 - Swastika Eyes
11 - Skull X
12 - Higher Than The Sun
13 - Jailbird
14 - Movin' On Up
15 - Medication
16 - Born To Lose

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Leg Action - Tailgate

An obscure 12" from the Conemelt brigade, released on Two Straight Roads in 1995.

This is the work of Ashley and Nat from Conemelt, and was on the same label as this early post. Two very bizarre tracks, with unusual rhythms and percussion. Not in the sinister category, more just 'WTF'. Nice squelchy acidy bass on the AA side right enough.

Check out what Ashley's been up to recently over on Myspazz - Mr Prolific never seems to stop.

Hmmm... Leg Action, Chemical Imbalance - sounds like last weekend all over again...

Leg Action - Tailgate
A - Tailgate
AA - Chemical Imbalance

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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

La Cienda Honduras - Lumpen

Double pack 10" on the Swedish Gungeligung label from 1997.

I know precisely fuck-all about this pair, apart from the fact that they are Martin Venetjoki and Tony Senghore - Swedish fellas by the look of it. This was one of those "sounds alright in the shop and it's a double pack 10" so I'll buy it" kinda purchases. It's quite a grower though - lots of different styles.

Sides A & B are quite light, breezy house music, then sides C & D hit you with a WALLOP - lots of hard stuttery kick drums and filtered bits. All done very tastefully, as is the Swedish way.

Get this - I managed to look out my stuff for ATP, even iron some clothes and tidy up the midden that is R-i-G towers while that was ripping - multitasking or what...

La Cienda Honduras - Lumpen
A - Chok-chol Tequila Combo
B - Brevet Fran Östersund
C - När Ingen Vill
D - Hej Tjejjen!

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Porter Ricks - Port Of Transition / Port Of Call

Third release on Chain Reaction, from 1996.

It's been a while since I put up any of this sort of stuff, and this one is a cracker. The A-side starts off with the familiar muffled hiss and bass kick, then kinda electronic static noises come in and before you know it they're washing all over you. This is an epic piece of minimal dub techno, a fine addition to the CR stable. On the flip, things start off a bit more quietly before the noise kicks in. This one's got an extra bit of bass-related activity.

If you like the 'Ricks then head on over to Friendsound where you can download their album which includes Port Of Call, along with another couple of 'Port'-related tracks. There's always been a nautical theme to their music apparently, including their moniker which comes from a character in the TV show 'Flipper'.

Right - off to start stage one of getting my shit together for ATP, bus leaves at 6am Friday and out for pints tomorrow...

Porter Ricks - Port Of Transition / Port Of Call
A - Port Of Transition
B - Port Of Call

Buy it here

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Robert Armani - The Best Of

Bizarre 'partially mixed' EP from 1997 on ACV.

So... you're Robert Armani, every cunt knows the Hardfloor mix of Circus Bells and most others know the tracks off THAT remix double-pack, but what about your own stuff? Why not release a 12" with three studio tracks, a 'live' track and a megamix of 9 other tracks? Call it a 'best of'? Aye go on then...

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of all the Armani nonsense, it just seems a kinda weird thing to chuck out on your own label.

The megamix, however, is outstanding! Makes you hanker for the original versions of all the tracks. I had a CD of all this stuff at one point but it bit the dust. Will need to hunt it down again.

Some great pounding rhythmic techno here to liven up an otherwise grim Tuesday evening...

Robert Armani - The Best Of
A1 - Ambulance Two
A2 - Circus Bells Rmx
A3 - Armani Trax Part Two
A4 - Watch It (Live In Rome)
B - Megamix:
- Ambulance Two
- Remote Control
- Muzic Man
- Over Load
- Watch It Rmx
- Frequency
- Armani Tracks Part Two
- Circus Bells
- Moon Light

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