Thursday, 30 April 2009

Random XS - Y.A.M.

Another DJAX release from Random XS, one of the first acts to appear on this blog way back in January, when I had beginner's nerves and was only posting the 'TUNE' off an EP. I've gone for the full shebang this time, but the 'TUNE' is definitely B1, flange-tastic and fucks yer head about with loads of spacey noises. Another one which graced the decks at Pure on more than one occasion...

Random XS - Y.A.M.
A1 - Anxiety State
A2 - Impulsiv
B1 - Fading Away
B2 - Element

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Fudge Fingas - Ghost House

A bit of hot new local talent here, Fudge Fingas has a sound that to my ears certainly seems to be inspired by producers such as Carl Craig and UR with a large side helping of Chicago house. If you're in Edinburgh tomorrow go check him out at the mighty Club For Heroes at the Wee Red Bar in the Art School, playing alongside other guest Tyler Parks (Ingognito, Lisbon). They've got a crackin lineup over the coming months, including Truffle Club (half of Optimo remix team and 20% of Big Ned) and, er, ME! Don't worry, I'll give you plenty of notice for when Ripped In Glasgow will be hitting the decks...

Oh, while I'm on the subject of plugging things go check out new blogger Hakan's site, techtech2009 - he's so serious about doing it properly he's gone and bought a new Technics deck for the purpose!

Fudge Fingas - Ghost House

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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Two Lone Swordsmen - The Third Mission

Just realised that I haven't put up any Weatherall stuff for at least a fortnight!

This sees the boys in experimental / ambient mode. Listening to it again reminds me of the time I saw Mr Weatherall DJ-ing at JD Twitch's short-lived ambient Sunday night club, Sonora. Think I've still got a poster from that one somewhere...

He's quite the talented boy, eh? Not a huge amount of stuff that sounds like this though, even by 2LS standards. Bit of a weird one - three shortish tracks on side A then a biggie (9:30) on the B-side.

Two Lone Swordsmen - The Third Mission
A1 - Azzolini
A2 - The Branch Brothers
A3 - 23rd Street
B - Big Man On The Landing

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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Genetic Waste - Genetic Waste

Fuck me this is one helluva weird 12". Came out on the Ongaku label in 1993, as did this upload from last week. Took a wee notion for it after firing up that Emmanuel Top 12" below.

Side A is fucking evil, sinister, hardcore madness. Side B? A beautiful ambient piece - couldn't be more different. Dunno anything about the guy who produced it (Daniel Pommer according to sticker on the sleeve), but I'd question their sanity. He's got a track on an album called "History Of Rotterdam Hardcore" so go figure...

A - Genetic Waste
B - Untitled

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Emmanuel Top - Lobotomie / Pulsions

The A-side is a great acid track that takes a while to build. When it does, it's well worth the wait. I remember being dead excited when I found this as I'd had the name Emmanuel Top floating round in my head ever since having one of those "what the fuck was THAT?" moments round at someone's flat. It gets completely nuts at about the 8min mark and doesn't let you go till the end. Lobotomy? Aye, it gets that way...

Well worth a punt on the B-side as well, a very energetic track that's not a million miles away from this track. Intense as hell!

A - Lobotomie
B - Pulsions

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Monday, 27 April 2009

Electro CT - Metropolis Musica Part One

I have to be honest and report that I had no idea what this record was when it appeared in front of me - didn't recognise it at all. Through the magic of Discogs, I've learned that it's a French dude called Olivier Daric, "a pioneer DJ from the Paris rave scene", so there you go...

The A-side's got a great flow to it with some Clangers-style noises that sound like those things you blow into while moving the stick up and down at the bottom, then these really nice UR-style strings come in. It sounds a bit like something on the Touché label. I'm glad I picked this one out. Oh, just realised that was the B-side I was talking about. The A-side? A great pulsing techno track, bit faster than the other one, with more strings and great noises. I'm making this clear as mud, eh? Go download it and lemme know what you think...

Electro CT - Metropolis Musica Part One
A - Elevator
B - Le Géode (La Porte Des Etoiles)

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Paperclip People - 4 My Peepz

"This one's 4 my peepz"...

One of the last Carl Craig records I bought (from 1998), this sees him in Paperclip People mode (always a favourite pseudonym round these parts).

Quite a slow tune, it toddles along nicely for upwards of 12 mins, loads of great noises going on, and some of those trademark sudden changes of drum sound that he tends to fire into PP releases. Great remix on the flip as well, before this insane metallic sounding bonus track that's a bit nuts.

I had a laugh there when checking the stats for the blog - some Greek deviant had stumbled across the site by googling (on "grandmothers fuck in shower" --> try clicking it, R-i-G comes up second! Hey - at least he ended up with a great Red Planet track to listen to while tugging himself off...

A - 4 My Peepz (Shot)
B1 - 4 My Peepz (Stabbed)
B2 - Untitled

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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Suicide - 23 Minutes In Brussels

I guess not every Belgian is as musically adventurous as Telex from yesterday.

As infamous gigs go, this is up there with The Stooges' Metallic KO in the madness stakes. Suicide were supporting Elvis Costello (!) in 1978, and the crowd was not happy at having to wait to hear their 'hero'. Ghost Rider to start off with and it's all downhill from there. They get booed to fuck afterwards but that's just the beginning...

You get an "Elvis! Elvis!" chant after Rocket USA, booing and whistling throughout the fourth track, Dance. By the time they get to Frankie Teardrop, things are getting ugly. Someone in the audience steals the microphone, forcing the promoter to come out and demand it back or the show will be cancelled. Alan Vega subsequently begins to tell the crowd (or one person in particular) to "shut the fuck up - this is about Frankie!" and as the tape cuts, a full-fledged riot has broken out. Vega gets his nose broken, the club is torn up and the Suicide legend begins. Magnificent!

Now when the fuck is Peaches' cover of Jonny coming out?

Suicide - 23 Minutes In Brussels
Ghost Rider
Rocket USA
Frankie Teardrop

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Friday, 24 April 2009

Cosmic Baby - Loops Of Infinity (Remixes)

I remember buying this double pack 12" on Logic for about £15 one Friday from Tower, years ago (overpriced as hell - no wonder it shut down). I'd met up with a mate at lunchtime, and we'd started things off early. Think I'd just got a student loan or something so felt flush and ended up in Tower fucked, spending over £100. Woke up with a wallop about two days later, and found the same four tracks on a single 12" in Virgin for £1.99! Fortunately I knew a few of the folk who worked in Tower so was able to go in with tail between legs and got most of the cash back, thank fuck...

The mixes? Two from the 'Baby himself, both mighty fine, but the highlights for me are the ones by Arpeggiators (Harthouse brigade) and Jam & Spoon, who go all Age Of Love on us. Well worth a punt - great to stick on as we ease into the weekend.

Oh, I've done a Spotify playlist of the stuff that first got me Ripped In Glasgow (idea stolen from The Quietus' Horrors Playlist). Get it by clicking the green icon over there on the left.

Cosmic Baby - Loops Of Infinity (Remixes)
A1 - Impressionistic
A2 - Arpeggiators Remix
B1 - Expressionistic
B2 - Tripomatic Fairytales Remix

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Telex - Moskow Diskow (Remixes)

Originally a single in 1979 for Belgium's premier exponents of electronic disco pop (now THERE's a sentence I never thought I'd say), these 1998 remixes see Carl Craig take to the helm for an excellent 69-style remix (and dub), as well as a pumping Jay Denham mix complete with 'choo choo' effects...

Telex - Moskow Diskow (Remixes)
A - Moskow Diskow (Carl Craig Remix)
B1 - Moskow Diskow (Jay Denham Remix)
B2 - Moskow Diskow (Carl Craig Dub)

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Big Ned - Big Ned

THE band of the year to come out of Glasgow, and the first CD that's not by Optimo or Julian Cope that I've actually bothered to buy for years. Glasgow's most impressive band for some time, and that's saying something. Influences include "David Lynch, Angelo Badalementi, Smog, Nick Cave, Elvis, Swans, Cash, Chris Isaacs ‘Wicked Game’, Carl Denver and the Gun Club. And most likely Satan."

From the press release: "Thrown into this electric soup is Charles Bukowski, Repo Man, Gummo, Lost Highway, Clint Eastwood, the Bible, the Devil, Glasgow City Barbers window display, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and every impressive boxer who ever entered the ring.

For Big Ned, this is the soundtrack to drag racing, zombies, drinking, shop lifting, dancing like a maniac, arm wrestling, fucking, smoking and Lee Marvin putting the boot in. One hand raised in the air with a stiff middle finger, the other raised with a glass of whisky; saluting those with charm and machismo that make music a delight and who entertain."

I'm not going to upload the whole album as it's not mid 90s techno, and the band deserve your pennies. Fuck sake - it's tenner down Fopp - get down and buy the fucker. I've ripped track one which is the A-side from their 7" single (actually taken from the vinyl to keep the 'Ripped In Glasgow' thang going), go check it oot (especially for the FAB cover of Paint It Black). Now, if I can track down that new Horrors album on vinyl...

Big Ned - Big Ned
1 - Bad Angel
2 - Love, Honour And Obey
3 - Scarmonica
4 - Paint It Black
5 - Ambition
6 - Final Steps
7 - Spoiled Rotten
8 - The Big Sky
9 - Son Of Dirt
10 - So Humid

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mark Broom - Snap Shot

This 12" is fuckin brilliant - I love the synth and percussive thing going on on the title track. A wee gem that crept out on his Pure Plastic label in 1996. This was a Club 69 favourite if I remember correctly, Rub-A-Dub certainly hammered his records to fuck. I think he was in with all the Black Dog / Baby Ford brigade. Despite the fact that he was prolific as hell, this was the only 12" I managed to pick up on Pure Plastic, more's the pity. I suppose there's always the Discogs store...

A - Snap Shot
B1 - Gurkha
B2 - Brikhead

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Pyrex Detox - Boomy Room Acoustics EP

Another one from the Sabrettes stable, the title of this EP somehow makes me think of the cavernous aircraft hangar that is the SECC. I always hate it when a decent band plays there as you know that you'll ultimately be disappointed by the Boomy Room Acoustics. Arcade Fire sounded pish there. Mind you, the Primal Scream gig last December was fine - I was right down the front and it sounded fuckin fantastic. Dunno how much of that was due to the nick I was in, right enough...

The A1 track here is a bell-tastic stomper which I've not listened to for ages - glad I've ripped it so it can haunt me on the iPod for the next wee while. A2 is one of those short 'bonus beats' things; why do they have them - so you can sample it?? The B-side tracks are both FAB - I dunno if I've actually ever listened to them right through before now. Some fan I am. Mind you, the whole reason for this blog's existence was to get me to listen to all my old records again. Result! Will definitely listen again, though...

Pyrex Detox - Boomy Room Accoustics EP
A1 - The Bells Of Induction
A2 - Boomy Bonus
B1 - The Deepest Freaks
B2 - 2 In 1

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Like A Tim - Game Girl EP

Like A Tim - always a winner in the west of Scotland with a name like that. I can imagine that a few fannies wouldn't have bought any of his records on principle.

Also known as "that Pure tune with the Blondie sample" (track B2, as if you wouldn't have guessed), this is Tim's debut EP for DJAX, from 1992. Is that track A2 attempting txt spk before it caught on? Tim must've been a Prince fan I guess...

Worth grabbing, even if it's just for the 3 minute Heart Of Glass track.

Like A Tim - Game Girl EP
A1 - Me And My Trio-3
A2 - U No I Luv U
B1 - On And On
B2 - Blond Break

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Greyhawk - Boiled Acid EP

Nothing but DJAX today:

One of two records that Michiel Holtgreve (me neither) released under the Greyhawk alias for DJAX, this one does exactly what it says on the tin. Should appeal to any Ege Bam Yasi or old-skool DJAX fans. As with a lot of this shit, the B-side is better than the A-side, but there you go...

Greyhawk - Boiled Acid

A1 - Acid Report
A2 - Intoxicated Sounds
A3 - Trance Elevator
B1 - Point Of Intersection
B2 - Acid Quake
B3 - Epidemic Future

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Monday, 20 April 2009

Pink Elln & Atom Heart - Elektronikkaa 1&2 / Electronique

A couple of insane-as-fuck live tracks here, recorded in 1992. When I first got this record I couldn't believe what I was hearing - I didn't think this kinda shit could be DONE live (this was 1993). It says "NO SAMPLES USED" on the run-out groove as well - always wished they would come and play Pure but it wasn't to be.

As far as I can see from Discogs, Pink Elln (whose name means 'pissing' in German, fact fans) released quite a lot of live stuff, but only this one when he was doing it with Atom Heart (who I've just learned is Señor Coconut!).

VFM on this one, as the full thing lasts upwards of 55 mins. Well worth giving up your time though (don't skip through it), this is one helluva 12" - very unusual...

Pink Elln & Atom Heart - Elektronikkaa 1&2 / Electronique
A - Elektronikkaa 1&2 (recorded live at the Temple, Helsinki 14/11/92)
B - Electronique (recorded live at the Casino, Montreux 07/06/92)

(Separate links due to file sizes)

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DBX - Losing Control (Remixes)

Three techno-tastic remixes of the Daniel Bell classic, courtesy of Carl Craig, Robert Hood and Richie Hawtin. They're all fairly minimal, but the original was as well so I guess that's fair enough.

A great wee tune, which I'd forgotten about until I saw it staring at me there out of a random box...

DBX - Losing Control (Remixes)
A - Carl Craig Remix
B1 - Robert Hood Remix
B2 - Richie Hawtin Remix

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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ciccone Youth - The Whitey Album

This Sonic Youth side project was released between their two best albums - Sister and Daydream Nation. It sees them in experimental mode, complete with two Madonna covers and a karaoke booth recording of Kim Gordon singing Addicted To Love. Very ahead of its time, featuring beatbox, samplers, nods to rap music, krautrock and 'silence' (a great one for the pub jukebox).

I hadn't listened to this for years until very recently, when I was framing up some album sleeves for the living room and stuck it on (this album's one of the chosen ones).

Aye, a great wee oddity well worth checking out...

Ciccone Youth - The Whitey Album
Untitled (silence)
Platoon II
Me & Jill/Hendrix Cosby
Burnin' Up
Hi! Everybody
Children of Satan/Third Fig
Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening to Neu!
Addicted to Love
March of the Ciccone Robots
Making the Nature Scene
Tuff Titty Rap
Into the Groove(y)

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Friday, 17 April 2009

Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II

Quite possibly my favourite Basic Channel release, both sides of this are absolutely stunning. Sometimes my favourite track is the one with black text/silver background and other times it's the silver text/black background. The one that I always heard in clubs/DJ sets was the silver text/black background one. At first I thought it was just a repetitive hi-hat for 13 mins. Tsk tsk - what was I thinking?

Here's what someone said on Discogs, put better than I ever could:

"You could easily sum this track up with one word: hypnotic. It's the kind of track you hear on the dancefloor and you just don't want it to end. It has a perfect rhythmical structure that just keeps your body moving; whether that's your head nodding, your feet tapping or your hips swinging.
It's got the dub/reggae bassline, the techno hats and bundles of clipped spacey reverb that alters minutely thoughout the track (and not forgetting those brief moments where a metallic stab/double tap is fired into the mix).
Combining dub sensibilites and aesthetics with techno is commonplace nowadays, but when I listen to 'Trak II' it never ceases to fill me with wonder how Mark and Moritz managed to create a track that is unique; in every sense of the word."

Go check it oot:

Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dajaé - Is It All Over My Face (Choice Remixes)

Not strictly a cover of the Loose Joints disco classic, but this certainly has the title repeated quite a bit throughout. Let's call it a tribute...

There are two vocal-as-fuck mixes on the A-side which are pish (H&F and E-Smoove - no thanks). What you're getting here is the cream of the crop, namely two Green Velvet mixes and a Cajmere mix. What is it with these Dajaé 12"s, eh?

I love that wobble-board sound that he uses. Rolf Harris eat your heart out...

Dajaé - Is It All Over My Face (Choice Remixes)

B1 - Is It All Over My Face (Green Velvet's Vox Mix)
B2 - Is It All Over My Face (Green Velvet's Crush Mix)
B3 - Is It All Over My Face (Cajmere's Underground Goodie Edit)

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Green Velvet - Portamento Tracks

See all those remixes of Flash that did the rounds ad nausea till everyone was sick of them? Get them to FUCK - this is the real deal. The track that led to a generation of UK clubbers wanting to take laughing gas originally turned up as track B1 on this EP.

This was the second Green Velvet release, after 'Velvet Tracks', and came out on Relief in 1995. I could not believe what I was hearing at first, all four of these tracks got played to death for a long time - can't believe the vinyl's held out as well as it has.

Track A2 is uncredited on the label and ends in an out of sync locked groove. I've done a wee fade on it for you.

Any time I saw him live around this time (in either guise) he got those vocals nailed by singing into a set of headphones plugged into the mic socket. Don't try this at home kids...

Green Velvet - Portamento Tracks
A1 - I Want To Leave My Body
A2 - Fake & Phonie
B1 - Flash
B2 - Explorer

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Cajmere - Feelin'

Hmmm, I seem to have been neglecting the plethora of Cajmere & Green Velvet records that have been a huge part of my record-buying life. This was one of the later releases that I picked up, credited as Cajmere but much more GV-like in sound. Chunky beats ahoy! Three excellent tracks, but the pick of the bunch surely has to be 'Eighties' which is classic Green Velvet-style madness.

Nothing from outside Chicago today...

A - Feelin'
B1 - Electric
B2 - Eighties

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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Jump - Funkatarium / Groovalution

Shock horror - a prog house track! This was an anthem back in the day, from the very brief period when I attended Slam at the Arches before heading to the darker territory of Pussypower then Pure.

This was from the time when I had no idea about dance music, and only got the name of this track via a random phone conversation with a guy when his flatmate was playing it in the background. I got him to go and get the title of it and it was duly purchased the next day.

It's all about the breakdown with bells on, at around the 1:30-2:00 mark. Sounds slow as fuck now, needs to be pitched up to about +3 or thereabouts but I've ripped it at the traditional 'green light' setting for you to do what you want with.

Never bothered with the b-side (Groovalution) before just ripping it there. Fairly average but I'll let you make your own mind up.

A - Jump - Funkatarium
B - Jump - Groovalution

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Panash - Spare Parts EP

Panash is/was Ashley Marlowe, one third of Conemelt and half of The Corridor. A 'Ripped In Glasgow' legend, in other words. He's the dude that I spoke to on the phone that time...

This EP came out on Special Emissions as a white label in 1996, and is lo-fi as hell. Loads of really grating noises and percussive madness prevail right through all four tracks.

More of this kinda shit in the pipeline, courtesy of Ashley's Two Straight Roads label.

Panash - Spare Parts EP
A1 - Bumpstart
A2 - Prang
AA1 - Theme From Camshaft
AA2 - Speedo

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Andrew Weatherall - Double Gone Radio Vol 1

Just in case anyone doesn't have it, here's Vol 1 of Mr Weatherall's Double Gone Radio. It appeared last October on the Rotters Golf Club website. So I guess that means it'll be a biannual treat then...?

Another excellent tracklisting as you can see, including an as-yet-unavailable track by the man himself.

Andrew Weatherall - Double Gone Radio Vol 1
1. El Tecolote / Calvin Cool (white label)
2. Boy with the Be-Bop Glasses / The Dawn Breakers (Omni Recordings)
3. Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots / The Cheers (Atlantic)
4. Old Fat Benny / Raw Meat (Sleazy records)
5. Rockit N' Roll / J.D. Smith (Ambassador Records)
6. Final Kick / The Tall Boys (Big Beat)
7. Feel Like a Woman / Selfish Cunt (Sparrow's Tear)
8. R+B Paul / Sleaford Mods (A52 Sounds)
9. Visions Arise / S.C.U.M. (loog)
10. I'm Good, I'm Gone (Metronomy Remix) / Lykke Li (679)
11. All the Little Things that Make Life Worth Leaving / Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
12. Paranoiaclaustrophobia / Basement 5 (Island)
13. Hatbox (Bees Version) / Lark (Care in the Community)
14. Tardis (Brendan Lynch Remix) / Lark (Care in the Community)
15. Visit Colonel / The Oh Sess (Tomlab)
16. Dole Drums (The Wolfe Howard Theme) / Billy Childish and the MBEs

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Bango - Sphinx / Mystical Adventure

This sees Stacey Pullen in a different mode form the norm, Sphinx being an organ-led track with a nice wee breakdown in it, but Mystical Adventure is where it's at - featuring all those classic Detroit sounds that you'd expect.

Fraid that's all you're getting today as I'm struggling like fuck due to an over-indulgent Easter weekend. I feel like the guy at the end of the Weekender video. Too many eggs...

A - Bango - Sphinx
B - Bango - Mystical Adventure

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Telescopes - Taste

A wee blast from the past here, which coincides with me going to see them tonight at the Captain's Rest in Glasgow. A right old noisy bunch, this lot got caught up in the Mary Chain's slipstream when they first appeared back in the late 80s. I remember going to see them in Edinburgh once upon a time, back in the days when that involved someone borrowing a parent's car and driving about 45 miles east, only to find that the gig was cancelled after we eventually found the venue. Ah, halcyon days indeed.

This was their debut album and still sounds good today - a nice bit of noisy guitar to clear out the cobwebs. Aye.

The cunts better show up tonight...

The Telescopes - Taste
And Let Me Drift Away
I Fall, She Screams
Oil Seed Rape
The Perfect Needle
There Is No Floor
Anticipating Nowhere
Please, Before You Go
Silent Water

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Friday, 10 April 2009

One Dove - Breakdown (The Secret Knowledge Remixes)

One Dove never really lived up to the hype that came with them - their debut album was talked up to be "the next Screamadelica", but was more of a damp squib sales-wise. Shame, as they were a great band. There were always a few dodgy rumours going round about them as well, quite an aptly named band if the truth be told.

Good to see that Dot Allison's put her mad druggy days behind her - the last time I saw her was onstage with Pete Doherty a few weeks ago. Oh...

A - Breakdown (Secret Knowledge Light Mix)
B - Breakdown (Secret Knowledge Dark Mix)

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Steve Bicknell - The Essence of Zen EP

Steve Bicknell, he of Lost club in London fame...

This is the second in a series of 3 EPs he did for his own Cosmic label (hence the track titles, I guess). This previous post has some MENTAL remixes, supposedly of tracks from here but you'd never know. I don't have EPs 1 or 3, so this will have to do for now.

Genius minimal techno, subtle as hell - the casual listener could be mistaken for thinking they were listening to a monotone, but there's stuff going on under the radar that keeps you coming back for more.

Never made it down to Lost - the closest I got was seeing Steve DJ at Club 69...

S Bicknell - The Essence of Zen EP
A1 - Track 5
A2 - Track 6
B1 - Track 7
B2 - Track 8

Link for amended track A2 (see comments re: fuck-up)

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Psyche / Rhythim Is Rhythim - Relics (Album Sampler)

This Psyche track first got me into Carl Craig, played whilst he was DJing at the infamous Pussypower nights in Glasgow circa 1993. I bought a (long since departed) tape of the evening from one of the hosts (Terry) which featured this track and took the tape into various record shops until I got it. The mighty Rub-A-Dub only existed in Paisley at this point and and it wasn't worth getting stabbed to go there and get it.

I just love the fucked-up piano in it - you think it's all gone tits-up then it all just falls into place. A magnificent track - Craig at his best!

This 12" was a sampler for the 'Relics' album, so I've upped the other tracks which are both classics - a Carl Craig remix of Kao-Tic Harmony and a remix of Beyond The Dance.

They don't come much better than this - this is one of the best records I have...

A - Psyche - Crackdown (Re-Mix)
B1 - Rhythim Is Rhythim - Kao-Tic Harmony (Relic Of Relics) (Carl Craig Remix)
B2 - Rhythim Is Rhythim - Beyond The Dance (Re-Mix)

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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Cyrus - Inversion

This was the first Basic Channel record I bought and to be honest I wasn't sure at first. The first time I 'got it' was round at a mate's house one day with a homemade bong, and whaddya know it suddenly all made sense. I couldn't get enough of them from there on in. The B-side's still an endurance test, but I've just managed it no problemo. Oddly enough there's a story here as well:

Picked this book up at Fopp for £2 for m'lady, as she'd started reading it round at someone else's while I was sleeping and had got quite into it. I always thought the guy was a cunt (had never seen him but the name alone was enough), but turns out there's a recipe for 'hash' brownies in it (can't see Oliver or Ramsay doing THAT!?). So, I'm on holiday this week and have come down with the lurgy, which is pish. Haven't done anything much since Saturday due to feeling like shite and was getting a tad pissed off. Remembered about this book, discovered I had all the ingredients so hey presto! Sampled the goods just as I started ripping 'Inversion'. The 20min 'Presence' that followed was a joy to behold!

Ah, it's like being 22 again. Ripped in Glasgow indeed...

Cyrus - Inversion
Cyrus - Presence

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The Sabres Of Paradise - Tow Truck (Remixes)

This was released as a nice wee remix pack of three - a 7" (watch this space), 10" (featured here) and this 12".

For me, the better mix is the Depth Charge one, and not just because I'm not a fan of the Chemical Brothers. The DC mix has a lot more going on in it, where as the Chemicals one simply plods along in typical Chemical Brothers fashion.

Time for a request here - I would cut off a finger for a recording of The Sabres Of Paradise supporting Primal Scream on the Dec 1994 tour. I asked Mr Weatherall if he had any and he didn't (but said he'd like one as well). I never saw any at record fairs back in the day, or nowadays knocking about on the likes of DimeADozen. My memory of the shows isn't too great but I remember being blown away (and being unable to spot AW anywhere). Anyone...?

The Sabres Of Paradise - Tow Truck (Remixes)
A - Tow Truck (Chemical Brothers Mix)
B - Tow Truck (Depth Charge Mix)

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Global Communication - The Way / The Deep

A deep house classic, this record doesn't sound remotely like it came out 13 years ago. I'm glad to be ripping this as the middle bit in my record is fucked due to too much drunken putting on/taking off the decks over the years. I'd like to think it was a design fault though - it's a bugger to get it to play properly.

They were always an interesting bunch, this pair. I loved the way they moved between genres at the drop of a hat, but always preferred this and their electro stuff to the ambience. Tom Middleton's DJ sets are the stuff of legend as well - check out the tracks on his mix CDs.

A - The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
AA - The Deep

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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sapiano - Spike It!

Released on Sabrettes, the 'quirkier' sister label to Sabres Of Paradise, this is one helluva weird 12". On the A-side you have Tony Sapiano in full-on pounding techno mode - a belter of a tune with some great noises on it. On the B-side, Weatherall in sinister-as-hell mode for a Lords Of Afford remix.

The Weatherall mix is really fucked up, consisting of drones and a familiar(!) voice repeating "Spike It!" with increasingly disturbing effects. I can picture a London Trainspotting-style scenario with them all sitting there, tourniquets on, arms demanding a fix. Or maybe not...

Sapiano - Spike It!
Sapiano - Spike It! (Lords Of Afford Mix)

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Disintegrator - Schizophrenic EP

OK, lets have some more hard-acidy-techno then. I've already uploaded a classic from this bunch, as Koenig Cylinders on the Industrial Strength label. This sees them on Direct Drive, on one of those records that plays from the inside out. You can't take your eye off the ball with this lot, eh?

Four distinctly dark tracks, which are still sounding pretty darn good in 2009.

Disintegrator - Schizophrenic EP

A1 - Schizophrenic
A2 - Human
B1 - Nrgo
B2 - Flash Back Attack

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Resistance D - Human E.P.

In response to the comments yesterday about some stuff similar to Acid Air Raid, here's a 12" from Frankfurt's Resistance D on the Harthouse label. Lots of fast acid techno here, the B-side is virtually a ballad as it's only 133 bpm!

Admittedly, this is much harder/faster than most of my records - will dig some out from time to time though, they're always good fun. Lurking somewhere is the classic Hardfloor Hardtrance Acperience EP (my first 'acid' record!) - will need to get hunting for that one...

Resistance D - Human E.P.
A1 - Connected Science
A2 - Human
B - Morning Sunrise

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Monday, 6 April 2009

Model 500 - I Wanna Be There

The standout track from the Sonic Sunset double-pack. I'd have ripped the whole thing but I've somehow managed to lose the other record. What a fud.

This is over 18 minutes of classic soulful Detroit, courtesy of 'Magic' Juan. I'm pretty sure he played this the first time I saw him, at Club 69 in Paisley. If the other record materialises in the near future I'll do a full upload but in the meantime kick back and enjoy the magic...

Model 500 - I Wanna Be There

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Deanne Day vs. Blue - Prisoner

One of the more obscure releases on Emissions, this was a one-sided white label 12" featuring this minimal slice of dubby techno. Not to be confused with the boyband of the same name.

It's Andrew Weatherall's birthday today and I'm sure he'll be at a loose end after a hard weekend's activities, nothing better to do than to google himself, so if you're reading this have a good one, sir. Chin chin!

Deanne Day vs. Blue - Prisoner

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Sluts'n'Strings & 909 - Steamin' Promises E.P.

... aka Patrick Pulsinger, this fab EP came out on the Cheap label in 1994. Only three of the tracks got ripped, as A1 is only about 1min long and is scratched to fuck. The other three more than make up for this omission though - A2 is another of those spoken word over a beat things, would go nicely with this track - "I'll beat that pretty face with a bat", perhaps...

I see that Patrick is still going strong and is playing at the V Club in Glasgow on 25 April. Moggieboy +1 on the guest list please, if you're reading this Mr V Club.

Sluts'n'Strings & 909 - Steamin' Promises E.P.
A1 - Juwel 72 (not included)
A2 - In Your Pretty Face...
B1 - Real Rebellion
B2 - Promises

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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Various - Life Beyond Mars - Bowie Covered

Usually I run a mile from this sort of album, but the lure of Bowie being touched up by the likes of Carl Craig and Joakim was too much to resist. This is a surprisingly good set of techno / electro / fucked-up covers of tracks by David Bowie, a few unlikely track choices as well.

Mind you, I reckon the biggest Bowie fan you could find wouldn't recognise Life On Mars - I think The Thing is taking the piss with that one...

Various - Life Beyond Mars - Bowie Covered
A1 - Kelley Polar - Magic Dance (Harold And Baby O In Italy Version)
A2 - Carl Craig Presents Zoos Of Berlin - Looking For Water
A3 - Leo Minor - Ashes To Ashes
B1 - Heartbreak - Loving The Alien
B2 - Matthew Dear - Sound & Vision
B3 - Paper Jones - Sweet Thing
C1 - The Emperor Machine - Repetition
C2 - Susumu Yokota - Golden Years
C3 - Richard Walters & Faultline - Be My Wife
D1 - Joakim & The Disco - A New Career In A New Town
D2 - Au Revoir Simone - Oh! You Pretty Things
D3 - The Thing - Life On Mars

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Friday, 3 April 2009

Andrew Weatherall - Double Gone Radio Vol 2

When Vol 1 of this appeared last year I didn't hold out much hope for it becoming a regular series, but whaddya know, here's Vol 2 less than a year later! We seem to be getting spoilt for Weatherall radio shows just now, what with the 6 Music and recent Radio 1 guest spot.

To accompany this, make sure you download the Radio 1 set from Acid Ted, especially as it features this year's Uptown, a track by the marvellous title of 'Brother Johnston’s Travelling Disco Consultancy'.

We're also in for a Weatherall solo album this year, which he described on the above radio show as "Wonky pop crossed with Big Audio Dynamite and Fun Boy Three". Cannae wait!

Check out the track by Higamos Hogamos - one to watch in 2009 methinks...

Andrew Weatherall - Double Gone Radio Vol 2
1. El Telecote / Calvin Cool (Romulan)
2. Tranquilizer / Pirate Love (Kong Tiki)
3. Shish Kebab / Black Albinos (Delta)
4. Ab/B# / Blue Bambinos (unknown)
5. Rare as the Yeti / Kid Congo (In The Red)
6. Well Alright / Spoon (4 AD)
7. Golden Phone / Micachu (Rough Trade)
8. The Keeper / Higamos Hogamos (DC)
9. Black Eyed Suzy / Justin Townes Earl (Blood Shot)
10. Throwing Bones / Phantom Band (Chemikal Underground)
11. Brotherhood of Death / Apollo Sunshine (Black & Greene)
12. Running on Empty Dub / Honkey Finger (Horse)
13. Redlight / Salem (Rough Trade)
14. Not Invited / The Hunches (In The Red)
15. The One Thing / Grampall Jookabox (Asthmatic Kitty)
16. Body Combat / Black Lips (Vice)
17. Hey You Guys / Circle Square (K7!)
18. Besides / Gui Boratto (Kompakt)

Captain Comatose - $100

Something a wee bit different for a Friday teatime - an EP Captain Comatose, a duo featuring Mr Prolific-as-hell, Khan, and one-off partner Paul Bonomo. I remember seeing this now-defunct duo at Optimo sister club Black Rabbit Whorehouse around the time of this release and was blown away by their show.

Anyway - this EP starts off with a couple of mixes of their cover of Iggy & Bowie's track Baby (from The Idiot). Always a winner in my book, I'm a massive fan of both, to the extent that I got a Ziggy Stardust flash tattooed on my inner wrist (not a decision taken lightly). This cover is a lo-fi electro-tastic winner, with a Glitter-beat. I'd recommend the Electronicat Mix.

On the flip, a nice fucked-up vocal twisted disco track (complete with acapella) and then a great 'listening' track, Masoquista. No idea why they put the title track on the B-side - why not just go with Baby as the A-side? Crazy name, crazy guys...

Captain Comatose - $100
A1 - Baby (Electronicat Mix)
A2 - Baby (Captain Comatose 12 Mix)
B1 - $100 (Captain Comatose 12 Mix)
B2 - $100 (Acappella)
B3 - Masoquista

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Various - Untitled

I had absolutely no idea who this record was by until I fired the catalogue number into Discogs. I always thought it was a Basic Channel offshoot, but instead it seems to be a Basic Channel ripoff. A good one, mind...

So what have we got? Blue vinyl, black label. One label has wee shitty black bits of paper stuck on it with minimal info (see below). Tells you the correct speeds though, so no danger of any fuck-ups like before. Excellent stuff - should appeal to any viewers of the minimal persuasion. And did I mention that it sounds a wee bit it's Basic Channel as fuck??

A - N.A.B. - Time Distortion
B1 - Agent Cooper - Minus
B2 - Imap - Headroom

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Being - The Tides Remix Single

A great set of remixes here, which preceded a remix album I've not got. This'll do fine though - plenty to be getting on with. A difficult act to google, I'll be honest and say that I only picked this up due to the Weatherall connection and know very little else about him. Think I've got the 'Two Lone Swordsmen And A Being' 12" somewhere but I'm fucked if I've got a clue where.

Being - The Tides Remix Single
A1 - Sular One (Remix By Insync vs. Mysteron)
A2 - Gonk (Remix By Orlando Voorn)
B1 - Sular Three (Remix By Insync vs. Mysteron)
B2 - The Being (Remix By Ectomorph)

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Titanic - Ice Breaker

This was the first release on Holistic, when it was actually known as Abstract Recordings. You can hear the start of their sound beginning to develop (as previously uploaded here), but they're sticking to the more traditional 7 min track rather than the 15+ min of the two other tracks. A good Club 69 tune.

A great dark techno track that should ease away any painful memories of Russ Abbot...

Titanic - Ice Breaker

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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Russ Abbot Cut By The Sabres Of Paradise - Atmosphere (Basildon Bond's Madhouse Mix)

When I first saw this I had to do a double-take – thought I was pretty up on my Sabres stuff, but then I remembered about all the other nonsense that Mr Weatherall was touching up with those godlike hands at this point. I shit you not - I actually heard Martin from Rub-A-Dub play the ORIGINAL version of this outside in Kelvingrove Park at this party they had to commemorate the last day you could drink a carry-out outside before they made it illegal. I remember dancing about when this slowly crept in and after I’d got up off the floor thought, “actually, that’s not too bad a wee tune”.

I heard last year that Mr Abbot himself has bought the performing rights to this and refuses to let it be played on the radio as it is “a dire representation” of his talents. Oh yeah??

Anyway, I reckon Audrey probably knocked this out in about half an hour when he’d had a few, certainly not one of his best but well worth hanging in there for the ending. You’d be a fool not to give it a listen…

Russ Abbot Cut By The Sabres Of Paradise - Atmosphere (Basildon Bond's Madhouse Mix)

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