Friday, 27 February 2009

Scion - Emerge

I always thought this was Maurizio, but no, it's another couple of dudes who are also Vainqueur (who I also thought was Maurizio - get with the program ya fud). Must be the same studio gadgetry then, as there's definitely a similar sound to them all.

This was the first release on the Basic Channel offshoot, Chain Reaction. A nice stiff single brown cardboard sleeve here, with grainy bits on it. These things MATTER.

Right. Time to go and put my face on before braving the bus through to Edinburgh...

A - Emerge0
B1 - Emerge1
B2 - Emerge2

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RT - States EP

aka Cajmere and Ron Trent, redoing Altered States as the imaginatively titled "Realtered States".

Never really went beyond the original Altered States and this EP as far as Ron Trent was concerned. Saw him at Pure one time and he was dreadful, didn't read the crowd at all. They voted with their feet and he was politely told to 'get tae fuck', allowing Twitch to step up and save the day.

Cajmere on the other hand, what a fucking legend. This EP is all killer, no filler - check out the two B-sides, especially the trippy house of 'Magic Woman'.

Oh, this record has been played rather a lot so there's a nice 'warm' crackle or two along the way...

A1 - Realtered States 1
A2 - Realtered States 2
B1 - Magic Woman
B2 - Can We All Just Get Along

New link as requested below.

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Purveyors Of Fine Funk - Space Is The Place

"This is a track that'll make you jack" - so went the riff on track A2, which I played to fucking death.

An excellent EP from Dan Curtin and some Japanese dude called Tatsuro Hayashi. Didn't know who he was so just googled him, and the first page gives a Facebook link (as well as his Discogs link). Surely there can't be that many of them. Clicked on the Facebook one and the cunt now works for Microsoft. NO!!! Dan Curtin is still knocking 'em out, prolific as hell, while he is spunking his soul to the enemy. Oh well, as long as he enjoys it...

This is quite minimal for Dan Curtin, each track really works on its own. My tips are A2 & B2. Another great Peacefrog EP, and a nice purple sleeve to boot! Go check it out:

A1 - Space Is The Place
A2 - This Is A Track
B1 - They Are Among Us
B2 - Intombe

*EDIT* - links now removed

Today I got a very nice myspace message from Dan Curtin:


Thanks for the kind words in your blog about my PFF project and release. Can you please remove those links in your blog?
I'd appreciate it since we are right now planing the vinyl re release of this project, and until now nobody has ripped the vinyl and we'd like to keep it that way!
Once you rip it and put it in a blog its all over, it just gets everywhere, especially on the Russian mp3 sites!!!


So, I replied with:

Hi Dan

Sure thing! That's the link down now. When I get home from work I'll C&P your message in by way of explanation if that's OK...?

Keep up the sterling work.

- moggieboy

He then replied:

Thanks very much for your cooperation! have the best myspace avatar ever!

sure, you can use my text as an explanation :-)

take care

you mentioned my old partner Tatsuro Hayashi in your blog, I checked it because I have completely lost touch with him and sadly that is not the correct Tatsuro...actually, Tatsuro Hayashi is about as unique as John Smith!

What a nice man! If you downloaded the rip, please keep it to yourself...

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Alter Ego - Luke Slater & The 2 Lone Swordsmen Decode The Hacker Myth

Way before the 'heavy rotation' of the Rocker track from FIVE years ago (WTF - how old does that make you feel?), Alter Ego had an album called Decoding The Hacker Myth. Not a collaboration with The Hacker *sigh* but still a no' bad release. I never had it but heard it about, only got this one due to the remixes if the truth be told.

The Luke Slater mix is suitably 'bangin' with lots of mental noises over the top - ie just what you'd expect. The two TLS mixes could have fitted into their own releases at that time as well. Remixes by numbers for cash? Surely not...

A - Lycra (The Dinosaur Mix)
B1 - Mescal (2 Lone Swordsmen Remix)
B2 - Mescal (2 Lone Swordsmen Dub)

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

51 Days - Paper Moon / Tracktion / Squeeze

Paper Moon is a great deep-house set-builder that is faster than you think it is. I didn't realise it was so long (nearly 12 mins) until I ripped it just there, which is kinda weird. Must just have taken me so long so get the beats matched that it seemed like a normal length tune...

I didn't buy the record for that though... When I first heard Traktion on a Laurent Garnier Essential Mix I just HAD to find out what it was. No internet in those days so it was a sneaky peek at Mixmag to get the tracks then off to Rub-A-Dub.

The third track's a nice wee builder as well (which I've only just realised!) so I've included it in the ZIP file as well.

A - Paper Moon
B1 - Tracktion
B2 - Squeeze

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Maelstrom - Enter The Cosmos

A bit of local talent here, Glasgow's Maelstrom have had stuff out on the Eskimo label, as well as Solar Disco, where this track appeared. I'm currently getting into weekend spirits, as I'm off to the wonderful Club For Heroes in Edinburgh, where they celebrate their first birthday with this lot and Kris from Wasabi Disco guest DJ-ing. Expect some exclusive edits and some unclassifiable nonsense...

After that it'll be the first(ish) train home to attempt some sleep before a certain Mr Weatherall hits the decks at the V-Club in Sauchiehall Street on Saturday. Might stick a wee tune or two up before then to celebrate. A double-header? Hey, it's just like being in my early 20s again...

Maelstrom - Enter The Cosmos (Sankt Göran & Erik Sidung Mix)

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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

LMNO / Bob And Ian - Silcock Express / Purpuss (Sabres Of Paradise / Kris Needs Mixes)

The great thing about doing this blog has been stumbling across tracks that I'd completely forgotten about. Brought another couple of boxes up to the current flat and pulled this one out just there. Fuck me, it's a belter of a Sabres mix that I recognised straight away. Happy days!

The other side's got a Kris Needs mix which is a winner as well. Both the aliases are the same guy (Colin James - me neither) - fuck knows how he got these guys to remix him when they were both on top of their game but there you go...

LMNO - Silcock Express (Sabres Of Paradise)
Bob And Ian - Purpuss (A Cat In The Litter) (Kris Needs)

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Jack Of Swords - The Box

What's this we've got here then? A 12" with a Suicide-style Sabres logo (in yellow) which has a slow electronic backing track to John Cale reciting 'The Gift'. Jack Of Swords (half of Waxworth Industries and half of Fuzzy Logic) had previously paid tribute to Suicide on the 'VegaGod' release but seeing as how I'm in a Velvets mood this is what you're getting.

The A-side's not a dance track, by any stretch of the imagination, but a good one for Velvets (and Sabres!) completists.

The B-side has The Blackangel's Death Mix which is a whole different kettle o'fish, a great dance track which has tiny wee whispery filtery bits of Cale's vocal over a Sabres-style backing courtesy of Technova (they're all so incestuous this lot).

Jack Of Swords - The Box
Jack Of Swords - The Box (Black Angel's Death Mix)

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Monday, 23 February 2009

The Corridor - Two Days

This is one of the best (and easily the most sinister) records I've uploaded so far, I shit you not.

The Corridor, aka Conemelt (their darker side?) produced this 12" featuring a stunning 17:30(!) A-side which has to be listened to in full. It's a great lo-fi techno builder from start to finish, where it has a lock-groove at the end (which I've put a fade on). The B-side? A truly fucking evil piece of dark lo-fi madness. The first time I heard it I very nearly shat my pants.

Fuck knows what they put in the water in Tonbridge, but I'll have some of what they had. I implore you to give up 30mins to listen to this in full. You won't be disappointed...

The Corridor - Two Days I & II
<-- new linky

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Claude Young - Nocturnal EP

I'm sure Claude Young's been 'ripped in Glasgow' a few times, as he moved here in 2002. I saw him a few times back in the 90s and he blew me away - a techno DJ playing like a hiphop DJ. Magnificent.

This EP's got four very different tracks on it, my personal favs are A2 & B1 but I've included the full thing so that you can make your own mind up. B1 is flange-tastic.

Nice blue vinyl as well - I'm a sucker for that kinda pish...

A1 - I Am Nothing
A2 - Nocturnal
B1 - Concentration Factor
B2 - The Sleeper Awakens

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Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (live at The Gymnasium)

Picked this 2008 vinyl up in Dusseldorf last week, a new release of the classic Gymnasium gig, which features this first ever performance of Sister Ray. The best band ever --> FACT.

... mind you, I'd rather erase the painful memory of their brief reformation in the early 90s. I remember queuing up outside the Edinburgh Playhouse at 5am on a 'Sunday morning' to buy tickets for the two nights that they were playing. Was so horrified after Lou Reed's virtuoso-style ruining of the first night that I went into Virgin the next day and just gave them the tickets for the second night. Couldn't bring myself to listen to them for months after that.

The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (live at The Gymnasium) <<---- NEW LINK

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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Stefan Robbers - Validate

Fuck me, this tune used to almost give me a hard-on when I mixed with it, the bass/drums are so fucking perfect right through it. Featured on the Mask EP, which I've not bothered uploading the rest of as there are two kinda downbeat tracks and another (inferior) mix of this track.

Another man of many aliases (Acid Junkies, Terrace, Florence et al), this was only the second record he released under his own name. Saw the cunt one time at an excellent, if infrequent, Glasgow night called 'Flow' which used to do great flyers on thick tracing paper with bits of photo negatives on them.

So, here's the Funkybizmix, a good pumping techno tune for a Saturday teatime...

Stefan Robbers - Validate (Funkybizmix)

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Ultramarine - Hooter (Carl Craig Remix)

I was never a fan of Ultramarine, but this Carl Craig remix is top dollar. One of the few records I've got which feature a saxophone but don't let that put you off.

I was right into Carl Craig at this point, the man could do no wrong. Well, apart from the fact that he was (is?) pish at mixing, but who gives a fuck when he can knock out tracks like this for 2nd rate crusties...

Ultramarine - Hooter (Carl Craig Remix)

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Friday, 20 February 2009

LA Synthesis - Agraphobia (Kenny Larkin Remix)

Another one on the Plink Plonk label seeing as how I've just pulled it out of a random box. This sees a magnificent Kenny Larkin remix of the LA Synthesis tune from 1995. It's driven by a great pumpin' bass hook that's great to mix with. Goes on for fuckin' ages as well (11:55) so you can go for a piss during it no probs.

The other side's remixed by Nuw Idol and is a bit ambient drum'n'bassy --> not Friday night material so maybe another time for that one...

LA Synthesis - Agraphobia (Kenny Larkin Remix)

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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Model 500 - Starlight

Juan Atkins gets all minimal here, accompanied by an even minimaler mix by Maurizio on the flip. A nice wee white vinyl number, this was wrongly labelled with which one was which. Fuck's sake - it's not rocket science - a 50/50 chance, just like playing, ripping and uploading a 12" at the right speed. Oh...

While we're on the subject of Model 500, John Hospital (he of Bis, Data Panik and Dirty Hospital fame) has done an analogue-spotter-tastic cover of classic "The Chase" which is over here on YouTube. Go check it out, it's marvellous!

Model 500 - Starlight
Model 500 - Starlight (Moritz Mix)

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Liquid Liquid - Optimo / Cavern

Two classics from Liquid Liquid on the wonderful 99 Records label, taken from a beautiful 3x vinyl, 1x CD & booklet set I picked up last year. The first track is so good someone named a club after it, and the second track got nicked by a certain Grandmaster to became White Lines. Both are bona fide classics in their own rights.

Gutted that I missed the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see this bunch at Optimo (the club, keep up!) a few years back, but I heard that they played a blinder.

Liquid Liquid - Optimo
Liquid Liquid - Cavern

(separate links)

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M.D.M.A. - Celebral Ascendance

This appropriately titled track was the work of Eric Nouhan and Dimitri, who was always a favourite at Pure (and its sister club Wave), back in the early 90s. He was also guest of honour at the infamous Pure trip to Amsterdam if I remember correctly...

It's part of a double-pack called Scottish Deserter, which looked like it showcased various different acts when in fact it was just the pair of them up to 'aka' hijinks.

This tune stands out, and features on Pure Classics Vol II. Play LOUD.

M.D.M.A. - Celebral Ascendance

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tone Theory - Limbo Of Vanished Possibilities

Something slightly less techno than yesterday's efforts, this sees Derrick Carter on a bit of vocal duty on his A-side mix. There's an excellent review on Discogs that's worth checking out. My tuppence-worth? Aye what he says, plus the the bit at the end's good where you think it's fading out then it kicks back in for a bit.

I always liked Mr C's Plink Plonk label - plenty of wee gems hidden away there, and the 12"s were always a bit cheaper than their imported pals...

Tone Theory - Limbo Of Vanished Possibilities
A - Original Mix
B1 - Bushwacka! Mix
B2 - Mr C Mix

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Steve Bicknell - The Remix EP

Now this is a PUNISHING set of remixes on the Cosmic label. Remixes of what? No idea, there are no titles or anything like that. Check out the list of remixers though - Planetary Assault Systems, Steve Bicknell himself, Dave Angel and Andrew Weatherall in his Lords Of Afford guise.

The Weatherall mix is mental - I used to mix with it over all sorts of inappropriate tracks, it just begged for it.

Steve Bicknell - The Remix EP

Orange Side:
Untitled (Dave Angel Remix)
Untitled (Lords Of Afford Remix)

Black Side:
Untitled (Planetary Assault System Remix)
Untitled (Steve Bicknell Remix)

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Deanne Day - The Day After EP

aka Andrew Weatherall & Dave Harrow, this is a kinda deep/minimal excursion, which came out on Emissions Lo-Fi in 1995. Some great bass with unusual wee noises flying around. The second track sounds a bit like the old Quadrant classic 'Infinition', which I never got round to buying at the time and is now worth megabucks...

A1 - Horicho
A2 - Body Control
B - Honk (If You've Seen The King)

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Kraftwerk - Kometenmelodie 3

So - back from a weekend in Dusseldorf and I'm uploading a Kraftwerk track? Yes, I am that predictable...

BUT - not just any Kraftwerk track, as this is a 27 min epic from a live album I picked up in an excellent record shop on Saturday.

*EDIT* I've now uploaded the full record for my Kraftwerk-loving birthday-boy London pal. Side A is a continuous track on the vinyl and that's the way you're getting it on the mp3. Enjoy, Bill!

We did indeed visit the Kling Klang studios on Valentines day - knew what to look for thanks to this YouTube clip - only snag was that it seemed to be shut for the day. Oh well, plenty of comedy video footage was obtained anyway. I didn't realise that it was right in the middle of what appeared to be a red-light district. Plenty of opportunities for a but of executive relief after a hard day's knob twiddling, I'll bet...

If anyone is looking for a cheap weekend city break I couldn't recommend this place enough, we went to an amazing Sonic Youth exhibition spread over two different venues - one of which is an underground tunnel - a highlight was me sitting on a chair suspended from the ceiling by four guitar strings, each one hooked up to its own wee amp, strumming away. Mental!

Kraftwerk - Kometenmelodie 3

Side 1
Kometenmelodie 1
Kometenmelodie 2

Side 2

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Friday, 13 February 2009

Johnny Dangerous - Problem No. 13

"I'll beat that bitch with a bat"... a charming tune form 1992, this was an anthem at a short-lived snowball-tastic Glasgow club called The Wax Factory, run by Terry & Jason, aka Pussypower. One of those 12"s that I had, then stupidly lent to some fucker who I never saw again. Only recently paid over the odds for it again to get the magic back!

No posts till Tuesday as I'm off to Dusseldorf for a long weekend, will no doubt indulge in a romantic valentines trip to what remains of the Kling Klang studios (only a 15min walk from the hotel according to Google Maps).

Johnny Dangerous - Problem No. 13 (Baseball Bat)

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Optimo - Sunday 8th February (1st 3 hours)

So - here's the second in an occasional series of Optimo from the Sub Club. Only managed to get the first 3 hours as my stream cut out for some reason, but it's better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick, as my mum used to say. Again, this evening sees JD Twitch missing in action (Australia I think - hope his records ain't dust). As far as I know, Sunday was hosted by JG Wilkes, ably assisted my Ms Mingo-go from Death Disco.

Optimo - Sunday 8th February (1st 3 hours)

Part 1
Part 2

Future Pilot AKA vs Two Lone Swordsmen - The Gates To Film City

Future Pilot AKA is none other than the cunt who used to play bass for the Soup Dragons (amongst other Glasgow-based underachievers), now moonlighting as a driving instructor. Now there's an unusual career path and a half. He's been very prolific (and very good!) in between driving lessons. This was one of his first, from 1998.

The A-side was mixed by the Pastels (might leave that one for a weekend upload), but it's the TLS one that is getting the hit today. Not a TLS remix though - the Future Pilot boy purely credited them as he's lifted a sample of theirs for the mix (probably to shift a few extra copies as well I'm sure *cough*).

Future Pilot AKA vs Two Lone Swordsmen - The Gates To Film City

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Lydia Lunch/Suicide - Frankie Teardrop (Suicide Covers series)

Here's a nice wee feelgood track to stick on if you're ever feeling down in the dumps. Ho ho ho...

"I would be humiliated if I found out that anything I did actually became a commercial success, and so far, so good."

No need to worry here, hen. What to say about Lydia Lunch? She was in with Suicide back in the day, and has worked with a whole host of other alternative types since then. Not to mention her movie career and spoken word antics. Aye, an autobiography worth reading, I'd reckon.

On the flipside is a rare 1976 demo, entitled Frankie Teardrop, The Detective Meets The Space Alien. It's an epic 13 minutes long, so you could stick it on while relaxing in a hot bath maybe, just hide the razor blades.

Here's the lyrics in case you fancy singing along...

Lydia Lunch - Frankie Teardrop
Suicide - Frankie Teardrop, The Detective Meets The Space Alien

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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Maurizio - M-5

This is a killer slice of dub-techno, which is subtle as hell off the bass. I didn't used to 'get' Maurizio records right at the start of the Basic Channel period, but with a little 'concentration' it soon all made sense.

As with the previous Maurizio posting, this is on the 'M' offshoot. I've got plenty of Basic Channel and Chain Reaction stuff as well, it's just a matter of laying my hands on 'em.

Dunno how the fuck he managed to get these records pressed so LOUD - damn I wish I'd made it along to see him in action at some point.

Just to be different, the A-side plays at 33rpm and is 9:30, and the B-side plays 45 and is 5:50. Track titles? Get tae fuck!

Maurizio - Untitled (9:30)
Maurizio - Untitled (5:50)

Zipped on Sendspace

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Dajae - Day By Day (Choice Remixes)

This was a 7-track remix double-pack on the legendary Cajual label from 1995. There are two Deep Dish mixes on side A which are pish - too slow and too much shitty vocal. Don't get me wrong, I've had a lot of time for Deep Dish over the years but these mixes are pure gash. Chez Damier and Ron Trent's vocal/dub mixes can get tae fuck as well...

So - here you go with a 'wheat from the chaff' version featuring an excellent Cajmere version (which keeps the vocal and uses it WAY better than either of the aforementioned cunts), a Carl Craig dub and a Green Velvet mix. These three tunes made it worth the money as they are all FAB.

Dajae - Day By Day Remixes:
1 - Carl Craig Dub
2 - Green Velvet Mix
3 - Cajmere Extended Mix

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Monday, 9 February 2009

The Horrors - Shadazz (Suicide Covers series)

When I stuck this record on I was expecting some kinda poor-man's-Cramps meets Towers Of London, piss-poor, novelty nonsense by a bunch of wannabes modelling new-urchin-chic. Dunno how I got that opinion. Didn't one of them shag Peaches Geldof or something?

Anyways... this is NOT what I was expecting - it sounds like it could have escaped from Andrew Weatherall's Haunted Dancehall-era arse. Only better.

I've only listened to the 2nd Suicide album a fraction of the times of the classic debut, but this is sounding good. Backed by a live cut of Radiation by the band themselves and an excellent take on Rocket U.S.A. by Nic Void, this is another great release in the series.

Now when's the Julian Cope one coming out...?

The Horrors - Shadazz
Suicide - Radiation
Nic Void - Rocket U.S.A.

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Projective Vision - Close Encounter

The last 12" I put up by this lot seemed to go down pretty well, so here's its predecessor, also on Holistic Recordings from 1994. It's another beautifully produced piece of UK techno. I'd hate to use the word 'trance', but it does have that effect. A full 13 mins of pure class.

Projective Vision - Close Encounter

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Psyche / BFC - Applied Rhythmic Technology...3

Bit of a repost here, as I'd previously fired up track B1 for downloading. Got a request from Acid Ted to get the other three up so here you go. Like I said before, three of the four tracks are fairly downbeat (in fact one is beatless), but if that floats yer boat then get stuck in. Not your average chill-out - this is pretty fucked-up shit.

A1 Psyche - Neurotic Behaviour
A2 Psyche - How The West Was Won
B1 BFC - Chicken Noodle Soup
B2 BFC - Sleep

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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dr Love - What Ho, Gods Of The Abyss

Here's an exclusive psychedelic disco mix from Dr Love, resident DJ from the marvellous Club For Heroes, to celebrate it's first birthday. He's an Edinburgher, but apart from that he's OK.

That birthday party will be happening on the 27th of Feb, and will feature special guests MAELSTROM (Eskimo Recordings, Mindless Boogie) and KRIS WASABI (Wasabi Disco). Go check it out, it'll be a fab night for sure.

1. LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 side 1
2. Late of the Pier - Here come the Bears (Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve mix)
3. Eric Rug - Tribute (Bonus dub)
4. Hercules and Love Affair - Blind
5. Paperclip People - 4 My Peepz
6. Chic - I want your love (Todd Terje edit)
7. GW - Barnamega
8. Discodeine - Ring Mutilation
9. Del Shannon - Gemini (Pilooski edit)

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Loop - Black Sun

It's space rock Sunday! Loop never quite got the same kind of recognition as Spacemen 3 did, although they were surely worthy of a bit of it. This is a great tune from 1988, when it was all black clothing and biker jackets round these parts.

I remember seeing them at the QMU in Glasgow round about this period, and their PA never turned up. They ended up doing a one-off instrumental set using the in-house system and gave you your money back after the gig. What nice chaps!

Loop - Black Sun

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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Moby - Next Is The E / Thousand

Anyone fancy a nice bit of cheese? The closest thing to happy hardcore that you'll find on this blog, from light years before Moby got sodomised by the advertising industry and 50 quid man, my favourite mix of Next Is The E is a piano-tastic Saturday afternoon dancin-aboot-the-kitchen CHOON.

It would be cruel to omit the legendary 'Thousand' from the upload --> and Moby was claiming to be a non-drinkin', non druggin', non shaggin' baldy wee Jesus-luvin' vegan at this point as well... WTF?!!?!?

Moby - Next Is The E (I Feel It)
Moby - Thousand

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Moby - Next Is The E (Synthe Mix) as requested in the comments box.

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Friday, 6 February 2009

Bjork cut by the Sabres Of Paradise - One Day - Remixes

It's like groundhog day round here. First up Friday Sparks, then Friday Bjork/Weatherall mixes. A few weeks ago I posted up the 140bpm stomper that is the Adrenalin (Far Removed) mix. Here are the other two mixes that he did for the track. These came out on a slightly more easily obtainable 10" in a nice red sleeve. You can kinda see how he ended up with the above mix if you listen to what he does with these two.

First up, there's the chilled out 52.5bpm Endorphin Mix, which keeps the Bjork vocal but adds some suitable Weatherall darkness on top.

On the flipside there's the 105bpm (exactly double! hmmm...) Springs Eternal Mix, which is one helluva life-affirming piece of music. No words as such, but he's managed to grab a vocal line that I didn't notice in the original and turn it into a hook.

I'll complete the set by re-uploading the Adrenalin Mix for anyone who missed out first time around. I love Fridays, especially ones when I can knock off early and do this kinda shit in the afternoon!

Bjork cut by the Sabres Of Paradise - One Day

1 Endorphin Mix
2 Springs Eternal Mix
3 Adrenalin (Far Removed) Mix

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Sparks - The Number One Song In Heaven

What is it about Fridays that get me in the mood for some Sparks...? Picked this 7" up at a charity shop recently for the princely sum of 50p. I've only ever had the full-length version before, but the A-side features the 7" mix. Interestingly, the B-side has the extended version but I've not included that as it's available all over the place.

This is my funeral tune, as listed on (I thoughtfully copied in all of my family on the link), but I'm going for the full length one just to get my money's worth from the mourners. The coffin can get lowered into the fire just as it gets to where this 7" version kicks in.

I still can't believe the stuff they were coming out with in 1979, here's a clip of it on TOTP from back in the day courtesy of YouTube. What did we do before YouTube, eh..?

Sparks - The Number One Song In Heaven

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Ripped In Glasgow - Vol 2

Well, that's another load of links all fucked thanks to lots of keen punters (thank you!), so here's another torrent of everything since the last one. Everything is in folders titled with the artist, so you can select which ones you want using your torrent client.

Tracklisting? Scroll down the page till you come to Ripped In Glasgow Vol 1. Aye, there you go.

Ripped In Glasgow - Vol 2 *EDIT* - now on Mininova seeing as how the Pirate Bay's fucked...

Buy it here <<-- go on, you know you want to...

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Cramps - The Way I Walk

Lux Interior RIP

A one-off, indeed.

The Cramps - The Way I Walk

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Vitamin HMC - Life Support System


This was another one of those ones that used to get played to death back when I first went out clubbing. The first record on the Australian 'Juice' label, it was a PURE classic, now also an OPTIMO classic, as featured on their Psyche Out album.

You must download this tune and play loudly.

Vitamin HMC - Life Support System (Sendspace)

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Biotrans - Celeste (Reprise)

This is a beautiful track, which appeared as track B2 on a 4-track 12" EP on Stickman Records in 1995. The other 3 tunes were OK, but more run-of-the-mill techno tracks, completely different to this wee gem. Dunno why it's tucked away as the 4th track on an EP but there you go.

Pure melodic, downbeat yet dancey. Go check it oot!

Biotrans - Celeste (Reprise)

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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Prefab Sprout - If You Don't Love Me (Future Sound Of London Remixes)

This was one of those "get tae fuck!" moments when I first found out what it was. Couldn't believe I found myself buying a Prefab Sprout 12" single (in a poster bag!), but this was around the time of all sorts'a crazy remixes for cash I guess (just look at the Aphex Twin & Mr Weatherall circa 1991-1993). Who gives a fuck though - these are great tunes! Originally featured on the 'If You Don't Love Me' 12" itself, I didn't pick them up until their speedy re-release on the 12" of the 'Life Of Surprises' 12".

Both (extremely similar) mixes have FSOL written all over them, and precious little of ver Sprout, which is nice. Hmmm, I think I must be the victim of a misspress, as both these mixes sound identical. I shit you not (definitely just ripped an A2 and a side B). I have a different mix on a Global Underground CD which just credits itself to FSOL rather than a named mix. Anyone...?

If You Don't Love Me (Stateside Mix)
If You Don't Love Me (Deep Field Mix)

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Syntax Morph - Attractor EP

OK here we go with some more techno, an EP on the Labworks label 'Psycho Tribes' series from 1993. The two tracks on side A are fairly hard acid all the way, side B1 is a bit slower then it goes nuts on B2. Not for the faint hearted!

A1 Accelerator
A2 Amalgamate
B1 Attractor V.Z.O
B2 Atom V.Z.O.

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Monday, 2 February 2009

S.O.P (from the vault) - Ysaebud

A weird one, this. A Sabres Of Paradise dub track from 1993 which didn't see the light until it came out on a 'Ltd-to-200-copies' one-sided 7" in 1997. The other side is a beautiful etching featuring a man's face and a topless lady...

I didn't get a copy at the time, wasn't aware of it until it was too late, and I wasn't staying in Glasgow at the time. Had given up on it until Friday night after the magnificent Club For Heroes in Edinburgh when flicking through DJ Simon's records I stumbled across it. He let me borrow it to rip for this blog which was very nice of him, and I think you should come along to the mext night on 27th Feb with MAELSTROM live.

S.O.P (from the vault) - Ysaebud

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Wave - Enjoy Life

A couple of posts today to show that it's not all techno-techno-techno-techno round here. First up, a cheeky housey number from 1992, which I used to always hear round this guy's flat but never got round to buying myself. Until now that is, thanks to the wonderful Discogs website all these tracks that I remember by name and melody line alone are suddenly available. I'd completely forgotten about this until it popped into my head a couple of weeks ago.

There are 4 mixes on the 12" and the A-side is a fairly pish 'afro dub'. The mix I always remember is the Surreal Mix, featured here for you...

Wave - Enjoy Life (Surreal Mix)

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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Spiritualized - Anyway That You Want Me

It's been a struggle, but here's a classic Sunday comedown track from Spiritualized. It comes courtesy of Tufty (whose house all of my records are in). The first post-Spacemen 3 release from Jason, and a Troggs cover to boot.

If you are a fan be sure to check out Tufty's Spiritualized Live blog, an attempt to catalogue every gig by offering live mp3s, ticket/poster scans etc. Go see it by clicking here.

Spiritualized - Anyway That You Want Me

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