Monday, 30 November 2009

Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Intimités EP

Early release from this pair, released in 1999 on Gigolos.

Hmmm. The bubble burst on this 'scene' fairly quickly, but this 12" caught Miss Kittin & The Hacker before it went stale. Ignore the pointless Kittin Intro and cut straight to the three big tracks contained within.

A2 has a really simple 3-note keyboard riff and some great distorted kick-drum before some detuned synths creep in over the top Great stuff indeed. A3 is billed as a 'bonus track' (aye right - in the middle of an EP?) and is a cover of the Eurythmics track of the same name. I was never a fan of Eurythmics but this does the job nicely. After about two minutes of a breakbeat and not a lot else, the Sweet Dreams riff comes in and it actually works, the bass hook in particular.

For me though, the big tune is B1 - I've had a google to see who J.M. Wicker is/was and the best I can get is this scientific document, published in 1999 on the subject of Acoustic Waves, so there you go. It's just a really simple hook that they fanny about with over the course of 11mins or so, with a few words thrown on top for good measure. It's got a sample of the drum fill from Promised Land as well (or it sounds like that to me). The detuned synth sound is present here as well, it all fits together perfectly.

Sssshh, nobody mention 'electroclash'...

Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Intimités EP
A1 - Kittin Intro
A2 - Uno
A3 - Sweet Dreams
B1 - Flexibility (A Tribute To J.M. Wicker)
B2 - The Hacker Outro

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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Julian Cope - Live Japan '91

Superb live set from 1991, released 'to undermine the current slew of mediocre Cope bootleg recordings available, with handsomely packaged alternative releases', according to the Head Heritage website.

Well fuck me, this is classic Cope from his Peggy Suicide tour. I couldn't believe it when this popped up to buy (briefly) on his site. Check the set out - a nice wee mix of Peggy stuff with a few oldies thrown in as well. I like the fact that the CD lists Out Of My Mind On Dope And Speed as 'Of Rope And Speed' -> lost in translation perhaps...

I'm sitting here nursing a great rock'n'roll scar as my eyebrow got burst by the neck of a guitar last night during a Monotonix gig - didn't realise it was bleeding until my girlfriend put a hanky on my face and showed me it - totally red. Magic! Felt a bit dizzy for a wee while but it's OK today. Another sedate set from the most insane band I've ever seen.

Anyway - this Cope set is magnificent. It's nice to hear "Out Of My Mind..." with a bass on it for once, as he 'forgot' to put one on it on the original Skellington version. A great extended workout of Sleeping Gas as well, as he was prone to playing back then.

Right - head starting to hurt now. Only one solution...

Julian Cope - Live Japan '91
1 - Hanging Out And Hung Up On The Line
2 - You Think It's Love
3 - East Easy Rider
4 - Pristeen / Double Vegetation
5 - Promised Land
6 - Leperskin
7 - Yeah Yeah Yeah
8 - Bill Drummond Said
9 - Beautiful Love
10 - Sleeping Gas
11 - Sunspots
12 - Out Of My Mind Of Rope And Speed
13 - World Shut Your Mouth

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Friday, 27 November 2009

Fujiya & Miyagi - Remixes

Collection of remixes from the Electro Karaoke In The Negative Style album, from 2003 on Massive Advance.

I was gutted to miss this lot earlier in the year - I was all set to go and see them at Stereo then they cancelled at the last minute. When the show was rescheduled I couldn't make it. Maybe next year, eh guys?

Remix-wise, Weatherall and Tenniswood stay in tune with the Neu-style teutonic rhythms of the original, whilst adding loads of trademark noises over the top. Excellent stuff in my unbiased opinion.

Despite using possibly the worst moniker this side of Limp Bizkit, Wevie Stonder actually turns in a pretty good mix of a track which came in at under two minutes in its original form - some stuttery drums and plinky plonky noises adding to the synth/vocal combo of the original.

Pilote puts a nice shuffley drum over New Accounts Analysis and adds a beautiful synth riff over it - a great remix. The final track? Aye - check it out, dunno quite how to describe it but this whole thing is a great wee remix package, and worth exploring beyond the carrot of the TLS mix at the start.

Here's a Spotify playlist of the original versions of these four if you want to see just what's been done to the originals. Don't say I'm not good to you...

Fujiya & Miyagi - Remixes
A1 - Electro Karaoke (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
A2 - King Holer (Wevie Stonder Remix)
B1 - New Accounts Analysis (Pilote Remix)
B2 - Rot (Chungking's Making A Fool Of Me Mix)

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Hardkiss - Delusions Of Grandeur

Compilation from 1995 licensed to L'Attitude Records.

Howzabout some Californian sunshine to brighten up the gloom of a pissing wet November...? A beautiful set of Hardkiss tracks from the early 90s, I can't big this up enough. I was slightly miffed to learn that the US version of this has different tracks, and that the CD has extra tracks. Mind you, you can't fault the ones they've chosen for this version. Somehow this album has managed to get to 2009 in perfect condition as well, so it's one of the best rips I've done.

It's great to hear this again - takes me back to a psychedelic summer in a flat up Broomhill way, all sorts of nonsense going down. I'd forgotten how amazing the production is. Every tune's a winner - something for everyone guaranteed.

I've re-ripped Raincry as it's a better copy than from the first time I posted it. Also, the buggers did a lock-groove at the end of track C2 so I've done a wee fade on that.

If you're not familiar with Hardkiss then there are some excellent reviews of this album on Discogs which you should check out.

I wish I could find my 'California Dreaming' album which would complement this nicely. Anyone...?

Hardkiss - Delusions Of Grandeur
A1 - Rabbit In The Moon - Out Of Body Experience (Original)
A2 - Hawke - 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden
B1 - God Within - Raincry (Spiritual Thirst)
B2 - Hawke - Pacific Coast Highway #1
C1 - God Within - Daylight (Dreamerdreamsalone)
C2 - Rabbit In The Moon - Out Of Body Experience (Burning Spear)
D1 - God Within - The Phoenix (Someday My Plane Will Crash)
D2 - Hawke - 3 Nudes (Having Sax On Acid)

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Various - Stranger Than Fiction

What would you do with £80??

Let me see... some vinyl, tickets, booze & 'miscellaneous' perhaps? A new jacket? A ticket for a decent European festival?

Nope. All wrong. My girlfriend in a semi-pissed state in the pub, having just finished yet another book about The Cure, announced that she wanted to buy this album but it wasn't on eBay. 5 minutes later I'd got it off Discogs for her on my iPhone. £80! That would be the unreleased Cure track then? No - she's got it on the Join The Dots compilation. How about the unreleased Tim Pope track that features The Cure as the backing band? Nope, she bought the 12" of that at the same time (a mere £25 - it was payday Friday). I got her the Cult Hero 7" as a pressie a few years back. The Associates tune is easily available as well. She must be a closet Eat or Die Warzau fan then? Nope - just daft about all things Cure/Fiction and had to have this limited edition (1000) promo CD.

It's great to have someone who is as hardcore about collecting music as I am, but CDs - no emotional attachment in my book. Whatever floats her boat I guess...

Various - Stranger Than Fiction
1 - Cult Hero - I Dig You
2 - The Associates - Janice
3 - Tim Pope - I Want To Be A Tree
4 - The Cure - To The Sky
5 - Eat - Fat Man
6 - Die Warzau - Shakedown

No buy it now due to the above story...

Pete Shelley - Homosapien II (Techno Mix)

Bit of an oddity here, from 1989 on Immaculate Records.

After hearing the original of this on the radio the other day, I'd forgotten how much it sounded like North American Scum by LCD Soundsystem (well it did to me anyway). I remembered I had this white label 12" remix thing and out it popped today as I flicked through a shelf.

I never had a clue who this was by, but thanks to the magic of Discogs it appears the mixes were done by Power, Wonder & Love - they of Afro Acid fame. Fuck me - that's a bit of a weird connection is it not?

So to the mixes. I don't know whether I've tagged them properly but I think the mix names are correct - the way I've done it the Techno mix is the vocal one, seeing as how it's on the side that's got the stamp on it. The flip has an instrumental version that's not quite the same track - maybe someone could fire an acapella of the LCD tune over it to see if it works. I always liked the song, and this mix really works, can't believe it's 20 years old, the gang did a great remix now that you look at it. Aye, I'll definitely be playing this one a bit more now.

I saw the Buzzcocks earlier this year and they raced through the first two albums in full before coming back on for a Singles Going Steady encore. Magnificent stuff, and I can't wait to see them at ATP in a couple of weeks. Fuck me - that's in a week and a bit. It always seemed like ages away in the future...

Pete Shelley - Homosapien II (Techno Mix)
A - Homosapien II (Techno Mix)
B - Homosapien II (Icon Mix)

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Monday, 23 November 2009

Manuel And Clive - Warp EP

A clear, black & red 10" that plays inside out, from 1994.

A FUCKING INTENSE couple of tracks from Manuel and Clive, aka The Advent, this was limited to 1,000 and was never repressed. That'll be the pension fund sorted then. Oh - you can pick it up for a tenner on Discogs. Cheers, internet!

Excellent stuff on both sides, particularly the B-side, most rewarding when I initially bought it for aesthetics alone (I'm a sucker for a good vinyl gimmick). Should appeal to anyone who's into Labworks / hard acid techno. I've definitely heard both sides played out, most likely at Pure or Club 69.

Ideal for clearing out any post-weekend cobwebs that may be lurking around...

Manuel And Clive - Warp EP
A - Warp # 1
B - Warp # 2

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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Fur Bible - Fur Bible

A 12" single on New Rose records, released in 1985.

Check out the lineup for this short-lived act: Kid Congo Powers (Bad Seeds, Cramps & Gun Club), Patricia Morrison (Gun Club, Sisterhood, Sisters Of Mercy) and Murray Mitchell (not a lot else but he did go on to produce a Primal Scream track). To top it all, the EP is produced by Jim (Foetus) Thirwell.

Usually projects like this (I don't wanna use the term 'supergroup' as it conjures up mental images of the Travelling Wilburys and suchlike) have a habit of being a bit of a let down, but this one works. It should appeal to anyone who digs any of the above acts (apart from the Travelling Wilburys).

I just found out that Kid Congo is playing a mega-rare Glasgow gig this Thursday at the Soundhaus (flyer here). Fuck me! He's had a recent album out but will hopefully be delving into the past for a few treats along the way. Tickets are a mere £8 as well. See you down the front...

Fur Bible - Fur Bible
A1 - Plunder the Tombs
B1 - Headbolt
B2 - Fumble Fist

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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Conemelt - You Fuckers Fuck

A personal classic, from 1995 on New Ground Dance Division.

Phew - dunno what to say about this lot except they've shaped my musical horizons quite unlike any other dance act. This is one of the best electronic albums that I have ever heard.

I'm really struggling after too much goth juice last night and am suffering from a bit of writer's block. If you have even a bawhair of interest in all the Conemelt/Corridor/New Ground stuff I've put up then you need to download this.

Nuff said...

Conemelt - You Fuckers Fuck
A1 - Step Two
A2 - Flymo
A3 - Agnostic Stomp (Punx Not Dead!)
B1 - Wallop's Girlfriend
B2 - Trap Set and Sock
C1 - Dronemelt
C2 - Driving Miss Hairy
C3 - The Preachers
D1 - Shiny Woman
D2 - Step Three

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Friday, 20 November 2009

Bowery Electric - Lushlife

Promo 12" on Beggars Banquet from 1999.

Two tracks of hazy downbeat guitar and breakbeat with whispery female vocals. What do you mean it's Friday afternoon? Aye well, just fancied it that's all. As previously heard on this Spacemen 3 tribute album, this features two tracks with heavy-as-hell bass that makes me wanna go and smoke something that I currently don't have. Weekend before payday as well. Grrr.

Just a quickie post tonight as I'm off out early doors, to an ill-advised reunion of an old Glasgow goth club I used to go to 20 years ago. Gonna get drunk on snakebite and blackcurrant before we go in, see how badly everyone has aged (us excluded of course), then fuck off. Probably.

Stay tuned tomorrow though, as I should have something a few folk have asked for if I get the right email response back before then...

Bowery Electric - Lushlife
A - Lushlife
B - Floating World

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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Fumiya Tanaka - Time EP

Great minimal Japanese EP from 1997 on Torema Records.

I don't really know much about this dude so I had a look at his biography and it turns out he started Japan's first independent dance label in 1993. He seems to have been pretty instrumental in the club scene in Tokyo and Osaka (one of the most insane places I've ever been to).

The EP's in the same vein as Jeff Mills, Steve Bicknell etc. Hey - just read on his Discogs page that someone else compared him to Steve Bicknell so there you go.

Actually, ripping it just now it's sounding WAY better than I ever remember it, especially the B-sides. This was the whole reason I started the blog so I'm glad I picked this one up.

Bit of a shitty label scan - usually I can grab them from Discogs but had to scan this one and it's turned out a bit skew-wiff and blurry but it's got to sit at a kinda half in/half out angle on the scanner. How do folk get them so flush - do they have a scanner that can take a full 12" sitting flat? Fuck me.

Definitely worth a whirl, this one...

Fumiya Tanaka - Time EP
A1 - Gloss
A2 - Insistence
B1 - Jammi'n
B2 - Ungloss

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Sisterhood - Gift

A lost classic 'gothtro' album from 1986.

This was a "fuck you" to Wayne Hussey for daring to call his post-Sisters band The Sisterhood, as Andrew Eldritch rushed this out just as Wayne & co were embarking on a UK tour as The Sisterhood circa 1986. I used to actually have a bootleg of the night where he went, "we're not gonna be called The Sisterhood any more, we're called The Mission", in amongst way too many other goth-related bootleg tapes.

The whole album is littered with references to the lawsuits with The Mission and the record company at the time.

This, on the other hand, features Andrew Eldritch, Lucas Fox from Motorhead, Patricia Morrison from The Gun Club and Alan Vega from R-i-G favourites, Suicide. Fuck me - I never knew Vega was involved until this week when I had a rummage for info about it. I'd completely forgotten about this whole 'project' until my friend Borg posted a video for Giving Ground on Facebook the other day and I tried to find this album. Didn't have any luck but managed to acquire it off the internet and that's what you're getting, albeit with better tags and cover art.

I got this back in the day and listened to it a few times but then it got put to the side. What was I thinking? It's magnificent - you can see what the likes of Ministry must've been listening to at this point. It still sounds fairly up to date I reckon, it's certainly aged better than any Sisters Of Mercy or Mission stuff has. Electronic music fans - you'd be foolish not to give this a bash - fits in nicely with all the dark Corridor-style electronics I've been posting lately.

For a completely WTF?!?! reference, check out the last paragraph of the Wikipedia article regarding an episode of UK tv show, Spooks...

The Sisterhood - Gift
1 - Jihad
2 - Colours
3 - Giving Ground
4 - Finland Red, Egypt White
5 - Rain From Heaven

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Kosmic Messenger - Eye 2 Eye

aka Stacey Pullen, this was released on Plink Plonk in 1995.

I fuckin loved this record - it had all the right ingredients for me: spacey beats and cymbals, flange, crisp clean bass sound, liquid flow, and most importantly it was British which meant a fiver rather than £7.50 down at the local vinyl emporium. Sorted!

Anyone who's not heard Stacey's old DJ Kicks mix CD from around this period should check it out. Superb mixing, and a superb set to boot. I had the CD first time round but it got a nasty sticky spillage on the wrong side of the disc. Haven't listened to it for ages but I'll be listening to it tomorrow morning thanks to the magic of the internet.

It's a bit of an odd pressing - the bit at the start where you put the needle down is massive, and one track per side allows the grooves to be that wee bit further apart making for a much better pressing. I'm a sad cunt aren't I.

The Mr C mix on the other side is ace as well - more crisp clean flowing liquid techno that I could sit and listen to all day.

Only the one post today as it's my birthday and I've been promised a romantic meal out at a Malaysian restaurant...

Kosmic Messenger - Eye 2 Eye
A - Eye 2 Eye
B - Sea 2 Sea / Mr C Remix

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Monday, 16 November 2009

PWOG - Peel Session

Vinyl release of the Peel Session which was broadcast on 10th June 1994.

This features alternate recordings of Pull & Break from the Rhythms Vol 1 double-pack I posted last week, and a different version of Dust from the Out Now! 12".

Track B1 has to be listened to on headphones as it moves from left to right and back again - a good demonstration of the concept of 'stereo' for someone who doesn't understand it. It merges into scary ambient B2 as one track so I've left it as one track on the mp3.

Fuck knows what the John Peel listeners made of this, I know he played some mental stuff but this is out there. Bet he fuckin loved it though. I still miss the old cunt, although one of his sons (using the original 'Ravenscroft' name) has been on 6music a few times filling in for people and he's been like a chip off the old block music-wise. Banter's not bad either, but I've yet to hear him play a record at the wrong speed...

PWOG - Peel Session
A - Pull
B1 - Break
B2 - Dust

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Optimo Podcast 3 - Take A Stroll Through Your Mind

Number 3 already? That's almost prolific.

A bit different this time round, very different in fact. You might not think it's to your taste given the blurb below but I'd say give it a blast - it's opened my ears to world music anyway.

It's the work of JD Twitch this time round:

"This Podcast is called "Take a stroll through your mind" and is a selection of songs with a psychedelic feel from around the world. All of the music is from the late 1960s and early 70s (1967 - 1975) when psychedelic sounds spread to all corners of the globe. There is something about the warmth and the tone of this music, especially that fuzz guitar that sends me into ecstasy. It make me feel as if I am wrapped in cotton wool. While psychedelic music can often sound like a bunch of stoners making a freaked out racket, all of the songs here are exquisitely joyous, beautifully crafted pieces of music, often with ideas and production that still sounds ahead of the curve. Not all of these tracks are intentionally psychedelic, but all have that certain something that can transport one to another place and another time. All the tracks were recorded from vinyl and in some cases the records aren't in tip top condition or were fairly poor pressings to begin with (especially the African records), so apologies for the fidelity in a few places. Hopefully the wonder of the music still shines through. Once again we aren't making a tracklisting available for the podcast but if you want to know what anything is, feel free to get in touch and we will let you know. None of the tracks are mixed but are all segued together. In order, the tracks are from the following countries - USA / Zambia / USA / USA / USA / UK / Algeria / Egypt / Brazil / Nigeria / Mexico / Mexico / USA. The mix contains 13 tracks and lasts 69 minutes and the download is a 192kbps mp3 (90mb). Enjoy."

So there you have it, not your average Ripped In Glasgow post but we'll see how it goes down...

Optimo Podcast 3 - Take A Stroll Through Your Mind <-- right-click, direct link to Optimo site

Subscribe to Optimo podcasts here

Various - Blueprints For Modern (Techno)logy Vol. 1

AMAZING Plus 8 compilation from 1991.

You need to download this - it's a star-studded trip through the beginning of the Plus 8 label, featuring all the usual suspects. One of the first dance compilations I bought (pre decks so on CD as well!) - just check out that tracklisting.

I hadn't listened to this for about 15 years at a rough guess, until the other day when I dug it out. It's been on quite a few times since then, and hasn't lost any of its edge. So much so that I can't offer a pick o'the bunch as they're all fuckin fantastic.

If you want to know the producers behind the pseudonyms check out the Discogs listing here.

Proper fucking old-school techno...

Various - Blueprints For Modern (Techno)logy Vol. 1
1 - States Of Mind - Elements Of Tone (J's A Mix)
2 - Kenny Larkin - We Shall Overcome (Richie's Loonie Mix)
3 - Cybersonik - Technarchy
4 - F.U.S.E. - Technotropic
5 - Speedy J - Wicked Saw
6 - Psyance - Motion
7 - Cybersonik - Backlash (Radio Edit)
8 - Kenny Larkin - Colonize
9 - Speedy J - Pullover (Remix #2)
10 - Final Exposure - Vortex
11 - Speedy J - Evolution
12 - F.U.S.E. - F.U.2 (Re-edit)
13 - Circuit Breaker - Overkill

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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Sonic Boom - Angel

Debut solo single from the other main man in Spacemen 3, released in 1989 on Silvertone (who I'm sure were concentrating their marketing budget on another band at this time).

I spent nearly 20 years believing that Sonic Boom was the son of Mr Kipling (he of 'exceedingly good cakes' fame) after having been told this nugget of information by two different 'reliable' sources. It made sense - real name was Pete Kember, Kember / Kipling - not that much of a difference, eh? Pete Kipling = not very rock'n'roll. How else did such a smackhead afford all of his guitars? Heir to the Kipling empire, that's how.

.. and so it went on, and I used to tell this to other Spacemen 3 types I met along the way - "you mean you didn't know? oh aye - makes sense, doesn't it?" FUCKING HELL WHAT WAS I THINKING??

Anyway, the tunes? Aye - much better than the stuff he started peddling after this. All that EAR stuff was a bit hard to get into, and the last time I saw him he was in a right old state - on his own at Stereo in Glasgow, loads of old keyboards and knobs, kept hassling the sound guy for no apparent reason. Sounded pish, although I was informed that a later full-band Spectrum show was 'back on form'. They're playing ATP in December so will check 'em out and we'll see...

Sonic Boom - Angel
1 - Angel
2 - Angel (Extended Mix)
3 - Help Me Please (Drum Mix)

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Friday, 13 November 2009

Aquarhythms - Bodyjazz Bodyfusion

Bizarre double-pack of remixes from 1995.

Picked this up for the two Carl Craig mixes and the Rabbit On The Moon one. The word 'bodyjazz' sent shivers down my spine at first but when I put the records on the fear went out the window.

Carl Craig's first mix is downbeat with a female vocal, Rabbit In The Moon's mix is techno-tastic and Craig's second mix is outstanding. A beautifully produced track that sounds 'lush' as hell. Pure quality, maaan.

Dunno anything about the actual act themselves, there are a few aliases on Discogs that I've never heard of.

The other mixes are fairly pish so I didn't bother uploading them. Lots noodly ambient noises that you've heard a million times before. You wouldn't like it sugar, as Optimo might say.

Right - off to have a massive curry banquet with pals at the best Indian in town. Is it sensible to have a wee 'livener' for the road? OK, go on then...

Aquarhythms - Bodyjazz Bodyfusion
A1 - Bodyjazz Bodyfusion (Carl Craig Experience)
B - Bodyjazz Bodyfusion (Rabbit In The Moon Heart Rmx)
C - Bodyjazz Bodyfusion (Carl Craig Straight Mix)

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16B - Falling

Nice set of mixes here, released on Eye Q(!) in 1998.

Quite chilled for a Friday afternoon as well, but that's the way I'm feeling after a couple of nights of midweek nonsense. Work was scarily a piece of piss as well, maybe I should do it a bit more often. Gonna recharge the batteries tonight before the Bang Bang tomorrow.

This was bought for the Two Lone Swordsmen mix (I had the 16B album already), but I was getting quite into Deep Dish at the time so that was a nice wee double-header on the remix front.

Each remixer has their trademark sounds stamped all over their mix. Actually, now that I'm listening to it that Deep Dish tune would go down very nicely in a dark smoky club just as you're coming up on your medication (mind you, there's plenty of tunes fit that bill nicely).

Aye well, it's been a while since any Weatherall round here...

16B - Falling
A1 - Falling (Original Mix)
A2 - Falling (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
B - Falling (16B & Deep Dish Collaboration Mix)

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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Green Velvet - Never Satisfied


Released on the Cajual offshoot 'Live' in 1997.

Check this out: a one-sided 12" with two tracks on the A-side? What the fuck's going on there then? Mind you, I love that kinda shit.

This is very heavy on the percussion, with a wee keyboard hook that uses the same sound from that 'Popcorn' tune (or it did to me anyway).

According to someone on Discogs, the Studio 54 remix is based around a sample from Lou Rawls "You'll never find another love like mine". Very cleverly used, almost in a "wild pitch'-kinda style. Wild pitch, eh? I'll need to dig out some DJ Pierre stuff, there's so much stuff that I've got no idea where it is but it'll be lurking somewhere. I'm not familiar with anything else this Studio 54 brigade have done but might go check 'em out after listening to this again - it's a great remix.

Better than the original?? ... or will that get me struck down in flames by the Green Velvet hardcore...

Green Velvet - Never Satisfied
A1 - Never Satisfied (Original)
A2 - Never Satisfied (Studio 54 Re-Re Mix)

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

DJ Omegamale - Erection Section Selection

Regular viewers may remember that I started 'banging' on about the Bang Bang Club back in August.

I DJ'ed in there during one of their nights during the Edinburgh Festival. It's been all quiet since then, until now. This weekend sees the relaunch of the Bang Bang Club at the Electric Circus in Edinburgh on Saturday night. It's an amazing venue, and this time round they're gonna be split between typical Bang Bang nonsense and yer actual dance tunes. Kris Wasabi from Wasabi Disco will be helping out with spinning the tunes for the (re)launch night so things should be bouncing along nicely.

BUT - this new club has a second room, The Erection Section, where they're gonna be playing less likely (but still killer) tracks. Check out this mix from DJ Omegamale for an idea of what's in store for this part of the club.

The Fringe club got rave reviews, and the special guests were outstanding (one in particular springs to mind) - it's certainly got the debauched atmosphere down to a tee. Check out the manifesto for the relaunch here.

Shameless promotion for pals I know, but you could do a lot worse than getting the fuck down here on Saturday. Feel free to buy me a pint (or a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang cocktail) if you do...

DJ Omegamale - Erection Section Selection
1 - The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair - John Barry
2 - Paper Bag - Goldfrapp
3 - The Rip - Portishead
4 - How Do (Willow's Song) - Sneaker Pimps
5 - Oh Yeah, Oh No - Add N To (X)
6 - Girl - Suicide
7 - I Can't See Your Face In My Mind - The Doors
8 - This Is Hardcore - Pulp
9 - The Ghost Of Love - David Lynch
10 - I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Tom Jones
11 - Ballad De Melody Nelson - Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin
12 - Vingt A Trente Mille Jours - Francoiz Breut
13 - Sweet Harmony - The Beloved
14 - I'm Comin' Down - Primal Scream
15 - Memory Of A Free Festival - David Bowie

Check out their Myspazz here

Johan Bacto - March

Part three of a Swedish concept label which was set up to release a record each month during 1999 until the year 2000. It was called Countdown 2000 - wonder how long they spent on that one?

I only have the March release - seem to remember buying on a whim one Saturday morning from Fopp in Byres Road (back when they used to sell vinyl) - the morning after the night that was still continuing.

Anyways, this is quality techno - A side featuring some backward stuff that sounds all out of sync till it comes together, accompanied by what sounds suspiciously like a slap bass chugging along. I realise that this is not selling it at all here, and I'm now getting images of Mark King from Level 42 standing in the production suite. Yikes!

Side B is equally tip-top and flows very well. No slap bass this time, thank fuck, but another great use of that noise that sounds like one of those armadillo things you used to scrape a stick up.

Just the one post today, as it's the third anniversary of the first time I got it on with my girlfriend and I want to do something special before she comes home from work. I had guest passes for the Vileevils (ex Pop Will Eat Itself) at Glasgow Barfly (check the date here) and she was the only person mug enough to come with me. I was in a pretty dark place at the time, as was she. Cue copious amounts of sambuca, backstage drinking absinthe with the band, then Crash, Bang, Wallop - we've had the best three years ever! Awww...

Johan Bacto - March
A - Untitled
B - Untitled

Buy it here

Monday, 9 November 2009

Transglobal Underground - International Times

"Ex-peri-mental, ex-peri-mental, ex-peri-mental, ex-peri-mental"

That was the refrain of the Justin Robertson remix of this tune from 1995. I was never a great fan of TGU but this remix got played to death in the mid 90s. Coincided with me getting my decks, and it was a piece of piss to fanny about with so go figure...

Aki from Fun-Da-Mental (and early goth favourites Southern Death Cult from back in 1982!) gets in on the remix action on the flip, which is all a bit worldy music with a breakbeat. It's got some good backwards noises on it though, and a wee bit of flange sneaking in so it's ticking the right boxes round these parts. Does go on a bit, mind (nearly 13 minutes!), so I'd personally stick to the A-side and ditch this one.

Mind how I said things would return to normal this week? I've got a cunt of a day at work tomorrow and won't get back home till at least 9:30pm which means no posts. See you Wednesday...

Transglobal Underground - International Times
A - International Times (International Stomp)
B - International Times (Fun-Da-Mental Remix)

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Alien Sex Fiend - I'm Doing Time In A Maximum Security Twilight Home

Who says goths don't have sense of humour?

From their own biography: "Paranormal pulsations began to emanate from the environs of North London - a strange and unholy grafting together of percolating synth rhythms and a ghoulish, theatric aesthetic. Primed by Nik Fiend's phantasmagoric vocals, Mrs Fiend's highly original use of trippy drum machines and inscrutable electronic gear became a trademark - often imitated, never duplicated."

So there you go - prototype dark electronica from the mid 80s. Could I even go as far as to say that tracks B2 & B3 wouldn't sound out of place on some of The Corridor stuff I've been posting of late? Aye! Why the fuck not *awaits backlash*...

They became full-on electronic for a bit after this, and ended up doing music for video games in the early 90s. I think they've brought back the guitars of late, but they've been off my radar now for about 20 years.

Another weekend credibility-killer on Ripped In Glasgow...

Alien Sex Fiend - I'm Doing Time In A Maximum Security Twilight Home
A - I'm Doing Time In A Maximum Security Twilight Home
B1 - I'm Doing Time (Version)
B2 - In And Out Of My Mind (Version)
B3 - Backward Beaver

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David Sylvian - Pop Song

A one-off single from 1989 on Virgin records.

I heard that Richard Branson said that Sylvian had a deal for life, regardless of how his sales went. He came up with this as a supposedly 'commercial' single to whet our appetite for the 'Weatherbox' collection. Most bizarre, but a welcome return to traditional singing as far as I was concerned.

I'd seen him the year before this at the last night of the 'In Praise Of Shamans' tour at the Edinburgh Playhouse. It was a great set, but I felt slightly cheated as the super OTT lyric book that I bought (printed on tracing paper) had the words to all of the solo tracks he played on the tour, but also had Ghosts by Japan snuck in at the end of it. I thought we were quids in for that at the gig but it wasn't to be. There were still a few girls there who fancied the pants off him, including one American girl who gave me her camera after the gig, going on the theory that as I was tall I could get better pics than her. Sylvian came out and went into a waiting car so I dutifully snapped away, but the girl fucked off after the car, running up onto Princes Street and I was left with this camera, containing all her snaps from the gig. Being the honest chap I am, I went looking for her and eventually found her up on the next street - she'd completely forgotten about the camera in her quest for a close-up with Mr S. Wonder whatever happened to her...

Anyway - check this out if you've got an interest in Sylvian, definitely one of his odder moments...

David Sylvian - Pop Song
1 - Pop Song
2 - A Brief Conversation Ending In Divorce
3 - The Stigma Of Childhood (Kin)

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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Psychick Rhythms Vol. 1

A handy double pack of 'mixing tools' from 1993, as played all over the place.

I've been wanting to post this for ages but could't find it. Just clocked it there on a shelf from the side of the spine. Magic!

It came with the following caveat:

"Warning: this object has nothing to do with art or artificial intelligence. This double package (12" version) was designed for mixing, for breaks, for possession, for collectors."

That's me sorted then.

This is the record that I was going on about in this post, when the guy blew my frazzled mind by telling be that the vinyl contained an extra track: side A and side C at the same time created a new track with 'hidden messages'. So - by way of an apology for a shocking lack of posts over the last week I've done the necessary on the decks and have 'created' said track just for you. Judge for yourselves whether there's any hidden nonsense or not...

So, Tim, where's Vol 2...?

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Psychick Rhythms Vol. 1
A - Pull
B1 - Psoudoun
B2 - Break / Shifted
C - Ensnared
D1 - Push
D2 - Break
Moggieboy's bonus breaks: Pull / Ensnared

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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Andrew Weatherall - Inside Out - London Belongs To Me

A musical history journey through London with Andrew Weatherall, as featured on the Red Bull Music Academy Radio website.

I couldn't get this to stream properly at all - it kept stopping and starting, but official "friend of Ripped In Glasgow", Jim (we've got him to thank for the Weatherall Horse & Hounds mix), came to the rescue. Even though, as he says, "it's a nasty fucking vile drink and a shite website doubtless administered by Austrian Nathan Barleys". Couldn't agree more, I had a brief flirtation with Red Bull in the late 90s (mixed with vodka of course), and after a couple of fab evenings I got to the stage where I can't stand the stuff and dry heave every time I pass the muck in the supermarket. This changed in Thaliand this year cos they put speed in it over there - it's sold in wee medicinal bottles that I trained myself to get down in one swig. Yuck. Had the desired effect though - was fleeing off my nut straight afterwards.

So - back to the mix then. It's only a 128K stream but that's OK as you'll have most tracks off it anyway. This is all about Audrey's anecdotes and they're bang on the money - he's as sharp and funny as always.

While on the subject of Red Bull, there are enough mixes on there to keep any sane human being sorted for the forseeable future. There are also loads of video interviews - check out a two hour chat with Maurizio featuring all manner of nerdy types asking embarrassing questions. Quite funny in a car crash kinda way.

That's your lot for today as I'm off to go see the fireworks at Glasgow Green. The theme this year is "to celebrate the fantastic diverse music scene our great City offers" so we should expect some fireworks set to Primal Scream and Mary Chain numbers or I want my Council Tax back...

Andrew Weatherall - Inside Out - London Belongs To Me
1 - Primal Scream - Loaded
2 - Andrew Weatherall - A Pox On The Pioneers
3 - The Clash - Tommy Gun
4 - The Pogues - Rainy Night In Soho
5 - Joyce Sims - All And All
6 - Dave Davani Four - Top Of The Pops
7 - Mose Allison - I Love The Life I Live
8 - Wee Willie Harris - Rockin' At The 2 I's
9 - Lonnie Donegan - Rock Island Line
10 - Andrew Weatherall - Fail We May, Sail We Must
11 - The Sabres Of Paradise - Wilmot
12 - Psychedelic Furs - We Love You
13 - Killing Joke - Bloodsport
14 - Chris And Cosey - October Love Song
15 - Primal Scream - I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have
16 - Manfred Man - Just For Me

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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Corridor - Compilation 4007

Another fine exclusive from The Corridor, courtesy of Chris Barter.

I must apologise for the lack of regular vinyl rips this week - I've got loads of stuff on in and out of work and won't be back to normal till Friday at the earliest.

Highlight of this package has to be the 13:28min 'No Fi' which appeared back in on the Fresh Emissions compilation (now THERE's a compilation - might rip the 7" at some point). It used to haunt me, as there's a long drawn out sample of a mad woman talking about being a light sleeper. I asked the Conemelt guys about it at the gig I was yabbering on about here, and they told me the story. I was completely fucked though, and didn't remember, so I asked Chris:

"The inane bird at the end was taken off a shit radio talk show. The sample is exactly 16 seconds long as that was the max sample time on my Korg DSS1 sampler. A sampler with a proper analogue filter, why did I sell it? The sample looped perfectly by complete fluke."

So there you go - the rest of this one goes as follows:

A - Barter / Phillips
B - Barter
C - Barter / Marlowe

Another quality Ripped In Glasgow exclusive (mostly - some of these have been released), courtesy of Tonbridge's finest, Mr Chris Barter. Enjoy...

The Corridor - Compilation 4007
1 - Acid Head Baby (A)
2 - Big Soul Crusher (A)
3 - Band 2 (B)
4 - Energy, Light, Flow (A)
5 - Fragile Image (A) - previously released as "White Trash"
6 - Fury (B)
7 - Naked (A)
8 - No Fi (C)
9 - Redback (A)

Check out The Corridor myspazz here

Monday, 2 November 2009

Optimo - On The Floor - Live at Joakim Milky Way Release Party, Paris

A recent two hour set from the Joakim release party, courtesy of the Red Bull Music Academy radio station.

This sees JD Twitch & JG Wilkes on fine form, starting off with modern day Optimo classics like Den Haan's Release The Beast and that tune which samples the theme from Assault On Precinct 13.

Other highlights include a remix of The Midas Touch by Midnight Star, as featured on the recent Summer Synth podcast. Part two goes off the beaten track a bit and we get treated to such delights as Suicide's Ghost Rider and 'California Dreaming' amongst others...

Posting is likely to be very erratic this week as I've got loads of stuff on. I'm having to type this on the fly at work on the iPhone. There's a great Weatherall 'chat & music' thing on the Red Bull site that I'll get up at some point soon as well.

Off back to work now, will try to get something up later on but will more likely be tomorrow...

Optimo - On The Floor - Live at Joakim Milky Way Release Party, Paris (links the right way round now)
Part 1
Part 2

Buy Optimo stuff here (eventually)