Thursday, 5 February 2009

Biotrans - Celeste (Reprise)

This is a beautiful track, which appeared as track B2 on a 4-track 12" EP on Stickman Records in 1995. The other 3 tunes were OK, but more run-of-the-mill techno tracks, completely different to this wee gem. Dunno why it's tucked away as the 4th track on an EP but there you go.

Pure melodic, downbeat yet dancey. Go check it oot!

Biotrans - Celeste (Reprise)

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micah said...

hey, i just discovered your blog, and wanted to say thanks for some great music i had seriously forgotten about. any chance you could re-do some of those old sendspace links where the usage went over? regardless, thanks again!

Moggieboy said...

Cheers for that. I did a torrent file for the first lot of uploads which is still active, let me know which of the later ones you need and I'll get to it.

Ctelblog said...

This is a lovely tune. Because there's hardly anyone here I've been playing it at work.