Monday, 9 February 2009

The Horrors - Shadazz (Suicide Covers series)

When I stuck this record on I was expecting some kinda poor-man's-Cramps meets Towers Of London, piss-poor, novelty nonsense by a bunch of wannabes modelling new-urchin-chic. Dunno how I got that opinion. Didn't one of them shag Peaches Geldof or something?

Anyways... this is NOT what I was expecting - it sounds like it could have escaped from Andrew Weatherall's Haunted Dancehall-era arse. Only better.

I've only listened to the 2nd Suicide album a fraction of the times of the classic debut, but this is sounding good. Backed by a live cut of Radiation by the band themselves and an excellent take on Rocket U.S.A. by Nic Void, this is another great release in the series.

Now when's the Julian Cope one coming out...?

The Horrors - Shadazz
Suicide - Radiation
Nic Void - Rocket U.S.A.

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Badger72 said...

Wicked. Not yet heard this but been waiting for the Cope effort (god he's a busy man) and aren't Primal Scream doing one to? Wouldn't normally listen to The Horrors purely as my expectations are what yours were but as you've mentioned Haunted Dancehall in the same paragraph as this will have to give it a listen. Cool stuff. Keep it up.

Moggieboy said...

Yeah - got the Primal Scream one, but it will get pulled as soon as I put it up - happened before.

Novemberer said...

This is the first Horrors track I've heard that hasn't made me physically sick...! x