Friday, 13 February 2009

Johnny Dangerous - Problem No. 13

"I'll beat that bitch with a bat"... a charming tune form 1992, this was an anthem at a short-lived snowball-tastic Glasgow club called The Wax Factory, run by Terry & Jason, aka Pussypower. One of those 12"s that I had, then stupidly lent to some fucker who I never saw again. Only recently paid over the odds for it again to get the magic back!

No posts till Tuesday as I'm off to Dusseldorf for a long weekend, will no doubt indulge in a romantic valentines trip to what remains of the Kling Klang studios (only a 15min walk from the hotel according to Google Maps).

Johnny Dangerous - Problem No. 13 (Baseball Bat)

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Tommy said...

makes smack my bitch up sound like a Pat Boone record.

Funnily enough this was the favourite tune of 2 friends of mine when it first came out, both hardcore millie-tant syle feminists. Just goes to show you can't a hold a good beat back.