Sunday, 8 February 2009

Loop - Black Sun

It's space rock Sunday! Loop never quite got the same kind of recognition as Spacemen 3 did, although they were surely worthy of a bit of it. This is a great tune from 1988, when it was all black clothing and biker jackets round these parts.

I remember seeing them at the QMU in Glasgow round about this period, and their PA never turned up. They ended up doing a one-off instrumental set using the in-house system and gave you your money back after the gig. What nice chaps!

Loop - Black Sun

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Novemberer said...

Cheers, "Black Sun" has always been my favourite Loop record I think, 'cept for the debut EP maybe? Have always prefered this 12" version to the LP's, plus it's the first time I ever heard "Mother Sky" I think?

Got to see Loop a few times: once on a bill with World Domination Enterprises AND Godflesh which was pretty, erm, "memorable"...!