Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Maurizio - M-5

This is a killer slice of dub-techno, which is subtle as hell off the bass. I didn't used to 'get' Maurizio records right at the start of the Basic Channel period, but with a little 'concentration' it soon all made sense.

As with the previous Maurizio posting, this is on the 'M' offshoot. I've got plenty of Basic Channel and Chain Reaction stuff as well, it's just a matter of laying my hands on 'em.

Dunno how the fuck he managed to get these records pressed so LOUD - damn I wish I'd made it along to see him in action at some point.

Just to be different, the A-side plays at 33rpm and is 9:30, and the B-side plays 45 and is 5:50. Track titles? Get tae fuck!

Maurizio - Untitled (9:30)
Maurizio - Untitled (5:50)

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Dr Love said...

Maurizio is the closest thing to God in my book. All worship at his echoic altar!

Moggieboy said...

Thanks - your comments are always appreciated.

3underscore said...

The mastering is one of the great things about the whole basic channel / Maurizio / Chain Reaction / Burial Mix etc. work. I can only think that because they run Dubplates & Mastering that they had an immense knowledge of how to cut effectively on the vinyl and the capacity they had to work with the sound. I get the impression there was a lot of dubplates (they were heavily into importing and distributing Wackies and stuff, which clearly makes a lot of sense).

Great tunes - I managed to pick up the majority of the M series on the 10th anniversary marble vinyl through huge persistence at my local record store at the time (in Edinburgh).

Anonymous said...

yes! M-series is like a dictionary for Minimal! amazing tracks!
I like your digitising! snappy compressive cartrage you've got!