Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Prefab Sprout - If You Don't Love Me (Future Sound Of London Remixes)

This was one of those "get tae fuck!" moments when I first found out what it was. Couldn't believe I found myself buying a Prefab Sprout 12" single (in a poster bag!), but this was around the time of all sorts'a crazy remixes for cash I guess (just look at the Aphex Twin & Mr Weatherall circa 1991-1993). Who gives a fuck though - these are great tunes! Originally featured on the 'If You Don't Love Me' 12" itself, I didn't pick them up until their speedy re-release on the 12" of the 'Life Of Surprises' 12".

Both (extremely similar) mixes have FSOL written all over them, and precious little of ver Sprout, which is nice. Hmmm, I think I must be the victim of a misspress, as both these mixes sound identical. I shit you not (definitely just ripped an A2 and a side B). I have a different mix on a Global Underground CD which just credits itself to FSOL rather than a named mix. Anyone...?

If You Don't Love Me (Stateside Mix)
If You Don't Love Me (Deep Field Mix)

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