Thursday, 26 February 2009

Purveyors Of Fine Funk - Space Is The Place

"This is a track that'll make you jack" - so went the riff on track A2, which I played to fucking death.

An excellent EP from Dan Curtin and some Japanese dude called Tatsuro Hayashi. Didn't know who he was so just googled him, and the first page gives a Facebook link (as well as his Discogs link). Surely there can't be that many of them. Clicked on the Facebook one and the cunt now works for Microsoft. NO!!! Dan Curtin is still knocking 'em out, prolific as hell, while he is spunking his soul to the enemy. Oh well, as long as he enjoys it...

This is quite minimal for Dan Curtin, each track really works on its own. My tips are A2 & B2. Another great Peacefrog EP, and a nice purple sleeve to boot! Go check it out:

A1 - Space Is The Place
A2 - This Is A Track
B1 - They Are Among Us
B2 - Intombe

*EDIT* - links now removed

Today I got a very nice myspace message from Dan Curtin:


Thanks for the kind words in your blog about my PFF project and release. Can you please remove those links in your blog?
I'd appreciate it since we are right now planing the vinyl re release of this project, and until now nobody has ripped the vinyl and we'd like to keep it that way!
Once you rip it and put it in a blog its all over, it just gets everywhere, especially on the Russian mp3 sites!!!


So, I replied with:

Hi Dan

Sure thing! That's the link down now. When I get home from work I'll C&P your message in by way of explanation if that's OK...?

Keep up the sterling work.

- moggieboy

He then replied:

Thanks very much for your cooperation! have the best myspace avatar ever!

sure, you can use my text as an explanation :-)

take care

you mentioned my old partner Tatsuro Hayashi in your blog, I checked it because I have completely lost touch with him and sadly that is not the correct Tatsuro...actually, Tatsuro Hayashi is about as unique as John Smith!

What a nice man! If you downloaded the rip, please keep it to yourself...

Buy it here


shift_4ward said...

this is sooo killer!!!! no words I just turn up to 11.

Ctelblog said...

Blimey. Makes a change from the "reach for my dcma" approach. I'm off to buy some more Dan Curtin.

stx said...

That is pretty cool, nice one Dan.

DG said...

Respect. Nice one Dan ;-)