Friday, 27 February 2009

RT - States EP

aka Cajmere and Ron Trent, redoing Altered States as the imaginatively titled "Realtered States".

Never really went beyond the original Altered States and this EP as far as Ron Trent was concerned. Saw him at Pure one time and he was dreadful, didn't read the crowd at all. They voted with their feet and he was politely told to 'get tae fuck', allowing Twitch to step up and save the day.

Cajmere on the other hand, what a fucking legend. This EP is all killer, no filler - check out the two B-sides, especially the trippy house of 'Magic Woman'.

Oh, this record has been played rather a lot so there's a nice 'warm' crackle or two along the way...

A1 - Realtered States 1
A2 - Realtered States 2
B1 - Magic Woman
B2 - Can We All Just Get Along

New link as requested below.

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