Friday, 27 February 2009

Scion - Emerge

I always thought this was Maurizio, but no, it's another couple of dudes who are also Vainqueur (who I also thought was Maurizio - get with the program ya fud). Must be the same studio gadgetry then, as there's definitely a similar sound to them all.

This was the first release on the Basic Channel offshoot, Chain Reaction. A nice stiff single brown cardboard sleeve here, with grainy bits on it. These things MATTER.

Right. Time to go and put my face on before braving the bus through to Edinburgh...

A - Emerge0
B1 - Emerge1
B2 - Emerge2

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dgen said...

please post more chain reaction/basic channel stuff.. i have been looking for this for a while

kilian said...

You're dead right. They do matter