Saturday, 21 February 2009

Stefan Robbers - Validate

Fuck me, this tune used to almost give me a hard-on when I mixed with it, the bass/drums are so fucking perfect right through it. Featured on the Mask EP, which I've not bothered uploading the rest of as there are two kinda downbeat tracks and another (inferior) mix of this track.

Another man of many aliases (Acid Junkies, Terrace, Florence et al), this was only the second record he released under his own name. Saw the cunt one time at an excellent, if infrequent, Glasgow night called 'Flow' which used to do great flyers on thick tracing paper with bits of photo negatives on them.

So, here's the Funkybizmix, a good pumping techno tune for a Saturday teatime...

Stefan Robbers - Validate (Funkybizmix)

Buy it here