Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (live at The Gymnasium)

Picked this 2008 vinyl up in Dusseldorf last week, a new release of the classic Gymnasium gig, which features this first ever performance of Sister Ray. The best band ever --> FACT.

... mind you, I'd rather erase the painful memory of their brief reformation in the early 90s. I remember queuing up outside the Edinburgh Playhouse at 5am on a 'Sunday morning' to buy tickets for the two nights that they were playing. Was so horrified after Lou Reed's virtuoso-style ruining of the first night that I went into Virgin the next day and just gave them the tickets for the second night. Couldn't bring myself to listen to them for months after that.

The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (live at The Gymnasium) <<---- NEW LINK

Buy it here


enso said...

"The best band ever --> FACT."


Btw, amazing blog!! Just happened on it, searching for an mp3 of Domina (my vinyl 'skips').

Oh yes, the link is dead...any chance you might re-up this one? =)

Moggieboy said...

Thanks for the comment - yep - the link should now work. You've inspired me to put up my new VU purchase today - watch this space...

enso said...

Awesome, thank you!!!