Monday, 2 February 2009

Wave - Enjoy Life

A couple of posts today to show that it's not all techno-techno-techno-techno round here. First up, a cheeky housey number from 1992, which I used to always hear round this guy's flat but never got round to buying myself. Until now that is, thanks to the wonderful Discogs website all these tracks that I remember by name and melody line alone are suddenly available. I'd completely forgotten about this until it popped into my head a couple of weeks ago.

There are 4 mixes on the 12" and the A-side is a fairly pish 'afro dub'. The mix I always remember is the Surreal Mix, featured here for you...

Wave - Enjoy Life (Surreal Mix)

Buy it here (like I did)


Ctelblog said...

Nowt wrong with techno techno techno. This just treads the right line of cheesy funk. Thanks.