Monday, 30 March 2009

Basscult - Paradise Place

After ripping a Paul Van Dyk track (see below), I feel a wee bit Euro-trancey (only a wee bit). I'd recommend this tune, as it's got a great organ-hook with a fab drum fill-in and great hi-hats & percussion. This was release #1 on the excellent Save The Vinyl label - those ones where the label took up much more space than necessary. The 'Paradise Vocal' Mix couldn't be more appropriately named, as the vocal consists of a singy-woman singing 'pa-ra-diiise' while whispery woman whispers 'paradise'. Dammit - the track just ended and the needle just skidded across the extra bit of label.

B1 mix? You guessed it - it's exactly the same, only minus our two lady friends. The track on B2's a bit Hardfloor so it's quite well-titled as well...

Basscult - Paradise Place
A - Paradise Place (Paradise Vocal Mix)
B1 - Paradise Place (Paradise Trance Mix)
B2 - Acid '93

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