Thursday, 26 March 2009

Black Dog Productions - Black Dog Productions E.P.

This EP is a bona-fide classic, and sits nicely with the Bytes album which came out shortly afterwards. Each of the four tracks was so ahead of its time, this came out in 1992 - fuck me!

This was quite early in my dance/electronic music indoctrination and I didn't know that music like this existed. Made a point of buying up all those Artificial Intelligence albums afterwards, but on CD which was a mistake. Disks are now fucked and don't play properly, unlike this beast of a 12". I ditched all my CDs to mates/2nd hand/charity shops last year as I realised that I had no emotional attachment to them. Every flat move has an increasing amount of record boxes which seem to get heavier with age, but I wouldn't have it any other way...

Black Dog Productions - Black Dog Productions E.P.

A1 - Balil - Flux
A2 - Balil - Flux (D Mix)
B1 - Atypic - Otaku
B2 - Atypic - Pillars & Mirrors

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Ctelblog said...

Great EP

Jigster said...

Top drawer my man. Not heard the 'd mix' yet. Great upload.

Marcus Johnson said...

Thank you for posting this! Been after this EP for a very long time but can't justify the asking prices on Discogs