Sunday, 15 March 2009

Can - Zhengzheng Rikang

This is a semi-official bootleg vinyl album which came out a couple of years ago. I picked it up on a recent trip to Dusseldorf. It features alternate takes of the 1968/1969 Malcolm Mooney period. Some tracks are VERY diferent to where they appear elsewhere, particularly in the lyrics for Little Star Of Bethlehem. Nuts!

For the Can fan, this album is a must for "Little Star", "Connection", "She Brings The Rain" and "Melting Away". The other tracks can be found elsewhere or in better form. The quality's excellent for a bootleg - you'd never know.

Another reason for putting this up is that it totally freaked out my mate in the early hours of Saturday morning when we were feeling a bit 'psychedelic' - he'd never heard of Can and his mind was suitably blown. I packed him off home with Julian Cope's Krautrocksampler book and he'll be getting tested on it next time...

Can - Zhengzheng Rikang

A1 - Father Cannot Yell
A2 - Pnoom(h) 1
A3 - Little Star of Bethlehem
A4 - Melting Away
B1 - (My) Connection
B2 - She Brings the Rain
B3 - Outside My Door / Pnoom(h) 2 / Greyhounds Greyhound

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Hob Gob said...

Thanks for this, Glasgow Ripper!