Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Conemelt - Flashermac

This is their first release on Weatherall's Emissions Lo-Fi imprint, quite apt really. The A-side is on their debut album which I'm tempted to put up at some point. Three excellent tracks - A and B2 are melodic while B1 builds into a lo-fi percussive monster.

I think at this point Conemelt (and their offshoots) were probably my favourite band. Magnificent stuff all round! Excellent track titles as well...

A - Flashermac
B1 - Buggernaut
B2 - Message To All Eels

(fuck Mediafire - now on Sendspace)

Buy it here


Anonymous said...

Hi Moggie

enjoying the blog, the old tunes really are the best (old enough to remember most of these whilst freaky dancin). Inspired to dig out some of mine from the mid 90s, DJ HMC LSD for one, agree with your thoughts on Conemelt, wicked band. Also agree about Dave Clarke, apart from Red 2 and the Aphrohead mix can't remember much else to get too excited about (maybe Red 3 was good though). Keep the tunes coming!

DG said...

Link is working for me :-)
This is the only Conemelt record i own, though it's lost in the 20th century cupboard among all the Slowdive and Moose 12"s. Great to hear it again!

Anonymous said...

OMFG ! great post!