Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Cure - In Concert - 371

Came across this BBC Transcription Services album in a record shop in Barcelona a couple of years ago. Had to buy it for the Cure-addict love of my life - she bought me a set of Bowie picture discs in return! "We'll call that your birthday". Magnificent.

Anyway, as a young'un I used to sit in and tape the In Concert sets off Radio 1 on a Saturday evening. Had this one in amongst way too many other Cure bootlegs but it's nice to get the proper version. It's an excellent set from Birmingham NEC in 1985, complete with Richard Skinner's intro for the broadcast. You'd think that half an hour per side would be pushing it for quality but it's fine...

The Cure - In Concert - 371

Side A
A Night Like This
Kyoto Song
The Blood
Hanging Garden
In Between Days
Let's Go To Bed
The Walk
Side B
A Forest
Close To Me
Charlotte Sometimes

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I came for the Sabres mixes but I love The Cure more so it was a nice surprise. I suspect it's a bootleg judging from the sleeve but you're right, the fidelity is alright, and it's helped by the quality of your rips.

Spencer said...

I am having trouble downloading this , is it still active ?

Moggieboy said...

Seems OK to me Spencer - what country are you in? I just downloaded it there.