Thursday, 26 March 2009

Drax - Amphetamine

This is a stunning piece of trancey techno music which I first heard being played by a certain Mr Weatherall in Space in Ibiza in 1995! For some reason I thought I'd enjoy the music that they played in Ibiza back then, spent the first week pissing about various clubs not quite getting it, hoping for the day that someone would hand me a flyer for Andrew Weatherall playing there.

That day came in week two and I still have the flyer! It was part of a double-header called Moondance which started in Pacha 12-6 then continued to Space 6-12. As we'd been in Pacha the week before and couldn't afford the double-bill we hedged our bets and went to Space. Just as well! This was pretty much the first tune I heard as we went in. Magnificent. Spoke to AW after his set and he said he'd been kicked off the decks at Pacha for being too techno. We made the right decision...

A few more Drax to come when I can locate them. A 7" and a glow-in-the-dark 10" if I remember correctly...

Drax - Amphetamine

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Moggieboy said...

Ha hah! Ramie - you are right. Indeed it was 1994. Bizarre or what???