Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mogwai - Tracy

This is taken from the recent 4x vinyl box set reissue of the debut album, my original pressing has seen better days due to over-playing when it first came out.

A beautiful wee tune which I can't listen to without imagining the accompanying video segment from Channel 4's The Trip - an excellent late-night programme which played great music with NASA video footage (wonder what kinda audience they were going for). The video for this track showed the crew getting ready for the Challenger flight, and the accompanying short-lived ascent before disaster struck. Very moving indeed. I'd love to see it again! I know one person who has it tucked away in a cupboard on dusty old VHS, wish he'd take the plunge and get one of those VHS->DVD things so we could rip it.

Fits in nicely with me feeling sorry for myself for not making it out to Andrew Weatherall last night due to over-exuberance on Friday night. These bones aint what they used to be...

Mogwai - Tracy

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Moggieboy said...

Aye, had heard that one. Cheers.