Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Orchestra Guacamole - SAAB 96 EP

More lo-fi nonsense here, only this time it's on the Finnish Sähkö label. I bought it because of the Jimi Tenor connection. Sounds a bit like it could be a Jimi Tenor release, but is actually the work of one one half of Pan Sonic and (get this) fuckin Darude, who did that Sandstorm pish which was all over the radio in summer 1999. Not only that, but he was the same cunt who did that 'Freestyler' as Bomfunk MCs. I can't quite get my head around this revelation!

Anyway - something a wee bit different for a Tuesday evening. Go check it out.

A1 - Havanna Shuffle
A2 - Saab 96 Drive
B1 - Theme For "The Lost Diamonds"
B2 - Avenue C

(fuck Mediafire - now on Megaupload)

Buy it here


stephen said...

this was a pleasant surprise