Monday, 16 March 2009

Robert Hood - Nighttime World Volume 1

Former 'Minister of Information' for Underground Resistance, this EP sees Robert Hood trying out lots of different styles over this double-pack 12" from 1995. It came out on the marvellous Cheap label, from Austria. Well worth checking out each track, the one to 'play out' would be D1 in my opinion but plenty of other nonsense there to be getting on with...

Robert Hood - Nighttime World Volume 1
A1 - Behind This Door
A2 - Nighttime World
B1 - Episode No. 19
B2 - The Color Of Skin
C1 - Electric Nigger Pt. 1
C2 - Nighttime
D1 - Untitled
D2 - Stark Reality

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ModusMagus said...

thanks! bumbitax!

bobbysu said...

thank you very much